Zain Imam pens down a heartfelt post to mourn the demise of cousin brother

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Zain Imam who is currently being much appreciated for his role in recent web shows Poison 2 as well as Crashh recently shared a heartfelt note to mourn the demise of his cousin brother. Along with the note, the actor also shared some pictures with his dear elderly cousin brother Kaukab bhai. wrote, ” Here we bid a final adiu to the most loved and eldest of our Cousin who we fondly called cuckkoo bhai (Kaukab bhai) aka Syed TAQI Imam😪 our dearest eldest cousin brother ,a soul that touched so manny hearts in so manny ways. We still can’t believe you left us so early Bhaijaan. We all were positive that you will come out of this but guess Allah had something else in mind and the day of shab -e-qadr to snatch you away from us.
You will be dearly missed bhai.
This post is in remembrance of the hardships of life you faced with a smiling face. Industry has lost a great writer ,poet,speaker and importantly a gentle and humble human being. You lost your mother and our badhi Ammi just 10 days back and we thought that you will come out of it strong but…. Close to about 300 people were praying for your recovery ,We all (your family including all BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND ELDERS ) AND also your writers team whom I have never met but they were continuously involved in fetching whatever meds we needed.a big thank you to your writers team for being there in the hard times.
Another people and whom I know were actively involved tried there level best @dipti.kalwani di @boman_irani sir @sonu_sood bhai @sabamumtaz18 baji @akram_mohd_786 bhai, #Nipul, #neha, #pearl(sorry if em missing out on somebody I interacted with)Also importantly a lot of hidden warriors and lovelies who helped us with the leads and in any way they were involved in helping us out.a lot of you tried and prayed for his well being🤍 I can’t express the pain we all are going through but bhai we know that you are in a much much better space looking and smiling from jannat. Can not comprehend the loss. He fought throughout his life till the end. May Allah give him peace and jannat. YOU WILL BE SURELY MISSED BHAI🤍”May the sole rest in peace.  Namaste, I am a Blogger and a Voice Artist. Born with a flair to play with words, I invigorate feelings through thoughts, woven with words for the world to imbibe.

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