You are not mine but will you ever be mine? episode 1- normal routine

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Thankyou for lovely comments on character sketch! I will be uploading every ff simultaneously!This first episode is just a episode of their normal routine and feelings nothing special just a introduction to the FF🙂!Sun rays started peeping inside the houses. The scene shows a beautiful mansion. A girl is sleeping on her bed. Her peaceful sleep is disturbed by her alarm clock. She wakes up and switches it off. While yawning she removes her bedsheet and after rubbing her eyes she wakes up. Her face is revealed to be Riddhima. She was alone in the big room.Riddhima(thinking): I hope I could sleep with my hubby like other girls. I hope me and my hubby could share a room. I hope it could ever happen.She sighed and got down from her bed. She rushed to the washroom and took a bath. She came out wearing a black cotton top with a bow on it. A white cotton jeans covering her legs. She moved towards the mirror and combed her hair making a  high ponytail out of it. She filled her vermilion with sindoor and wore her nuptial chain. She dangled her ears with beautiful stone diamond earings and her wrist with a diamond bracelet. Her red matte shade lipstick was adding charm to her face. She moved to her cupboard and took out her advocate blazer and wore it on her dress. She moved towards her shoe shelf and adorned her feet with black coloured 2 cm high heel sandals. She walked and opened the door of her room and moved to the next room that was of her husband, Kabir. She went inside his room and woke him up. He went to washroom and took a bath and then came descending through the stairs wearing his police uniform. Riddhima,Kabir and Anupriya sat down on the dining table with 7 chairs with a beautiful table in the centre. Kabir sat on the master chair while Anupriya and Riddhima on other. The servants served the breakfast to them and they started eating.Anupriya: Riddhima do you have any case to fight today?Riddhima: yes mom an important one.Anupriya nodded. Riddhima and kabir took their bags and left bidding bye to Anupriya. Riddhima walked out of the mansion and moved with her heels making a noise. The driver opened the door of her white Audi car and she sat on the back seat. The driver sat on the driver and drove to her court.Scene shifts to another beautiful and big mansion. The mansion was too pretty adorned with many paintings, family pictures and craft works on the walls. A man is seen sleeping on his king size bed in his big room. His alarm clock rang and he got up. He switched off the air conditioner and got out from his duvet. The man was revealed to be vansh rai Singhania.Vansh(thinking): I hope I could take my wife in my arms. I hope I could sleep cuddling my wife. I hope I could get a good wife not that greedy Ahana. I hope destiny would have been favour of me.Brushing off his thoughts he got down from his bed and went to washroom. After a while he came out wearing his white shirt with a black pant. He moved to the mirror and combed his hair. He took out his turquoise blue velvet blazer and wore his black coloured VR stamped shoes. While he was getting ready there was a knock at the door. A girl was knocking the door.Girl: vansh baby! When will you come out?Vansh: I will come myself Ahana! You go!Ahana:ok.Ahana descended the stairs wearing her pink net top with polka dots and a black coloured legging. Her lips were adorned with a pink matte shade lipstick. She moved to the dining table and sat with all other Raisinghanias. Vansh came descending the stairs in his attitude and aura. He sat on the master chair and everyone had their breakfast quietely. After a while vansh,angre and aryan left to the office. Uma and Ajay went to their room and siya to her room. Ahana and Ishani sat on the velvet creme coloured cover sofas and started their baseless talks.At VR enterprises:Aryan left to his cabin while vansh and angre went to vansh’s cabin.Angre: boss that Kapoor has filed a fake FIR against you.Vansh(angry): how dare he!!Angre: boss we have to solve his case as soon as possible.Vansh: appoint the best advocate of this city.Angre nodded and left while vansh was lost in his thoughts. He was noticing each and every corner of the cabin while sitting on his big chair. He was totally lost in someone’s thoughts.Precap: Riddhima gets a case from VR enterprises.This was the first episode! Hope you all like it! If there are any suggestions or corrections needed please do write in the comment section.

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