You are not mine but will you ever be mine? Character sketch by attractiveuser

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Hey everyone! This is Attractiveuser 😛urf gauri😛.My mind: giving me ideas daily to write new story🙂!My heart: start a new ff!Also my mind: no you can’t manage more than 3 ffs🤧.My heart: you can just go on!After a lot of fight between my heart and mind I am here😩🔪. I don’t know how the hell will I manage a lot of ffs but just trying😩🙂! Then I realised that falling for an alien is ending very soon so thought to write this one🤧!
No more bakwaas. Let’s start:Vansh Rai Singhania: A very big and famous business tycoon. Owner of VR enterprises. A strict and angry man. Husband of Ahana. Son of uma and Ajay Rai Singhania.Ahana vansh rai Singhania: wife of vansh. Just behind his money. Tries to get close to him to get the property but he ignores her.Kabir Sharma: an honest police officer. His work is worship for him. He doesn’t care about anything except his work. Husband of Riddhima. Son of Anupriya and late vivek sharma.Riddhima Kabir Sharma: wife of Kabir. She tries to mend her relationship with Kabir but he ignores her. A criminal advocate/lawyer. Has won almost all cases she had fought till now.Anupriya rai Singhania: wife of late vivek sharma. Mother of Kabir and mother in law of Riddhima. Loves her son a lot. Has her own intentions behind marrying Kabir with Riddhima.Late vivek sharma: husband of Anupriya. Father of Kabir. Was dead when Kabir was 20 years old.Sia rai Singhania: a cute and bubbly girl. Loves vansh a lot. She has some doubts about Ahana’s intentions.  Daughter of uma and Ajay Rai Singhania.Ishani rai Singhania: daughter of ajay and uma. Loves her family a lot. Supports Ahana in her every decision.Aryan rai Singhania: son of ajay and uma rai Singhania. Works in VR enterprises with vansh.Angre: right hand of vansh. He is like his shadow. Can do anything for him. Can even give his life for vansh.Ajay Rai Singhania: father of sia,Ishani,vansh and aryan. Father in law of Ahana. Husband of uma. Sometimes check the work of VR enterprises.Uma rai Singhania: mother of vansh, Ishani sia and aryan. Wife of ajay. Always Tries to mend vansh and Ahana’s relationship.Done with the character sketch. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover🙂! It’s a riansh story only not ridhbir or Ahana and vansh’s story! Just keep reading and stay tuned😉!

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