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Hii guys!! Today I came with a new a OS.Thanks for your love and support. Your comments inspired me a lot to write more, so here I am. Hope you will like it. So let’s start. …Your are my first and last…Scene 1:Angre: Today you have an interview at 11:00am,do you remember it?Vansh: Yes Angre.A: Okay boss.Angre leavesScene 2:Sejal: Please riddhu for my sake do it!!Riddhima:No Sejal it’s impossible. I am a doctor how can I take someone’s interview?S:I am not well yr,so you have to go only,please!!R: But we can tell them that you are not fine so we postponed it.S:No!! I get this opportunity after so much of request. Please you go for it.R:But I don’t know what to ask and what not to.S: I will give you all the questions you just aske them and record the interview.R: Okay Sejal. But you take rest.S: Thanks riddhu!!!Scene 3: Riddhima reaches at the office. She is standing in front of the main gate. At the side of the gate it is written in block letters:”VR Enterprise”.R’s pov: I told Sejal that I will manage it but now I am feeling so scared. I don’t know what to do. I am having an weird feeling. God please help me. No!No!No! Riddhu you have to do it. C’mon you can do it.Angre: You are Ms.Sejal Sen right?R: No I am Riddhima Sharma. I came on behalf of her.A: Okay. Sir is in that room(pointing towards the room).R: Okay Thanks.Riddhima goes towards the room and open the door to see a hot,handsome and dashing man standing with a file in his hand beside a his table. She is totally lost in her thoughts. Vansh get the sound of the door and lift her face to see her.V: Good morning Ms. Sejal Sen(forwarding his hand for handshake)R: Sorry Mr. RaiSinghania but I am Riddhima Sharma on behalf of her. Acutally she is not well so…V: It’s fine.They handshake. Both feels a different connection. They don’t know what it is but feels something special.The interview goes on smoothly. Vansh is lost in her beauty.V(in his mind): Beautiful!! Beautiful than the word. I never felt like this with anybody else. What is attracting me towards her? Her beauty or her pure soul? I don’t know her but I feels like she is good of heart. She is not beautiful from outside but also from inside. Beautiful heart is the thing than outer beauty.V: May I get your number?R:Huh?Vansh realize what he just say. He is about to say sorry but,R: My number is 9872…..R’s pov: Vansh ask for my number. Am I dreaming? I just can’t believe it. But i give him my number. I am not giving my number to a stranger he is a reputed business man. But it is only beacuse he is a gentle man or something else?The interview ends. Riddhima leaves from there. Both are indulge in thinking about each other.R:He is so hot. Am I in love with him or I am just attracted towards him?V: I think I am in love with her. Love at first sight. Congratulations Vansh you are finally in love with someone.Days passed. They use to talk everybody. They also meet with each other. They enjoy very much. Then one day they think to confess their feelings.In call:V: Hello RiddhuR: Hii VanshV: Can we meet today? Around 7pm?R: Yah why not! You just send me the location. I will come at that time.V: Okay bye.Call ends…V( in his mind): Today I will tell her everything.R: Today I will say everything to him.Scene 4: (At 7pm)Vansh decorate the garden with flowers and candles.He is waiting for Riddhima, when she enter wearing a red saree. He is totally dumbfounded in her beauty. Her beauty cannot be describe by any words.Riddhima guess that Vansh may propose her as the garden is decorated so romantically.Vansh come towards her and sits in her knees to propose her and says…V:The best place for me is your heart. Can you keep this place for me all through your life? I know there is no better place for me. I am opening an emotional bank account for you sweetheart,so deposit your love in it and you will get interest in it. I love you so much. I can’t think my life without you. Will you be mine?R: I love you from the first day we met. I want spend my life with you Vansh. I want to get the inetrest of love from your bank account. I am always yours.Vansh takes out a diamond ring from his pocket and puts the ring in her hand. Then he gets up and kisses her on her forehead.She hugs her tightly.R: I also thinking to confess but you are first.V: I am always first Riddhu.R: Yes. I think we should tell to our parents also. What do you think?V: Yah we should tell before it’s too late.Vansh and Riddhima goes to her house to meet with her parents. When they are about to enter they see a boy is coming out. The boy sees Riddhima. He just smiles seeing her and he leaves. Riddhima don’t know him who is he. They enters into the house.Riddhima’s Dad: Beta you came back. I has a suprise for you sit. Who is he your friend?R: Dad I want to say you something. He is Vansh RaiSinghania. Owner of VR Enterprise. His another identity is he is by boyfriend.Her dad is totally shocked. He can’t believe it.D: No way. I arrange your marriage with someone alse. Forget him.R(shocked): How can you arrange my marriage with out saying me anything? I love him and if I have to marry anyone then I will marry him only.D: You can’t deny me. You have to marry Kabir only.R: I don’t who the hell is Kabir and your saying me to marry him?D: He is an inspector. He will be perfect for you.R: How can you say this without knowing Vansh?D: Vansh is a business man right? I heard about VR Enterprise. I also heard about his parent’s death due to enemity with other business man. I can’t leave you with her. For me your safety is my first priority.R: But dad…D: I don’t want to hear anything.Her Dad leaves…Vansh takes Riddhima outside her house.V: Listen to me carefully. I think your dad is right. Marrying me will be risky for you. I can’t risk your life. For me your life is first then marrying you. I know your heartbroken but it’s truth that we can’t live together. We can’t change the truth. Don’t think love happens only once, it happens twice and your father choosed Kabir so he will be perfect for you.R:(crying) No one forgets their first love.V: I know your are strong. But always remember one thing Your are my first and last. No one will come after you left. I can live my life thinking about you.Vansh leaves from there without listening to her.V: Everyone do not get their love. Who gets they are lucky but I am unkucky. I can’t forget you. I love you so much Riddhimaaaa.He is crying bitterly. He don’t know how he will live but he can’t risk Riddhima’s life also….Raat itni tanha kyu hoti hai..Kismat se apni sabko shikaayat kyu hoti hai..Ajeeb khel khelti hai kismat..Jise hum pa nahi sakte..Usi se mohabbat kyu hoti hai..I was literally crying while writing this OS but it’s true everyone do not get their love. We curse our luck for it. But what to do this is only life. We go on, forgetting everything. Comment your views. Hope you will like it. Love you all and bye❤❤

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