Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik requests Manish for help

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Nani saying I m going to buy kirana, Kairav is coming along. Kartik says don’t buy chocolates for him. Nani and Kairav go. Kartik asks Sirat to listen. She shouts why did you accept the challenge, do you know kabaddi game and rules. He says no, Mukesh challenged. She says he challenged me, not you, you know how you may get bones broken in the game. He says Mukesh doesn’t know me. She says Mukesh is really cheap. Mukesh says I have to make them bite dust, they shall never come in front of me again, how many bones does a person has. The guy says 206. Mukesh says spare 6, we shall break 200 bones, we shall not leave him. Sirat says you don’t know anything about Mukesh and accepted challenge, what will we do now. Kartik goes. She says why does he always go away when I talk. She goes and talks to Rohan.Rohan says I m in Ajmer, what happened. She says nothing. She asks when will you come back. He asks is everything fine. She says yes, why did you go there. He says my Shona got upset and came here to her Nani’s house, I came to convince her. She says fine, take care. She ends call and says my only friend isn’t here, how shall I make a team now. She calls out Ramesh Kaka. Kartik attends the video conference on his phone. Nani and Kairav come home. Nani says you refused for the chocolate, I got a car for him. The clients smile. Manish asks can we concentrate on the meeting without any disturbance. Kartik says sorry Papa, one min. He says once I finish this office meeting, I will come and talk. Nani gets surprised. She goes to make tea for Kartik.Kartik says sorry, can we continue please. He finishes the meeting. He says we will catch up again in few hours. Sirat comes and says I have seen you talking in the meeting alone, everyone was listening, I will talk alone now, I asked everyone to come in my team, no one is ready to play against Mukesh, they aren’t fools like us, you accepted challenge, Mukesh has told everyone about our match, he has a team, I just have one player, why did you take the challenge, even my dad and granddad never played kabaddi. Kartik recalls Manish showing his trophy for kabaddi game. Kartik asks did you play kabaddi. Akhilesh says we were champions in this game, we used to play kabaddi all day. FB ends. She says we have to think what to do. He goes. She says does his stomach ache listening to me, that he left. Kartik says yes, Papa and Chachu know kabaddi game, they are upset, how shall I tell them. He calls Manish.Manish recalls Sirat’s slap. Kartik says he isn’t answering my calls since I came here. He gets Manish’s call and asks are you fine. Manish says yes. Kartik asks are you angry, sorry, but I called you many times, you didn’t talk to me, please don’t be angry, please. Manish asks when are you coming home, answer me. Kartik says I will come. Manish asks when, is there a problem. Kartik says yes, come to Jaisalmer, there is a kabaddi match, I want you, Akhilesh, Lav and Kush to be in my team, then I will surely win. Manish asks did anyone challenge you. Kartik says yes, its a challenge given to Sirat, Sirat and Nani stay in this house… He tells everything.Manish gets angry and shouts enough, did you lose your mind, you think anything else than Sirat and her Nani, you pay their hospital bills and buy house for them, its too much now. Kartik says you are misunderstanding. Manish says I know that girl is greedy, how can you be silly, you are going after that girl, you are staying there and calling us there, how much will you get us insulted. Kartik says no. Manish says if you want to stay there, if we are dead for you, then fine, you have no relation with us, don’t come back here. He disconnects the call and cries. Kartik prays. Sirat looks on. She collides with him. He falls down. He says its okay. She says sorry for this and… I think you should take your son back, your dad would be angry that you are here. Manish says he is going to play kabaddi, he will break his bones, what does this girl want. Akhilesh says Kartik is staying there for Kairav, not that girl.Manish asks for whom is he playing kabaddi. Dadi says don’t know in what problem he is. Rhea says when they come in front, some problem happens. Manish says I hate that girl. Sirat says your dad is really nice, he loves you a lot, he has a misunderstanding with me. Kartik says thanks. Sirat says I will say thanks when you go back, he is upset with me, he is right, you are lucky that your parents love you, you have a big family, go back to them. Rhea says Kartik will stay there till Kartik gets convinced, it may take much time. Surekha says yes, Kartik can shift there if Kairav doesn’t agree. Manish worries. Suwarna says trust your son, he is sensible and responsible, he will not do anything that makes you feel bad, Sirat isn’t a bad girl. Manish says fine, I m foolish, Kartik is already there, you all go and play kabaddi, spare me, I don’t want to listen. Suwarna says Kartik needs you the most. Manish goes. Surekha says his heart broke this time. Sirat says my heart broke many times, my house broke, my bones also broke, I m hurt seeing the nameplate’s insult, but its fine, I can tolerate this pain, let the nameplate break. Everyone dines.Surekha asks Suwarna to sit. Suwarna says no, I m fine. Akhilesh says I m going Delhi for some imp work. Surekha asks suddenly? Akhilesh asks why, didn’t I go, Kartik had to go in imp meeting, he isn’t here, Surekha please pack my bags, thanks. Lav says we have to go in our friend’s birthday party, please mom. Surekha says no. Dadi says you can’t be right everytime, let them go to their friends. Lav and Kush smile. Sirat says my dad and my memories are connected with it, but I can’t let you and your dad fight. Kartik says its a fight between two fathers, I m here for my son, why can’t he see this, he will understand this, I trust him and myself. She says I hope this happens. He says yes. Nanko calls out and says I got chips and cold drinks, what else to buy to have during kabaddi match. Kartik and Sirat recall the challenge.

Kartik and Sirat practice. Mukesh says you can practice, but you won’t win the match. He gets some nails. Sheela asks what will you do. Mukesh says his name will get erased.Update Credit to: Amena

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