Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik learns Ranvir’s story

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Kartik saying go and talk to him, when you came in front of him, you have run away, what will you get, you both were troubled since two years, its better to talk, tell what’s in your heart, last time he has run away, this time you are running, why. She says I don’t care, I m practicing for my match. He says your mind is out of control, you can’t do boxing, you may get hurt. She says I won’t get hurt, I have to give counter punch right now. He says you have to meet him. She says no, I have to focus on my life, you are my truth, Kairav is my truth, my medal is my truth, everything else is a lie, you always supported me, thanks, little happiness is coming back in my life, I don’t want to lose my focus. He says some wounds heal on own, but some wounds need our attention, just check this wound on my saying. He goes.Manish says Kartik… Kartik says there is no reason or need to get upset with Sirat, if its tough for us, then think about Sirat. Manish says there is no wall between past and present. Kartik says our past can come in our present, we will decide it, I mean Sirat will decide it, no one will ask or advice her, please respect what I said. He goes. Suwarna says why are we thinking when Sirat said she doesn’t love Ranvir. Rhea says right, why will she leave a nice guy like Kartik, who cares for love, who can give her comfort, liberty, support, he isn’t like Kartik to roam around her. Kairav says we are waiting for family pic, it will be complete if you and Sirat come. Kartik says Sirat needs some time, we will click pics till then, we will know who will be there in the pics. He says Sirat, just go, not for me and kids, for yourself. Sirat recalls Kartik’s words. Kartik recalls about Sirat. Nani comes and says Sirat is nowhere. Kairav asks what’s happening, she went again. Manish says I can’t take so much drama in one day, why did she go, Kartik has said that she can do anything, we can’t ask her, she will do anything now.Sirat comes to hospital. She says why did you come now, why didn’t you come that day, Ranvir. She finds the door locked. The lady says there is no one, patient took discharge, his friend had come, he was in a hurry, he didn’t listen to anyone. Sirat says you always run away, you did the same today. Kartik says its good Sirat has come here, she has to know why Ranvir come that day. Lady says Ranvir went with his friend. He asks which friend, guy or girl, did Sirat come. She says yes, but he left before she had come. He says where did Sirat go. He collides with a girl and says sorry. The girl asks where is Ranvir. The hospital lady says another person came for him, maybe he is a VIP. Kartik asks how are you related to him. The girl says I m his sister, Nidhi Chauhan, I couldn’t stop hearing about his accident, I had to tell doctor about the bullet… He asks since when is it and why, you are hi sister, you would know, I m his friend, who got him here. Ranvir races a bike. Chandu worries and asks him to stop the bike, forget Sirat now. Ranvir says I don’t accept her engagement. Chandu says stop this madness. Nidhi says I thank Lord that Ranvir got saved, else they would have killed him. Kartik asks who, don’t hesitate, please tell me. She says Ranvir was in love with a girl named Sirat. The bike stops. Chandu says thank Lord, the bike stopped on own, Lord doesn’t want you to meet her. Ranvir gets on a van. Sirat asks why didn’t you come, I want to know.Nidhi says dad, Tau ji and Chacha didn’t accept this alliance, Sirat wasn’t of our status, Ranvir loved her, he decided to marry her and bring her home, dad said he will get her shot, Ranvir didn’t listen and went to temple, then just Chandan and him know what happened. Kartik asks don’t you know it. Ranvir comes to the hotel. FB shows Ranvir and Sirat talking about some couple. He says I will not leave you and that guy if you leave me. She jokes. He says promise me, if we don’t marry for some reason, you won’t marry anyone else. She says you promise me first. He promises. She laughs. FB ends. Ranvir hears about Kartik’s car. He thinks I was going back, but I know what to do, you can’t be of anyone else, Sirat.Kartik says you can tell me. FB shows Ranvir coming to temple and dancing. He says dad thought I will get scared of his threatening, I will do what I decided. He calls out Sirat and says she looks so happy. He sees a shooter aiming at her. He runs and gets in front. He gets shot. The shooter runs away. Sirat and Nani go other side. Chandu runs to Ranvir. FB ends. Nidhi says Ranvir didn’t think once and put his life in danger for her, he loved her a lot.Precap:
Kartik and Sirat come to Ranvir’s place. She punces Ranvir. He gets shocked seeing her.Update Credit to: Amena

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