Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik learns about Sirat’s life

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Kartik getting Akhilesh’s call. He says lawyer had come, yes, I will be staying here for some time and come. Manish says no need to stay there. Kartik disconnects. Rhea says she took the hospital bill in first trip and now this house, we should keep Kartik away from her. Surekha says she had stolen the ring and then threw it outside, to make Kartik run after her in guilt. Manish gets angry. Sirat and Kartik collide. She says I always hurt you. He says I also hurt you. She says your anger was justified, I m sorry. He says we are sorry to each other a lot. She says yes, we will become friends, like Rohan and me, we will become Jai and Veeru.He recalls Naira’s words. She asks what happened, did I say anything wrong again. He says no, tell me, is Mukesh your tenant or any far relative. She asks where did you get Naira’s ring. He says outside kitchen in lawn. She says the ring is there, they should have found the ring if they looked well. He goes. She says I m talking there and you came here. Nani says be quiet. Sirat sees Kartik sleeping. Nani says he is tired, let him sleep for some time, I will prepare for puja, then we will make breakfast together. She smiles seeing Kairav. She makes a face seeing Kartik. She cares for him. He holds her hand and says don’t get upset, kids are my life, I m living for them else I would have come to you, I love you so much, I love you Naira. Sirat looks at him and goes out. Sheela looks on. She says they are sleeping here as if its their house, who are they. Nanko asks why did they come here, will that boy stay here. She asks why are you jealous. He says Nani is mine, Chakri is my sister, I won’t like if they love him. She asks him to become a spy. Kairav wakes up. He sees Sirat and gets happy. Kartik also wakes up. She asks Kairav to have a glass of milk, then breakfast and boxing. Kairav agrees. She asks him to come on her back. She takes him. Kartik says milk, breakfast are fine, but no boxing. She winks to Kairav. Kartik says I have seen it. She says fine, I will do to you also. She winks to him. He recalls Naira. He says sorry Kairav, this happiness is for some time. Nani gives prasad to Kartik.She says leave few things to Lord, he knows more than us, look at my fate, we had come in someone’s house at night and now its our house, someone will come in your and your son’s lives. Kartik thinks someone had come, but I couldn’t stop. Sheela looks on. Kartik calls out. Sheela goes. He asks who are they, Amma Sirat didn’t tell me. Nani asks how would she say, when mum is wrong, the matter comes out, you will know it, Sheela is Sirat’s real mum, Mukesh isn’t her dad, he is Sheela’s second husband, Sirat’s dad loved Sheela a lot, he couldn’t bear her useless expenses, Sheela ran away with Mukesh, she left her husband and Sirat, Sirat was just 8 years old. Kartik looks at Sirat. Nani tells everything. Kartik wipes his tears. Nani says I know she fights with her mum and fate. He recalls Sirat’s words. Nani says stepmum also loves kids, Sheela behaves like a stepmum, don’t know what’s in her fate. Kartik calls Suwarna says thanks a lot. She asks why. He says you did a lot for me. She says every mum does this. He says no, not everyone does this. She asks why did you call. He says you are very nice, I love you Maa. She says I love you too, are you worried, shall I send Manish. He says no. She asks what happened. He says we don’t value relations and then cry all life when we lose. She says you aren’t such. He says I was also such, I realized my mistake, thanks. He asks her to take care.He ends call and says I learnt a lot from you and have to learn a lot. Rhea asks what shall I do, Kartik is always away from the house. Surekha says do something fast. Rhea thinks I m done with Akshu. Rhea asks Surekha to talk to Suwarna. Surekha asks Suwarna when is Kartik coming, Akshu would be missing him. Suwarna says Akshu is too young, Kartik knows where he is more needed. Surekha asks Rhea to go to Jaisalmer. Rhea says that’s a good idea, but no, sorry, I can’t go and live there. Surekha says then just forget marrying Kartik.Sirat shows the family album. She thinks I m doing this to prove that I m not your mumma. Kartik calls Manish. Manish recalls Sirat’s words. Suwarna asks him to talk to Kartik once. Manish stays angry. Akhilesh says Manish is too angry on Kartik, their terms got fine because of Naira, now their distance is increasing because of Sirat, talk to Kartik, ask him to come back. Suwarna says he is sensible. He says sometimes we don’t realize it. He calls Kartik and asks when are you coming back. Kartik says I will stay here until Kairav is convinced that Sirat isn’t Naira. Akhilesh asks what, it may take much time, how will you manage business, office and family. Kartik says I will handle remotely as much as I can, ask the office staff to send me link. Manish hears Akhilesh talking. Kartik disconnects and says I will stay here until Kairav understands that Sirat isn’t his mumma, I m sure Manish’s annoyance will get away.
Mukesh challenges Sirat for a kabaddi match. Kartik takes the challenge.Update Credit to: Amena

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