World of SaiRat: Mystery of the letter, solved? OS

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Hiya, Twistinians I’m back with another OS as I just saw a precap where the family members are waiting for Virat and etc.
I hope you like my version as I can feel the SaiRat separation track coming
Internal monologues as always written in bold and the twist is going to be written in italics
Without any further ado, let’s start…
{Sai’s POV}
Nearly every family member wants to prove me wrong with that so-called letter.
Even Virat Sir believed that it may be true and left to do God knows what.
I’m staying quiet while some are giving dirty looks while I smirk as I know how to straighten those people up.
For now Aai and I know the truth about who actually has written that letter.
Soon Baba asks where Virat Sir is and the person in question comes inside and breaks the news.
“Pulkit is already married and his wife is Sangeeta Deshpande.”
“I don’t believe it unless you have any proof for it.” I say.
“Who are you to believe or to not to believe these facts, Sai?” Pakhi asks me, I control my anger and glare at her.
“Where’s the proof of it being true?”
Virat Sir walks towards me and shows me the proof. I shake my head, I’m about to say something when Madhuri Tai comes towards us.
“Sai, what’s going on? So many people are looking for a woman called Sangeeta Deshpande? Who the hell is she?” She asks me.
“I don’t know,” I shrug my shoulder.
“She is Pulkit’s wife!” Virat Sir says.
She is about to say something when Patrelekha’s parents come and ask, “who called us here?”
“I did,” I say while everyone looks at me.
“Why did you invite them in our family matter?”
“Kyunki unki beti ke karname ki baare mein hain to kyun main unko invite na karoon(Because it’s about their daughter’s doings, so why shouldn’t I invite them?).” I reply back and start the video…
“Yeh letter saabko lagna chaiye ki Pulkit sach mein shaadi shudda hain or Devyani se shaadi sirf badle lene ke liye kar raha hain(This letter should make everyone believe that Pulkit is really married and wants to marry Devyani to take revenge from her).” Baba says while the rest smirk.
“Aap chinta mat kijye, Ninad Mama, kyunki kaam ho jayega(Don’t worry, Ninad uncle, the work will be done).” Pakhi answers back.
Then she starts to write the letter which has been recorded on the camera.
“With regards,
Sangeeta Deshpande.” She says while writing it down.
“Mast a mast toh ab yeh jungli billi Sai humare ghar mein bi nahi rahegi kyunki Virat usse bhaar nikal dega(Cool very cool, now Virat will kick that wild cat Sai out of our house).” Kaku says and the video ends.
“So now I have my proofs and the case is closed.” I say before anyone can protest.
Virat Sir looks shocked and Kaku then says, “your wife forced Pathrelekha to write that letter.”
I’m about to tell her off for lying when Devi Tai does, “Aai isn’t saying the truth because Sai was with me the whole time in my room, planning my wedding.” She says as if she never had all those issues because of the medication they have been giving her.
“Tai, aap thik ho(You are alright, sister)?” He asks her and she nods.
“Tumhari biwi ko dhanyawad kehna hai tumko Viru, kyunki uski wajah se main thik hoon(Thank your wife as I’m fine because of her, Viru).
Madhuri Tai walks towards me and says, “thanks a lot Sai for proving Pulkit Dada’s innocence.”
“There’s no need to thank me as I needed to show some people’s truth in front of guiliable or idiotic people.” Everyone knows who I’m talking except for the person itself.
Usha Mausi, Kaku, Omi Kaka, Sonali Kaku, Pakhi and Baba glare at me.
While the rest giggles even Pakhi’s parents. I run upstairs before Virat Sir realises that I have been talking about him.
A few seconds later I hear him shout, “Sai, main tumhe nahi chodunga(I won’t spare you, Sai).”
“You have to find me first,” I yell back as I hide somewhere, he wouldn’t find me.
I can hear him coming into our room. Looking everywhere for me but not where I am.
All of a sudden I start giggling like a small girl whenever I used to hide from my friends.
Soon the door of the closet opens and I’m pulled outside. I crash into my husband who still is wearing his uniform and looking quite handsome.
“Did you call me an idiot downstairs?” He whispers into my ear as I shudder because of the close contact. I shake my head.
“Liar,” he whispers before picking me up and placing me on the chair in front of the study table and then says, “Your punishment is that you are going to read a whole book of Harry Potter of my choice!”
I nod with a pout even though I’m excited as I love the Harry Potter series and have read them about 10 times.
He then takes out Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. The longest book of the series but no worries I’m going to finish it in an hour.
He places the book in front of me, he goes to sit onto the bed to keep an eye at me. I shake my head and start reading the book.
An hour later I look towards him and see that he has fallen asleep. I chuckle, and walk towards him.
“Aai sone do na(Let me sleep Aai).” He shouts in his sleep and everyone rushes to our room.
“Virat Sir ut jaiye na(Wake up Virat Sir).” I say again.
“Nahi mujhe sona hain(No, I want to sleep).” He says like a child.
“Aap uthoge nah toh main apka favourite khaana banaungi(If you wake you up then I will make your favourite food).”
“Sach mein, toh mujhe Tandoori Chicken khaana hain par Kaku ko mat batana ki mujhe non-veg zyaada pasandh hai(Really, then I want to eat Tandoori Chicken but don’t tell Kaku that I prefer non-veg).”he says in his sleepy tone, I look over to Kaku, who’s ears are steaming in anger.
“I’m not your aai.” I say to him.
“Toh tum ek pari ho(Then you are an angel).” He says with his eyes still closed. I smile a bit.
“Pari, tumme pata hai ki meri biwi Sai haina uske haatoon ka khaana mujhe bohut pasandh hai(Do you know that I love the food made by my wife Sai, Pari)?” He asks me before opening his eyes and looking shocked.
I laugh as he asks, “what did I say when I was half asleep?”
“Nothing much,” I reply back.
“Dada apne bohut kuch kaha(You said a lot, brother).” Mohit Dada says and I blush.
“Kya kaha maine(What did I say)?”
“Apne kaha ki apko Sai Bhabhi ka khana bohut pasandh hain(You said that you like Sai Bhabhi’s food a lot).” Karishma then says and this time it’s Virat Sir who’s blushing.
“Main kuch khaane ka intezaam karne jah rahi hoon(I’m going go and get some food).” I say and my husband looks sadly at me as I leave him with the angry bird named Kaku.
I can hear him yell, “can you all please leave me alone? I need to talk to my wife.”
Then he immediately runs downstairs and calls me, “Sai,”
“Ji, Virat Sir(Yes, Virat Sir).” I answer back.
“Why did Kaku ask me if I eat non-veg food?”
“Because you mentioned it in your sleep.” I say and he looks like he wants to hit himself but instead of it happening, he hugs me.
“What are you making?”
“Tandoori Chicken as you said that you would love to eat that.”
“But what about Kaku, she is totally red and fuming in anger?” He asks me.
“Let her fume because she lost the battle against me.” He nods in agreement as I say it and starts helping me in preparing the chicken.
We wait for a few hours as the chicken needs to take in the marinade. So we talk for a while until he says something that stuns me to the core…
“I love you Sai!”
The End!
{End of AN}
Disclaimer: I know the end is shocking
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