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Hi, I’m back with another shot. In this Virat is going to see a lot of things in a different light. So watch the video in the media box  as I thought it is so cute but it doesn’t work anymore.But look at this picture especially at Usha Maushi, how she’s looking at Virat and Pakhi🤣The shot may not be fully like what’s happening in the serial but who cares, right?Internal monologues are conveyed in bold. Without any further ado…{Virat’s POV}
I’m lost in my thoughts when Pakhi comes to bother me again and I tell her to leave me alone.She tries to stay but I shout at her to go away, so she does.Not even a minute later Aai comes. I was in no mood to listen to anything but I do anyways as I know that she always has a point.“The way you behaved was not right,” Aai says, wiping some tears away, “you proved to me that you are your father’s son.”“Aai but whatever Sai did wasn’t right either.” I say and she nods.“You don’t think straight when you are angry and that’s what you both did.” She answers back.“I wanted to take her out Aai,” I tell her, “but look what happened.”“You both behaved wrongly, insulted each other to no extent, in the end both of you are hurting and others are rejoicing the fact that Sai may leave this house.” She tells me, I gasp in anger and sadness.From the corner of my eyes, I see Mohit, who is coming towards us.“I cannot let her leave me,” I panicky say, “being with her makes me want to be a better version of myself and yet I fail to do that!”“Then talk to her and try to make your relationship work, dada.” Mohit tells me.“Has she eaten anything?” I ask him. He is about to nod or shake his head when he doesn’t.“She only took a bite from what I bought for her only to make me happy as well as being respectful towards me.” He answers back.“I’m going to make her and Usha Mausi eat.” I tell them both, they smile at me and nod, so I leave the balcony to go to my room.As I reach the door of our room, I hear her tell Usha Maushi, “We are leaving this house tomorrow hence we are packing our bags.”I don’t want to believe this, so I ask, “where are you going Sai?”“Why do you care?” She rudely asks while Usha Maushi shakes her head.“Usha Maushi can you please come downstairs, Sai and I are coming.”“Are you Kicking us out of the house?” My stubborn wife asks and I do not say anything.I’m about to grab her arm but instead I pick her up and walk downstairs where everybody was waiting for me. I let her down and turn towards Usha Maushi.“Maushi aap yeh khana gharam kar dijye gah. Aap aur Sai khana kha lena(Aunty, can you please warm up the food. You and Sai should eat it).”“Par Virat tumne bhi kuch nahi khaya(But Virat you have not eaten anything).” Pakhi says and I roll my eyes at her.I look towards Sai ignoring the rest of my family and say, “I know, what I did in anger as well as jealousy towards you was unacceptable, unforgivable and cruel. I can wait until you truly forgive me so if you want to leave this house, I will not stop you!”“Man karta hai ki apka sir phor loon(I want to bust your head).” She says but I know that she doesn’t mean that.“Tum aise kaise Virat se baat kar rahi ho(How can you talk to Virat like this)?” Pakhi asks immediately.“She can talk to me however she wants Wahaini,” I say while glaring at Pakhi who looks kinda hurt, “as I hurt her a lot and I deserve her rudeness.”“Main bhi sorry kehna chaati hoon, kyunki maine bhi apko dard diya hain par main apne Aaba ka apmaan seh nahi sakti(I also want to apologise to you because I hurt you too, but I cannot bear my father’s insult).” Sai says looking at me and I look into her eyes too.“Let time heal your wounds,” Aai says and we both nod.“Hi, my name is Virat Chawan, would you like to be my friend?” I ask while sticking my hand out for a handshake with Sai, who gives me one of her beautiful smiles.“Hello, my name is Sai Chawan-Joshi and yes, I would like to be your friend.” She then gives me a hand shake. I give her a smile while being lost in her.“Aaj se khoi bhi nahi tumhare Aaba ki bezaati karega main bhi nahi(From today onwards no one is going to humiliate your father even I’m not going to).”I wanted to say more but I got interrupted by someone calling Sai’s name.“Pulkit Sir aap yahan kya kar rahe hain(What are you doing here, Pulkit Sir)?” Sai asks him.“I’m here to give this book to you and some food as you didn’t eat anything at my place,” he takes a small break, “because you seemed upset about something, so my sister packed a bit for you to share with your husband.”“Thank you,” She says and then says, “Pulkit Sir, this is my husband Virat Chawan.“Virat Sir this is the professor to whose house I went for lunch l but in the end I didn’t have.” Sai tells me.I shake his hand and he says, “I should leave or else my daughter Astha won’t talk to me.”“Where’s her mother?” I ask.“My wife is alive but her family married her off to some rich guy.” He tells us, I can see that Sai looks upset about something.“That’s not right,”Sai and I say at the same time, “it’s cruel to separate a wife from her husband as well as a mother from her child.”“Sadly there are more cruel people in the world than good ones.” Mohit says while her professor Pulkit nods.“Sai,” Tai happily says, “mujhe tumhare saath khelna hai(I want to play with you, Sai).”Sai’s professor sadly looks at Tai, who then looks at him as she turns and says his name, “Pulkit?!”He is about to answer back to her when says something and I wonder how they know each other.“Tu jah yahan se(You should go from here), Tai says panicky, “Aai tumme maar daleghi jaise baba ko maara tha(Mom is going to kill you just like she killed dad)!”Too shocked to say anything but Tai seems like she won’t stop talking.“Tum Astha ke saath bohut dur chaale jao kyunki main nahi chaahati ke woh apne baba ko bhi kohde(You and Astha should go far away because I don’t want her to also loose her father).”“Tumhara bina main kahi nahi jaunga(I’m not going to leave without you).”Kaku is walking towards Tai, Sai stands in front of her to protect her and I stand in front of them.“Mere rastey se haat jah Virat(Get out of my way, Virat).” Kaku yells at me, I shake my head expressionlessly.“Nahi haatunga apke rastey se, kyunki aaj pheli baar maine wohi dekha joh Sai bohut phele se dekh liya tha(I will not get out of your way because for the first time, I saw what Sai had already seen).” I turn my head a bit and give Sai a small yet sad smile.Her smile encourages me to stand up to the family who wronged my Sai, Aai, Tai and countless others.“How could you ruin our family?” I ask her, she just evilly smirks and says nothing.“Virat, don’t talk to her like that,” Dad shouts at me.Someone claps their hands and it’s Tai, “wow Ninad Kaka, I was waiting for you to react. You aren’t any better than her.”“How dare you talk to me like that?” He questions her.“Then how should I talk to you? You and her are the reason for my father’s dad because he found out about you…”“What did your father find out?” Dad interrupts her and asks.“About you and Bhavani Chawan having an extramarital affair as well as a son,” Devyani Tai screams in disgust while my heart is breaking completely, “and that too after he had gone on a mission for 18 months. You gave your son when he was born for adoption, so that my father would never find out about your disgusting act.”Pulkit Jeeju holds her because she’s so angry that she could kill anyone with her glare, while I feel numb seeing my Aai crying and Shivani Bua trying to calm her down.The rage in me wants to kill them while my sanity wants to punish them gravely.“Who is their son, Tai?” Mohit asks while looking disgusted.“Jagtap Mane!” Comes out of her mouth like a bullet.blo*dy hell, that goon is Ninad and Bhavani’s son! My mind shouts in disgust and anger, while my heart is just crying. I can feel Sai hugging my back, I feel comforted like this.Then I turn towards the door, standing there are Samrat and Jagtap.“What are you doing here?” Sai asks him.“I’m sorry Wahaini,” he says looking down, “I’m here to hand myself to the police for kidnapping Samrat Salunke,” Sai lets go off me and I stalk towards them when he says, “I was told by Mrs Bhavani Chawan to do that in exchange for the drugs they were giving her daughter.”“You three are under arrest for the criminal offences that you all have committed.” I say in the tone of a police officer.“You have no valid proof to arrest us.” My so-called Kaku says.“I’m going to find them and then arrest you so-called prestigious Chawans who love to destroy other people’s lives!”“You were the one who pushed me 29 years ago when I lost my first born.” Aai shouts at Bhawani after slapping her for about three times.“Aai leave them, they are nothing but the dirt on this world!” Sai says and I nod in agreement.“How dare you say that about us, girl.” They are about to advance towards her and Jagtap takes the slap for her.Ninad immediately tears up like Bhawani when they realise that Ninad had slapped their son.“Pulkit Jeeju can we all stay at your place, except for Ninad and Bhawani, until I find a house for us.”“I’m going to send you the divorce papers soon,” Aai says standing up for herself, “I don’t want to be called a cheater’s wife. I’m certainly not characterless like you!”“Aai,” Sai says, “don’t let them affect you, because I’m sure that your husband will try to beg for forgiveness and still betray you in the end!”“Shiva, who is this?” Samrat asks.“Jeeva, this is Sai Virat Chawan-Joshi, my wife!” I made her introduction to him.“Wow, what an intro,” My brother says with a smile, “but I haven’t forgiven you for your betrayal,” he says and I know he means it.“I know, you haven’t but I have no feelings for her, she is my bhabhi only.” I answer back truthfully.“Yes dada, you and Pakhi didi deserve happiness too.” Sai says with a small smile.“Even after everything I did to you, you still feel like I deserve happiness?” Pakhi Bhabhi asks her.“Yes, I saw how lonely you are and felt bad seeing that you were trying to please everyone.” My wife honestly answers back and then we all started leaving this house, no, jail forever!{2 years later}
Samrat and Patrelekha Bhabhi have solved their misunderstandings and problems.Sai and I also have solved our differences and marriage is quite spicy. Well we try to control our feelings of jealousy and impulsiveness.Mohit and Karishma are expecting their first child.Devi Tai and Pulkit Jeeju are pregnant with twins.And the three unwanted family members are going to have their first hearing in court after finding all the evidence against them…We all are happy in our lives and that’s what matters the most!
The End {AN}
I felt different emotions while writing this OS. I hope you guys did too🙈Keep loving SaiRat
{End of AN}Disclaimer: Tada…another creation of mine!

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