World of SaiRat: A form of confession OS

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Hiya Twistinians, this OS is based on the video in the media box on Wattpad but yet again with my twists because SaiRat scenes are quite less compared to other serials with their lead pairs as well as Pakhi’s drama aka overreactions are pissing me off to be honest with y’all!The internal monologues are known by you, I guess!So without any further ado…{Virat’s POV}
I’m handing out roses to everyone and to someone of them I even give a packet of chocolates.Pakhi just ruined my mood by assuming things about me and Sai. She didn’t want to listen to the truth, so I walked away from her without giving her a rose.I don’t even know what I feel for Sai but I have accepted her as my wife. My heart tells me.Of course you would accept her already, but what about the promise you made to Pakhi? My mind asks while rolling its eyes at my heart.“You mean the promise you forced Virat to make to that weirdo?” My heart angrily asks my mind. I’m getting blo*dy headaches because of it. So I look at the red rose I’m still holding in my hand and smile. I wait for her.Not even 10 seconds later, she comes out of the room. She comes towards me and asks me if I gave Pakhi a rose.I say that I have given everyone one of them, I don’t tell her about not giving one to Pakhi and she disagrees by saying that I have given her twice. I smile and hand her the packet of chocolates.She smiles back at me and I cannot stop admiring her. My smile brightens immediately.I am about to say something when Kaku yells my name and Aai yells Sai’s. So we both walk downstairs together.Sai is about to slip but I hold her by her waist. She looks at me with her big and innocent eyes. Yet again I’m lost in her. She is so beautiful that I cannot stop myself from liking her so much.“Virat,” Kaku practically screams in my ear. I straighten up and help Sai to do the same, then I look at Kaku who then continues with her interrogation, “is it true that you have given flowers twice to Sai?”“Yes, I have.” I answer back while most of the family members gasp like we are in a TV serial with stupid yet entertaining sound as well as the black and white effects.Sai cannot stop giggling, I give her a look and she stops but her eyes are still laughing because of Pakhi’s expression like she has eaten something sour.No one is saying or doing anything except for Kaku sitting down with a thud.“Yeh kya ho raha hai mere ghar mein(What’s happening in my house)?” She dramatically asks.“Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat ho raha hai Kaku(Love, passion, amour is happening, aunty).” Sai replies back cheekily and I look at her in surprise. I never thought about that.Kaku looks to hilarious when she says, “ey jungli bili kya bakh rahi ho tum? Tume pata hai Ishq, Mohabbat aur pyaar kya hota hai? Nahi naah toh chup raho(ey wild cat what are you saying? Do you know what love, passion and amour is? No, right, then shut up).”“Toh mera pati meri sautan ko flowers denge(So my husband should be giving flowers to his mistress)?” Sai asks while I’m shaking my head and everyone else gasps again except for mom, Shivani Bua and Devi Tai who are glaring at me. I gulp in fear.But a knock on the door saves me from getting beaten up by those three women.So I run to open the door and see Keth here, I mean Aniket.“Hi Sir,” he says with a smile.“Hello Aniket,” I reply back before asking, “what are you doing here this late?”“Actually Sai lost a bracelet and I found it, so I came here to give it back to her.”Before I can reply back Kaku asks, “who’s at the door and why is it taking you so long Virat?”“Sai’s best friend Aniket.” I answer back as I let him come inside. He follows me inside.He says hello to everyone, they greet him back sweetly.“Aniket, what are you doing here?” Sai asks him.“You lost this,” he shows her the bracelet, she looks at it then at her right arm and sees that something is missing.She smiles and then she says, “thank you Aniket it’s my Aai’s last memory that my Aaba gave on my 16th birthday. She is getting emotional.I take the bracelet from Aniket, take Sai’s right arm and I hook the bracelet around it. All that time she is looking at me, I take her hand and kiss it.Aniket has the biggest smile on his face ever, then he says, “this reminds me of my love story with my wife Aliya.” He looks lost in his own thoughts.“Oh, so how did you get married?” Sai asks him with curiosity and I’m curious too.“Ghar se bhaag ke shaadi ki humne kyunki Aliya ke mumma aur papa mujhe pasand nahi kiya(We ran away from home and got married because Aliya’s parents didn’t like me).”“Kyun(Why)?” I ask as I want to know everything.“Because she is four years older than me.”My dramatic family gasps while Sai looks excited to hear more about his story.Your love story hasn’t started yet, so no wonder that Sai wants to know about his tale of passion. My heart says and my mind rolls its eyes.My mind wants to say something but I ignore it and make a decision with my heart.“Sai,” I exclaim softly while Aniket gives me the thumbs up as if I’m predictable for him, “I need to tell you something before it’s too late!”Pakhi looks quite happy as she thinks that I’m going to say something about my past self “loving her” but I’m not as I now know that I only liked her and nothing else.I can feel Sai looking at me, so I take two different styles of bracelets. I go onto my knees in front of her while ignoring the sound in the background.“This bracelet is to show the world that you are my diamond and pearl as well as you belong to me, darling.” She gasps in surprise as well as blushes.“Now to this one,” I say before anyone can interrupt us, “is to tell you that I’m forever yours and you are forever mine, sweetheart.”She kneels down right in front of me with tears freely rolling down her cheeks, she replies back, “yes, I do,” I am about to kiss her when she asks me, “if you want to be my rainbow forever?”I nod as a reply as I’m too stunned, then she hugs me, as I embrace her, I pull her closer, so close that I’m breathing in the distinct smell of lavender and something else.As we unwrap ourselves, turn red in embarrassment we see that Kaku has fallen unconscious because of the shock of never getting rid of Sai or what she calls her wild cat.Aai is dancing in happiness that she hasn’t noticed what has happened to Kaku and the rest just look perplexed as if they are seeing a dream or a nightmare.Pakhi is walking towards us and is about to grab Sai’s neck when I push her away.“Stay away from my wife, Pathrelekha Wahaini.”“Wha…wha…what di…di…did you say?” She stammers a bit in shock but regains herself soon after.“I told you to stay away from my wife,” I shout at her and then calmly say as Sai rubs my back, “and it’s time for you to move on too. I’m sorry for promising you something that I cannot keep.”With that I pocket the bracelets, pick Sai up, leaving them to do whatever they want. Aniket says bye to us both and leaves not before telling me that I have done something good.“So did you like my confession?” I ask her, she looks at me and shakes her head.“So you want to see what I can do to you?” I tease her with a smirk on my lips and yet again she shakes her head but giggles.I drop her on the bed. Then I shut the door as well as lock it, I slowly walk towards Sai, who’s trying to get away from me as she knows what I want.As I reach her, I hold her arm and pull her towards me. Her back crashes into my chest, to tease her, I breathe into her neck, making her breathe heavily.“Leave me please,” she requests, “I need to freshen up.”“No, because you already are fresh,” I answer back with a teasing smile.“So how would I give you a surprise?” She asks while I shrug my shoulders.“What kind of surprise?” I ask when I realise what she had said a minute ago.“You didn’t want it,” she teases me, “so you won’t get it!”“That’s not fair,” I say while I nuzzle her neck, also making her gasp.“I need to go to the loo immediately,” Sai is not in my arms anymore but in the bathroom as she pushed me away from her while saying that.I sit down on the bed as well as shake my head because my wife is driving me nuts.Soon she comes out, my breath hitches as I’m entranced by her beauty.She never looked so gorgeous like she looks right now.“Like what you see?” She asks me with naughty smile playing on her lips. I stare at her and nod.“Good because we are going on a date.” She then tells me, shocking me to the core when she comes towards me, places herself on my lap.I gulp, she just laughs before saying, “you are so cute Virat Sir.”“Virat is my name, but don’t add the Sir because it makes me feel really old.”“I’m calling you by your age.” She answers back.I switch our position that I’m on top of her, start tickling her everywhere and anywhere I can reach.“Do I look old to you now?”“No…haha, no…ha, I’m…aha…sorry,” she says in between her giggles.“What is my name?”“Virat!” She shouts, I shut her mouth with a soul searing kiss.The End!~AN~
I hope you enjoyed this story but to be honest, I don’t know what I have written😱But that just comes when you write with the flow and are half sleepy with occasional yawning.
~End of AN~Disclaimer: Next up is a story that may shock you all😁

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