Woh Chaand Toh Mein Hoon- HIS SUPPORT (EP76)

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The song and dance comes to an end as everyone is exhaustedDadi: Lets eat nowThe food is served and everyone settle down to eat.
Naira: Maa I dont feel like eating Ill sit in the living roomNaira gets up but Kartik stops herKartik: Naira thoda sa kha loHe grabs the spoon and starts to feed herNethra: Ohhh ho Now I understand where your romance comes fromVarun: Yeah thats trueShivaay: Really Kartik I have to take lessons from you to handle AnikaNaira: Best of luck AnikaRuhi: I pity you didi…now one more hitler added to the listKartik: Shivaay dont listen to them..these people are underestimating our love and concernKartik makes a puppy faceNaira: Baby gussa hogaya?Ruhi: Baby nahi baby ka papaNaksh: Naira keliye pehla baby toh Kartik haiEveryone laugh out loud. Naira blushesKartik: Naira dont divert the matter have your food properlyAkshara: Kartik is the photocopy of NaitikIshitha: Not only Naitik bhaiya every husband behaves like this when wife is pregnantThe talks go on in full swing. Gayu’s phone rings and its the same number. She gets up and goes awayGayu: Cant you understand that I cannot talk to youVoice: But Gayu what about us then?Gayu: Your family has to accept you first then only my family will..I cannot put Naira Kartik’s life at riskGayu disconnects the call and turns she is shocked to see NairaGayu: Naira..Naira: What happened Gayu di? What is it about me and Kartik?Gayu: Nothing NairaNaira: Dont lie didi…I noticed your tension from the beginning. Whats going on?Gayu hugs Naira and criesGayu: Naira..woh…woh…..I love someone but….The conversation goes on mute. It will be revealed laterGayu: But how can we do this?Naira: Leave it to me. Ill take careNaira takes Gayu with her and comforts her. Kartik grows suspicious as Gayu is irritated by the smell of food but he doesn’t show it out. The scene freezes.Oberoi mansion Next morning Anika is still in bed. Shivaay is rushing for officeShivaay: The idiotic flight got so much delayed that Im rushing to office now..Anikaaa….anikaaaa……Anika  gets up  and rushes to washroom. She feels nauseous.
Shivaay: AnikaaaaHe comes to the washroom and finds her  throwing up.He holds her head and comforts herShivaay: Are you alright?Anika nodsAnika: Its common during pregnancyShivaay: How do you know?Anika: Ishimaa told meShivaay: Will you manage here or shall I bring office hereAnika in mind: That will be irritating. Your shouting calls and nonsenseShivaay: Anika?Anika: Ill manage you go to officeShivaay kisses her forehead and leaves for office. Anika feels relieved and lies down comfortably.Hospital UdaipurRomi: Riya this is…Riya: Romi please I cant listen to taunts anymore. Lets check onceThe doctor calls them insideDoctor: Mrs.Bhalla I have a bad news for youRiya is shocked
Dr: I checked your reports and your chances of pregnancy is 5% or even lessRomi: Is there any cure doctor?Dr: We have to find the cause of the non suitable nature of the uterus towards the foetusRomi: I dont understandDr: Mr.Bhalla your wife’s egg production and fertilisation is all fine but the fertilised embryo is unable to fix on the uterus to grow. This does not occur naturally. Certain toxins should have been consumed by her to cause this stateRomi is shocked too. Thats when he remembers KevinDr: We have to perform certain other tests to determine the treatment for youRomi and Riya come out. Riya starts to cryRiya: Why is life so cruel to me? Why am I suffering always?Romi in mind: The answer is only one ..its Kevin…if I bash him maybe we will have a solution  . First I have to comsole RiyaRomi: Riya dont worry this problem too will have a solution.He hugs and comforts herKaira roomGayu and Naira are discussing something. Kartik enters and on seeing him they stop the talksGayu: Naira Ill get going. See you KartikGayu leaves. Kartik comes to NairaKartik: Naira is Gayu pregnant?Naira is shockedNaira: Kartik woh..Kartik: What woh..I have been watching her from yesterday..she behaves like being pregnantNaira: You may have a misunderstandingKartik pulls Naira closerKartik: Naira I have been with you from the first day of the pregnancy…I felt everything..your nausea, your conscious behaviour, irritation to food smell…and Im not mistakenNaira: Kartik..woh..Gayu di is pregnant …andShe narrates the happeningsKartik: Why didn’t you share this with me? I too would have helped youNaira: But Goenka family….Kartik: No enmity is more than a girl’s life. Ill also help you in thisNaira hugs himNaira: Sorry mendak..I thought you willKartik: How can you think like that?Naira: Woh..Im sorryKartik kisses her forehead and assures his supportPRECAP: DADI IS SHOCKED. ROMI AND ABHISHEK THREATEN KEVIN.

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