What Happens When….. ~ Chapter 1

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Hello everyone!Coming to the chapter………Author’s POVVansh and Riddhima were happily married to each other (it’s upto you all to assume the marriage as love or arranged)……And are blessed with 2 children a daughter and a son, who have increased their felicity.Present,A man in late-thirties is seen entering the house with a bag hanged around his shoulder, and is appeared to be absolutely run down, altogether is in no mood to mingle around, just wanna have a shower, have dinner and then retire to bed to have an undisturbed sleep (as simple as this).But who knew that all these thoughts of his would be opposite just within 5 mins. of his entry to the house. 2 children came running towards him to give a tight hug and the way they were running looked as if they were doing a marathon to see who hugs him first. And Mr. Grumpy didn’t even notice this as he was in his own sentiments the whole time.Just to bring him back from his day-dreaming, the two little forces banged into him giving a tight Jaadu KI Jhapi. After stabling himself, he moved his eyes down to meet those cute little eyes….as if telling that they were waiting for his arrival. And bang!! The younger one was pulling his jeans and was ready to pull it down, if Mr. Grumpy opps. sorry Mr. Smiley (his grumpy face turned to a smiling one after seeing those 2 little figures) didn’t pick him up…He picked him up and took him in his embrace with their cheeks touching, and the little one started laughing due to the ticklish sensation…..Boy: Tic…..kl…ing (In between his laughs)Man: If that’s so….then why were you ready to pull my jeans down, Daksh Raishinghnia?? (Raising his eyebrows)Daksh: What to do Mr. Vansh Raishinghnia….My father was staring at Bhavya not paying attention at his son….(Saying while making a face)Bhavya: What can I do…I’m papa’s favourite not you (showing her tongue to Daksh, still hugging Vansh around his waist)Daksh: Yo… (Being cut-off by Vansh)Vansh: Okay…okay both of you stop combatting, don’t start again….otherwise your mother will use her favourite tool to stop you both (Laughing seeing his kids’ reactions)Before anyone could say something else, Bhavya took the initiative and spoke first,Bhavya: Papa what is this, something hard…hard thing (pointing her finger towards his pocket)Vansh: Beta…it’s a gun (he said calmly, withdrawing it from his pocket)Both the children were shocked to see their father having a gun..Bhavya and Daksh in Unison: Gun….but why?? (Shocked)Bhavya: But why?? You are a businessman not a policeman…why will you need a gun??Vansh: …..Bhavya: Do you have the licence?? (Bhavya was showering various questions in front of Vansh regarding the gun, not giving him the chance to speak)Lady: Don’t you think Bhavya, you are asking many questions regarding it!A lady in mid-thirties spoke while walking towards the three.Vansh: Riddhima see your daughter is asking too many questions. (Narrowing his eyes)Ridddhima: Vansh she’s your daughter too…and a ditto copy of yours, do you think she would leave you without enquiring everything regarding it (Giving him the same look which he was giving her)Bhavya: Waaaiiitttt!! (Everyone looked at her) Can you please do the privilege to justify (pointing towards the gun with a slight smile)Vansh and Riddhima rolled their eyes seeing their daughter too much desperate to know about the gun.Vansh: Well…I’ve kept the gun for our safety (Bending his knees to reach Bhavya’s level)Daksh: Safety….why?? Do we have any threat around us….are there any thieves who are keeping an eye on us? (Daksh gets tensed thinking about all these things….as he has seen in the movies)Vansh: Well that can also be….I have no idea about that (Chuckles) As I always say and am saying again family is my first priority…and for them, I can do anything. So that’s why I always take a gun along with me….Because ‘Safety First and Then Other Things Afterwards’ (Firmly)Bhavya: Hmm….and what about the gun’s license??Vansh: Yes…I have got the license (Smiles seeing his daughter asking such questions)Bhavya: Interesting…..very interesting!!After the completion of her dialogue everyone bursts into laughter…..This is what a happy family is….Severity at one moment and then Felicity the other moment!!Riddhima: Okay now both of you go and study and let your father freshen up…..Saying so all went to do their respective chores..Riddhima was busy cooking food for dinner in the kitchen….when Vansh comes and back hugs and cuts off Riddhima from doing her work.Vansh: Sweetheart (He said while nudging his face into the crook of her neck)Riddhima: Vansh……what are you doing, children can come anyone time (Stern)Vansh: Let th…..Before he could say/do anything further….he was interrupted by the kids’ sounds….There,Bhavya: How dare you!!Daksh: What did I do…Bhavya: I’m not gonna leave you.Daksh: Mummmaa……Papppaaaaa (Shouts)Here,Riddima and Vansh look at each other, as if saying ‘Not Agaainnn!!’And went to the room to see for what and why were the kids fighting!That’s it…Hope you like the chapter!Do you think that this silence and jovial moment in their lives is before the arrival of any storm??If there are any suggestions or improvement needed, please do suggest.Please do comment regarding the chapter (Peace out!!) 💕

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