Waves of Love (YRKKH FF) Intro

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Hello Friends I am came with new story in this story is fully fresh story not based on serial in this what if Singhania and Goenkaare enemy and kartik and naira fell in love but they didn’t know about their families are enemy and what will happen if both families are came know they love how they react and how will kaira win thier love so this the story and this also in wattpad I hope you all are like this story and please tell me your suggestions Character Sketch of Waves of LoveNaira Singhania She is Daughter of Natik & Akshra and sister of Naksh and she is pure soul and she is daddy’s princess she helping natik in businessKartik GoenkaHe is son of Manish & Swarna he only son of Manish & Swarna he is a CBI officer and he is pure soulAll are same from serialNaksh Keerthi has love marriage& Keerthi is not Goenka her parents lives in Australia. Keerthi childhood friend for naksh so their marriage is love marriage Akshara is alive in this story Singhania and Goenka are enemies reason will be tells in the storySo this the story of Waves of Love I hope you all are like it please give me your suggestions and pls if you like this story pls vote for it Thankyou

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