WAR OF LOVE AND ENEMITY -Character sketch

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hi friends😊.iam kifu..iam new in immj2 FF 😊but I have written FFS in other serials..and iam huge fan of riansh so I am going to start an FF in this serial as some of my friends asked me to write and iam very much thankful to them 😊😊.this FF is related to Tamil movie Romeo Juliet but it will have major changes so that you all will be more interested to read😊😊. Here is the charater sketch for it…1. Ridhimafun and bubbly girl. She is orphan and lives with her three friends in an appartment. She earns money through online jobs2. Sanjh she is friend of Ridhima who lives with her in an appartment.she is also an orphan. She is a college student.3. Ragini mishrashe is also a friend of Ridhima who lives with her in an appartment. She is angry bird. She runs beautician shop. She ran away from her parents due to some problem.4.arohi she is also a friend of Ridhima who lives along with her in an appartment. She is also an orphan. She is working in an office.5.vansh raisinghania:he is one of the professor of a college. Handsome and rich looking guy but middle class family.hos heart is hard like stone who believes not to fall in love.6.dadi:she is dadi of vansh.she is soft and caring person.7.anupriyashe is stepmother of vansh and Ishani. She loves vansh so much and obsessive for him.but she hides a major truth from entire family..8. Ishani raisinghania:sister of vansh. She loves her brother a lot and also her character is very cruel..9.angre:guard for vansh.he lives with raisinghania’s as vansh wanted him always. Very cool man and loves vansh so much.he obeys everything whatever vansh says.he is kind and good hearted.10.kabirvery rich man. He loves his mother very much.further his charater will be introduced in the middle of the story.ceo of a big company…11.ahana:she is a CEO of a diamond company.her character will be introduced in the middle.there are some more characters and they will be coming in middle of the story as suspense but these characters are the main leads…hope you all like it and please share your opinions friends😊😊

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