Walking Together through the Memory Lane – Episode 29

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[Past Scenes – Normal Font]29. Vishaka met NainaDecember 5, 2016 (The next day of Naina-Vishaka conversation)Since yesterday was Maheshwari’s housewarming, Vishaka has gone to the mall for buying grocery items. She is returning from the mall by walking since the house was not so far from the mall. Suddenly her mind flashed the yesterday’s incident none other than Naina’s call.Vishakha thinks, “So her name is Naina. I can’t understand what is this guy speaking to her through the  phone. His friends are treating like I’m from the embassy and always signs him when he is speaking to that girl.”To her exception, a jerk ride his bike rapidly and dashed at Vishaka and flew away. Vishaka fell down with a thud. There are scratches on her hands and legs and bleeds. She cursed the jerk for riding so fast and she tried to stand up. She managed to do that.Naina, who is on her way to college has seen the incident and she recognized that it was Sameer’s mom Vishaka. Naina immediately runs towards her and took her bag.Naina – “Aunty, are you fine?”Saying this she looks at Vishaka’s head, hands and legs. She observed the injuries on her body.Naina – “Aunty, wait. Let us go to hospital.”Vishaka – “No need beta. Its just some scratches and First Aid is more than enough and hospital is far away from here. I’ll walk to my since it is nearby.”Naina – “Aunty, at least let me hold your bags. Its heavy to carry for you.”Vishaka agrees. Naina hold the bags and took her home through an auto.Vishaka – “Thank you beta. Now, I’ll take care of that.”Naina smiles and looks at the door which was locked.Naina – “Aunty, no one is there in your house. How could you dress your wounds?”Vishaka – “Beta, it’s okay. I can manage.”Saying this, Vishaka walks forward, but loses the balance and Naina held her.Naina – “No aunty. You are not in a good condition. I’ll dress your wounds. Come on.”Naina persisted Vishaka so with Vishaka’s instruction, Naina opened the house and took Vishaka inside and made her sit on the sofa. Vishaka told Naina’s about the location of a First Aid kit in the house. Naina took the kit and dressed Vishaka’s wounds and applied band-aid and clothes on the injured place.She further called the doctor for safety. The doctor has checked Vishaka and told her everything was alright.She took care of Vishaka. She further informed Sameer regarding the same.Vishaka – “Beta, thank you so much for taking care of me dear.”Naina – “No mention aunty. You’re also like my mom.”Vishaka felt she mentioned that generally without knowing that she is her son’s girlfriend.Vishaka – “What is your name, beta?”Naina – “I am Naina aunty…”She said immediately after hearing the question. Little did she realize what she says to Vishaka and looks at her face. Vishaka was amazed whether it was actually she or just a coincidence.Sameer enters the house and looks at Naina-Vishaka’s conversation. He felt what would happen if Vishaka knew about Naina. He has been praying god while riding to home.Vishaka has not asked Sameer anything about Naina and didn’t inform about attending call too. Naina later informed her about the incident yesterday. From then, he was nervous.Vishaka smiles at Sameer upon seeing him.Naina stands up. Sameer tried to avoid eye contact with Naina and looks at Vishaka. Vishaka too noticed the abnormal behavior of Sameer and her suspicion increase.Vishaka – “She is Naina, Sameer.”Sameer waves his hand with shy while Naina unknowingly laughs, but suppressed it seeing him.Vishaka too suppressed it while Sameer is embarrassed.Naina – “Aunty, I am the one who spoke to you yesterday through phone.”Vishaka didn’t get shocked much as she already got suspicious on her due to voice similarities through phone and all.Vishaka – “I expected this, by the way.”She said in a normal tone. Sameer and Naina are waiting for Vishaka’s further reactions.Vishaka – “So you are not only friends, aren’t you?”Naina – “Aunty, we are sorry. We felt to inform this…”Vishaka – “But I won’t accept, right?”Sameer – “Ma…”Vishaka – “You shut up, Sameer.  Naina, you say. Do you love Sameer?”Naina – “Yes aunty.”Vishaka – “Okay, fine. But I need time to accept your relation. Also, I really can’t trust these time relationships. They had breakups soon and cling into another relationship. Only if I get satisfaction in your relationship, I can approve the relationship.”She said and gets inside while Naina too leaves the place after bidding to both.*****Evening time,Sonakshi come out of the wedding hall after attending her friend’s relative’s wedding. Its almost 8 pm and Sonakshi is enjoying the weather. It is quite cloudy and expected to rain anytime soon but still the whole area looks bright. Behind her, there is a wedding hall which is glowing with the decoration lights and while at the roadside, still the pani puri shops are in full swing. Being a going-to-be dietician, she craves for eating pani-puri.Sonakshi’s illusion comes in front of her in a doctor look. It gives a laugh at her.Sonakshi’s illusion – “Why are looking there? Are you going to eat pani-puri in this climate?”Sonakshi – “Yeah… please…” (makes puppy face)Sonakshi’s Illusion – “Sonakshi, what is the time now? And if you eat all this, what happen your health? You are the one who ask people to maintain diet. If you contradict the same, will others respect you?”Sonakshi – “Don’t spoil my mood, my illusion. Otherwise, I’ll beat you with my slipper.”Sonakshi’s illusion – “People will judge that you’re a mental.”Sonakshi – “How dare you!”Sonakshi’s illusion disappears.  Sonakshi smirked and licked her lips and walked towards the shop.Sonakshi – “Bhaiyya, two plates of pani-puri with a chutney. Two samosas too.”Her illusion appears and whispers, “Sona… What if Naina appears in front of you and see everything… They will call you hypocrite, Sonakshi… If they call you hypocrite, my heart will shatter into pieces…”Sonakshi makes faces, “Will you please shut up if you don’t get lost?”Shopkeeper – “Did you say anything, beta?”Sonakshi denies with a dramatic smile. The vendor gives her the ordered snack and she starts eating.It starts to rain and she never mind it and starts to eat.An umbrella sheds her to her surprise and the one who holding it was Dev.Sonakshi – “Aap yahan? (You here?)”Dev – “Tu yahan, main yahan…. (You here, I am here.)”Dev smiles sheepishly,Sonakshi – “Waise (by the way) Mr.Dixit, you got my Facebook handle. That’s fine. But how did you come here? You’re at Chennai, aren’t you?”Dev – “Ms.Bose, I’m a Wedding Planner. Since there were some works at Chennai, I stayed there and even helped your sister. She gave me your number. In fact, I am the planner of this wedding too (which she attended just before) ”Sonakshi – “Okay fine. Do you want pani puri?”Dev – “No… By the way, what happen if anyone else from your family know about this? ”Sonakshi stares at him.Sonakshi – “So, you’re here to blackmail me. ”Dev – “No, I am asking how they’ll react for the situation… How Sonakshi shamelessly eating pani puri…”Sonakshi immersed a pani puri in Dev’s mouth.Dev resisted but Sona won by immersing it completely into his mouth.He gulped it but his throat is burning due to the masala.Dev – “You’re devil. God! My throat is burning. ”Sonakshi – “Drink rain water… ”Sonakshi comes out of the umbrella and opened her mouth to drink rain water. Dev looks at her derisively. Sonakshi asked Dev to do the same. Dev too opened his mouth and swallowed the rain water.Dev – “We’re getting wet, let us get inside the Hall. ”Sonakshi – “I love getting wet. You go… ”Dev – “Then, I also stay here and enjoy. ”Sonakshi – “Dev… ”Dev – “Sonakshi… ”Sonakshi – “Still, its not a yes from my side. ”Dev – “Still it’s not a no from your side.. ”Sonakshi smiles. They both sit at a road side..Sonakshi – “Your saali (Sister in law) helped you finding me. How will you pay the gratitude? ”Dev – “What did you say now? ”Sonakshi understood what she said. Dev smiles naughtily.Sonakshi – “I meant Naina. You just shut up and say. ”Dev – “Oho! What did she do to pay gratitude? Actually she need to pay gratitude. After all I helped Naina for proposing Sameer and it was really difficult. But in return, she gave your FB account… ”Sonakshi laughs.Sonakshi – “Then… ”Dev – “What then… Are you in dream land all these days? ”Sonakshi stares.Dev – “Okay okay… Then, I messaged you. You didn’t reply me for a week and later seeing my constant messages, you decide to meet me at a cafe. ”Sonakshi smiles seeing how Dev innocently narrating everything.Dev – “Then, we had some time and you agreed to become friends. You shared about your past life with me and about your mother. I met your mother secretly and got good impression… Then, you deliberately gave your number… We talked a lot… You told one day that our relationship is going to next stage… You addressed that as ‘more than friends’… Seriously! ”Dev scowls, “God knows what you meant. ”Sonakshi – “Why didn’t you inform me that you’re also a Gujrati and stay here…? But you secretly met my mom in Chennai and impressed her. ”Dev – “Life is full of surprises, Sonakshi. ”Sonakshi – “Both my legs have heals. Any time I’ll remove to beat you… ”Dev pouts.Dev – “Then, you’re eating pani puri with masala and I’m doing a funny blackmail.. ”Sonakshi – “Very good… Now, time to part ways and the rain has stopped… Bye… ”Dev – “When will you say the result? ”Sonakshi – “It’s already a yes, buddha (fool) ”Dev – “What! ”Sonakshi – “Yeah. I gave you many hints. But your foolish brain is too loose to identify. Bye… ”Sonakshi bids bye in a comical way and gets into a bus.To be continued…

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