WAIIAAW Chapter 6: The plan of wickedness!

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Hola, the title says it all…Have you watched the interview of Neil and Ayesha? It’s overloaded with cuteness, so I thought to share it with you guys. Internal monologues are known to you guys, so without any further ado…1st December 2020,~Bhavani’s POV~
“Mujhe toh laga ki humara plan kamyaab hoga, Pathrelekha(I thought that our plan would work out, Pathrelekha).” I say as I look at the woman in front of me.” Yes, I know Badi Mami, we joined our hands together to separate Virat from Sai but I don’t why our plan didn’t work out.” She replies back not looking at me but at the floor.“I want that Sai out of my house as soon as possible.” I say while Pathrelekha smirks.“I have an idea,” she says, then tells me everything about her plan and how we can humiliate that girl.“I think we should involve Ninad, Omi and Sonali into our plan as they don’t like her either.” I suggest and she agrees to it.So we agree that I’m going to talk to Ninad tomorrow, as he always blindly follows me, Pakhi is going to talk to Sonali and Sonali has to talk to Omi. We shake hands and she goes back to her room.Tch, tch, poor Pathrelekha doesn’t know that I’m just using her. My mind says with all the evilness it has. I shut the door of my room, go to bed and fall into a deep slumber.The next morning, I wake up early as I need to talk to Ninad as soon as possible.While I’m coming downstairs I see him in the living room, seated on a couch reading the newspaper. Soon Ashwini comes and serves him a cup of tea.As she is about to leave she sees me and asks me, “Wahaini(sister-in-law) do you want a cup of tea too?”“Haan(Yes).” Is my short answer to her. I settle down on the sofa next to him.“Good Morning Wahaini,” he says and I reply back to him.“Ninad I need your help.” I say a while later, he is about to ask me why when we get interrupted by…
~End of her POV~~Meanwhile Ninad’s POV~
As Sai tells us who murdered her mother, I felt so bad for the way I have behaved with her since she has entered this house.“How can someone be so cruel?” Ashwini asks while Virat is trying to calm Sai down.“It’s because my Aai saved Usha Mausi from marrying his friend who was already married.”“So Vitthal Mane took revenge from her when she was 7 months pregnant with me by poisoning her.” She replies back while tears were falling from her eyes.She has suffered a lot and I will not let anyone make her life hell! My heart and mind convey the message to me.Ashwini is about to get out of bed, I walk towards and gently help her up. She thanks me and I can see a smile forming on both my children’s faces. She goes towards Sai and hugs her tight while Virat’s arm is still around his wife.He is so in love with her and cannot even see her in pain yet he hasn’t realised that yet. God bless them two of togetherness and love! I pray for them through my mind.“What did Kamal Sir do when he found out that Vitthal poisoned your mother?” Virat asks.“He filed the complaint against him and as you know, he was jailed and came back out.” She answers his question while looking everywhere else but him.“And then the aftermath was that Jagtap killed your father with the bullet that was meant for me.” Virat finishes the story. I look at the time and tell them to eat something before going to sleep.They say good night to us, they are about to leave when I pull them three into a hug.“From now on you have me as your dad too, if you want that Sai.” I say, she smiles at me and nods.“I’m so proud of you,” I tell her and as I see Virat pouting like a baby, I say, “of you too my son.”Sai pokes him as she says, “I’m hungry, Gabbar ji!”I’m shocked, Ashwini is laughing and Virat is speechless with his mouth wide open as he wants to say something while Sai gives him a mischievous smile.“Senior Gabbar ji please take care of my Aai,” she naughtily says as she is pulling Virat out of the room with her. I look at the door open mouthed while Ashwini just can’t stop giggling. I glare at her and she stops. I help her to get into bed, close the door and then lay down on my side of the bed.An hour later I wake up as Ashwini is coughing a lot and there’s no water in the jug. So I take the jug and quietly leave the room. I close the door and walk past Virat and Sai’s room, I see someone sleeping outside. I walk closer and realise that it’s my son.Looks like my dear daughter has not forgiven him for shouting at her. I laugh silently. I’m about to walk downstairs when I hear Bhavani Wahaini talking to Pakhi.I listen in and overhear them saying how they are going to separate my son and daughter-in-law with the help of mine, Omi and Sonali.I walk away as quickly as I can. Down the stairs I sigh in relief as they hadn’t seen me. I have finally reached my destination and refill the jug with water. I walk upstairs and as I’m going to my room, I see Virat being awake.“Baba are you alright? You look like you have seen a ghost.”“I need to talk to you, Sai and Ashwini, it’s important.” I urgently say and he nods going inside their room.I walk into Ashwini and my room. As I’m about to wake her up, she already is awake.“Where were you?” She asks.“I had gone to fill up the jug but I heard something important which I need to discuss with you, Virat and Sai.”She nods and tries to get out of bed, I stop her, help her up.We walk into Sai and Virat’s room when we hear her saying, “please let me sleep and I’m not talking to you.”“Wake up please,” he pleads her and she just holds his hand and continues to sleep.“Sai,” I say, “it’s important.”That’s when she realises the importance of it and immediately wakes up still holding Virat’s hand.“Kya hua Baba(what happened, dad)?” Sai asks.This girl has a sharp mind. My mind says in awe.“I overheard that Bhavani Wahaini and Pathrelekha are planning to separate you both.” I reply back to Sai’s question.“We need to fool them and trap them in their own plan.” Sai says immediately while having a smirk on her face.“Who are we going to need to fail their plan?” Virat asks while admiring her.“Sunny dada, Victoria, Karishma and Mohit dada.” She says while Virat rolls his eyes at the name of Victoria.“What’s wrong with you, she is my best friend.”“And Sunny’s girlfriend.”“So?” She asks my son who looks like a child at the moment.“She is crazy and annoying.” He complains.“Hmmph, is Gabbar ko toh meri best friend pasandh hi nahi hai(Hmmpf, this Gabbar doesn’t even like my best friend).” She glares at him.“I’m sorry,” he says but she ignores him.“Aap bahar hi so jaye(You are going to sleep outside).”“Phirse(Again)?” He asks with a pout and she nods.Then we call Karishma to come to their room with Mohit. As they come here, Virat calls Sunny.“Hey Virat,” he says sweetly, “so did you apologise to Sai Bhabhi and made up with her?”“Nahi Sunny dada maine Virat Sir ko maaf nahi kiya(I have not forgiven Virat Sir, brother Sunny).”“Can we talk about what we all are here for!” A sleepy Mohit says.“Mohit tum bhi yahan ho(You are there too Mohit)?” Sunny asks in surprise and changes the call into FaceTime.We all then say hi to him and he calls Victoria to come. She comes here too with some other people and a person we all know so well…
~End of his POV~~AN~
This is it for now and I hope you guys like it.
~End of AN~Disclaimer: Do not dare to copy or paste my story anywhere else.

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