WAIIAAW Chapter 11: Bad news…

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Hiya, I’m back for ya Twistinians and I hope you guys are going to like this chapter. Thank you so much for helping me out yaara🙈🙈🙈 NupurGoyal1Internal monologues as always and without any further ado…20th December 2020,~Pakhi’s POV~
As soon as Samrat goes upstairs Badi Mami starts cursing Sai, mom is bad mouthing about her too and I do as well.Most of the members are silent and even Virat leaves from here with his head bent down.Dad walks towards me and slaps me after he asks as well as says, “Did we raise you like this? I’m totally disappointed with you Patrelekha and you too Vaishali. Because of our daughter’s stupidity Sai and Samrat are suffering the most.”I’m about to say something when he walks upstairs.Argh, because of that Sai, my father slapped me. My mind says.“No, it’s because of you, that your father shouted at you and even slapped you, Pakhi.” Victoria says and I look at her.“You said it out loud, mad woman.” Ninad Mama says and leaves as well as everyone else does until I’m alone with mom and Badi Mami.
~End of her POV~~Samrat’s POV~
Ugh, how much I want to punch Virat for the way he was talking to Sai. My mind yells as my heart is trying to calm it down.Soon I can hear a knock on my door and I walk to open it. Standing in front of me is my father-in-law.“Aap andhar aiye baba(come in father).”As I close the door, he says, “I’m sorry Samrat for whatever my daughter has done to you and especially Sai, who is a great girl.”“It’s not your fault Baba,” I begin to say when he shakes his head.“In a way it is as I told her to forget about the yoga retreat guy because I wanted the best for her.” He says.“Every father wants the best for his children. But why did she agree to marry me when she’s attracted to Virat?”“It’s because when she met Virat again, she wanted to break off the wedding with you and wanted to marry Virat.” He replies back but when I look at him, I realise that there’s more to the story.After a small break, he then continues, “Virat chose you over her and promised her that he’d never love or give her place to anyone else. But I can see that it has always been an attraction between them and nothing else as Virat is falling in love with or rather is in love with Sai.”I then say, “maybe you are…” when we get interrupted by someone who is yelling Sai’s name, so we both walk downstairs and even Virat is right behind us.Shivani Mausi is about to say something when I do, looking at the police officer who has come, “Pawar uncle, Sai is not here anymore, she is living in the apartment on  top of her office.”“Oh,” he says, then glares at Virat and says, “it’s important.”“What is it about?” Victoria asks him, he looks a bit upset and is about to say something when a distraught Usha Mausi enters the house while walking quickly.“What’s wrong, Usha?” Pawar uncle asks her.“It’s Sai, Pawar, I’m scared that she is going to do something to herself because,” she takes a small pause and continues. “when I tried to walk into her room it has been locked and she’s been throwing things around and even heard a glass shattering into pieces.”“She is a strong girl, nothing will happen to her,” I say while some are rolling their eyes, especially Patrelekha.I ignore her and ask Pawar uncle, “can you please tell us what’s going on?”“Jagtap and Viraj Mane are coming to Nagpur soon and I’m going to Delhi to stop Vitthal.”“Can you please take Victoria, Sunny and Yuvraj with you as they are going to be safer there.” I request him and he nods.“But I want to stay here,” Victoria tries to discuss with me.“No, you are going to Delhi and that’s final!” I say in an authoritative voice.“If she doesn’t want to go then let her stay here.” Virat says.“Did I ask for your opinion or decision to make for me, Mr Chawan?”“Samrat, he is your brother then why are you talking to him like that?” Aai asks.“So you haven’t listened properly to what Sai said, Aai?” I ask her.“Why should I listen to that insolent girl?” She counters back with a question.“Because whatever she said about me was right!” Virat replies back.“Mil gaya jawab(did you get your answer)?” I sarcastically ask and they nod in shock.Soon someone else comes running into the house, I look at her and soon recognise her as Tina.“Samrat baby,” she shouts in happiness, while I roll my eyes as she continues her melodrama, “I’m sorry that I didn’t wait for you and got married to Aniket.“It’s okay Tina, I always knew that you and Aniket would end up getting married.”“I’m happy to know that you are not getting jealous by the fact that I married the hottest girl after Sai.” Tina punches him in his stomach and I cannot stop laughing.“Where’s Sai? Our actor is still waiting for her and her husband to show up!” He tells us while receiving a glare from Mr Jealous Chawan.“But I beat up a guy for misbehaving with Sai,” Virat then says, “hang on a minute I had seen that guy before…”“Who was it?” I ask.He then says, “he was one of Jagtap’s men!”“They know where Sai really is now!” I shout.“We know someone who can help us in protecting Vicky, Prince and Sai,” Tina says, “my older sister Maya Raichand, she is waiting outside.”She then messages her sister, who comes inside and I’m stunned seeing her as she is absolutely beautiful.She smiles at me and I can’t take my eyes off her, she snaps her fingers to get me out of the dream world.Pakhi looks furiously at me as she says, “how dare you look at another woman.”“Don’t act as if you care, you only married me to stay close to Virat and to make sure that he doesn’t get married which he unfortunately did for you!” And that shuts her up while Maya smirks.“I like men who stand up for the right things and I heard that Sai does that too.”“Yes, I do,” Sai replies back and I see that she has some bruises and cuts on her arms as well as on her face.“How did you get those cuts and bruises?” Virat asks her as he walks towards her.She ignores him as she says, “someone has been following me, I have beaten him up as well as called the police station to get him, which they did.”“What happened in your room?” Usha Mausi asks while she shudders as something traumatic was to happen.“He is Jagtap’s man and he tried to…” She doesn’t finish the sentence as Virat tries to hug her and she pushes him away.“Don’t you dare to touch me, Mr Virat Chawan, you have lost that right but it seems like you have an illness of forgetting!” She calmly says.Pawar Uncle pats her shoulder and says, “I’m proud of you Sai. Keep on fighting like that. I’m sorry for ruining your life by getting you married to Virat.”“There’s no need to apologise uncle as you did what you thought was the right thing to do!” She tells him with a smile.“Where are you going to go now?” I ask her.“I can arrange something for my…” she answers back when Maya interrupts her.“You and Usha Mausi can stay with me!”“Thank you,” Sai and I say at the same time, she smiles at us.“You are welcome to stay with us too,” she says in a flirty way.“Thanks for the offer but no thanks because he is going to stay with me,” Pathrelekha says.“Why are you getting so possessive about me? Where’s your love for Virat gone? Tel lene gaya hai, kya(is it gone to buy some oil?)” I question her and she just stays silent.That’s better. My mind says and my heart agrees.“Thank you for the offer Maya and I just am going to pop in once in a while to hang out with you guys.” I reply back with a bit of flirtiness too.Pakhi glares at me and I ignore her as she deserves only this.“Pakhi please do me a favour,” Baba says, “divorce Samrat so that he can move on and lead a prosperous life without you by his side!”“Shailesh, why are you breaking your own daughter’s house?”“Because Samrat deserves a better life partner than this girl.”“Aap sahi ho Uncle(You are right Uncle).” Sai says and he smiles at her.“Eh ladki tum kyun beech mein bolti ho(Why are you talking in between, girl)?” Badi Mami asks her who surprisingly has been very quiet till now.“Kyunki yeh mere dada ka mamla hain(Because it has to do with my brother).” She answers back while looking straight in the eye of the dictator before going upstairs to most probably to pack her bags.A few minutes later she comes with a suitcase while Usha Mausi leaves to pack her things too.As soon as Usha Mausi comes back, Maya decides that they should leave.Sai is about to walk out of the front door when Virat holds her arm…
~End of his POV~~Meanwhile in Gadchiroli in Narrator’s POV~
Jagtap and Viraj are sitting together in a bar as well as gulping down shots of whiskey after the other.“Why haven’t they called me yet,” Jagtap slurs.“Who?” Viraj asks while still being sober.“Two of my goons, I sent to Nagpur.”“Your goons must have gotten caught then as they are not so dim.”“Hey, how dare you talk about my guys like that?” He slurs again.“I just want to kill that Sai for taking Victoria and my child from me.” Viraj yells in his drunken stupor.“Sai is mine, so you’re not allowed to touch her.” Jagtap yells at an unconscious Viraj and then he collapses too.
~End of Narrator’s POV~Now I’m honoured to introduce Maya Raichand to you as she is a really important part of the story.So here she is👇🏼She is 24 years old, she works as a security guard especially for women who get abused by their spouse or are getting stalked. She is Tina’s sister who is married to Aniket.And now to the new pairing👇🏼Sorry SamRakhi fans…as I changed the pairing!~AN~
Another twist is coming soon😎
~End of AN~Disclaimer: I’m so happy, thank you Twisties for your love and support🎉

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