WAIIAAW Chapter 10: Leaving you is a choice!

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Heyo Twisties, back with another chapter for ya!So Fasten your seatbelts as the story is going to have a huge twist before Sai and Virat reunite.Internal monologues are bold and as awesome as Samrat.Without any further ado…20th December 2020,~Samrat’s POV~
As per plan I’m waiting near Chawan mansion but it seems like Sai and Virat are late.I should not have trusted Virat that he’d take care of my sister. Sai is more important than the cheaters, Virat and Pakhi.Soon I see a motorcycle turning up, it’s definitely Virat and Sai. I wait for a sign which comes soon when they enter the mansion and start yelling at each other.“Apko kya zaroorat uss ladka ko maar ne ki(What was the need for you to beat that guy up)?” Sai asks as well as yells at him.“Woh tumhare saath misbehave kar raha tha, toh maine usse maara(He was misbehaving with so I beaten him up).” Virat shouts back while answering her question.“I could have handled him.” She screams at him and after that they get interrupted by Badi Mami.“Apne pati pe kyun chila rahi ho tum, jungli billi(Wild cat, why are you shouting at your husband)?” She asks Sai.“Toh kya karoon main? Unki harkatein aisi thi ke ghussa agaya(So what should I do? His actions were already in a way that made me angry).” Sai tells her. I couldn’t stop the smile that is playing in my lips as my sister rocks.“Tum paagal ho Sai(You are crazy Sai).”Virat says as per plan but his tone is pissing me off. I want to tell him to shut up but I have to wait to make an appearance.“Really, then you must be a saint?” She sarcastically asks me while his mouth is wide open.He deserves that, I want to see him suffer until I’m ready to forgive that nincompoop. My heart and mind say in agreement.Soon Pakhi comes and starts taunting Sai, “tum humesha kyun chila rehti ho Sai? Mere kaan pak chuke hain(Why do you always shout, Sai? My ears have cracked).”“Agayi Sautan(My husband’s second wife has come).” The way Sai says it makes me laugh out loud. While I can see through my binoculars that Virat is looking at her like she’s making no sense.“Tumhara matlab kya hai Sai(What do you mean by that Sai)?”“Aap innocent hone ka natak kyun kar raho hi ho(Why are acting as if you are innocent)?” My sister questions her shutting her up.“Tumme to tameez nahi hai logoon se baat karne ki. Tere baap ne kuch sikhaya hai tumme(You don’t have any manners while talking to others. Has your father taught you anything)?” Virat bursts on her in anger, when she was right.For a second Sai’s expression changes to shock and then sadness.“Nahi sikhaya hoga sirf aamir ladke ko phasana(He hasn’t taught her anything except for how to trap rich guys).” Badi Mami says and Sai makes a fist while Usha Maushi is trying to calm Sai down.I shake my head and wait for Sai to answer back to the disgusting taunts she was getting, like her being called characterless and what not. She shouts at them to stop and they do.She then tells them that they are too blind to see their own faults. Ashwini Mami looks so proud of Sai as she’s the only one who has the guts to speak out against injustice done in this house.Sai walks towards the oldest person, who is in the house for now and starts saying the truth about her.After that she walks towards Patrelekha and says, “aur ab apki ladli bahu ke kuch karname baatati hoon apko(Now I’m going to talk about some of your to your favourite daughter-in-law’s actions),” Sai takes a small pause, “joh apki bahu hi nahi hai(who’s not even your daughter-in-law). Toh Pathrelekha ji apne kyun Samrat dada se shaadi ki jab aap Virat Sir se pyaar karte hain(So miss Patrelekha, why did you marry brother Samrat when you love Virat Sir)?” She asks my so-called wife.“Kya keh rahi ho tum(What are you saying)?” Pakhi asks her while faking her innocence.“Don’t show me your fake sweet and innocent being because I can see right through you.”No one said anything because Sai was in no mood to listen to any of them. I smile seeing that.“Main Mayka chaali jaaungi(I’ll go to my parents house).” Pakhi says while faking tears.“Toh chaale jaaiye na(Then leave),” Sai yells at her, “kisiko apki zaroorat nahi hai(no one needs you).”Pakhi just stays numb after that and Virat is just standing there, watching everything and still doesn’t see the truth.“Now to you Omi kaka,” Sai begins to say but before that Virat shouts at her to keep her mouth shut.She tells him that she will not as well as gives him a look that could bury him 6 feet under.“Isse toh dho chaar tappar marna chaiye(She should be slapped a few times). Aai says.The rest of team Pathrelekha agree and start threatening her but she ignores them as she is telling Ashwini Mami with her eyes.Ashwini Mami tells Sai that her Mamu is coming.Then they have a conversation which includes Shivani Mausi too.She then says something about Virat, who immediately gets defensive and her bloodshot eyes are on Virat.She tells him that she wants to say a lot of things but she won’t as she doesn’t want to point her finger at his upbringing.How dare he point a finger at the daughter of the man who sacrificed his life for him? I agree to that when Sai asks him about it.He yells back at her in confusion. She tells him not to to pretend to be innocent as he definitely is not.Then she starts asking him, “Why did you marry me? Do you know how Samrat dada feels knowing that you and Pakhi ji love each other?,” she pauses for a moment, “devastated because you both betrayed him!”She paces around and yells a lot of things at him that she may regret later on. Virat was showing mixed feelings like sadness, hurt and anger that is going to erupt very soon.Which happens just a few minutes later, as I see what he is about to do, I open the door of the car to sprint inside but Victoria is faster than me. So I go back to the car and take the envelope with the 1,000 Pounds.I slowly walk inside when Victoria shouts at him, not to slap her.“Calm down Vicky,” Sai says in a calm tone.“No, I cannot and you know why, Sai.”“I know it reminds you of him but I can assure you that Virat Sir is nothing like him.”She protectively says, stunning everyone else except for Vicky.“That’s what I told myself the whole time when he would abuse me…” She doesn’t say more as she begins to cry as the scars are too deep to be healed so quick. Sai immediately hugs her and even Sunny does.“Sunny dada why are you both still here?” Sai asks a while later.“Victoria and I didn’t want to leave you alone, bhabhi.”She smiles and thanks him, which he says that he’d do anything for Victoria and the people he cares for.“Hmm Sai,” I say, making my presence known to everyone, “here are the thousand pounds you wanted to give to your blackmailer.”“Thank you Samrat dada,” She pauses for a moment ignoring everyone, “how are Nanu and Nani?”“They are fine,” I answer back, “and quarrelling like always.” She laughs and everyone except for those who are in the plan, look confused.“I always loved their fights,” she says while I and Victoria agree.“Where’s Prince?” I ask ViNny(Victoria & Sunny).“He is with brother Shekhaar.” Vic answers back with her accent when she says something in Hindi.My family members try to talk to me but I ignore them as their behaviour towards others is hurtful and arrogant.Aakash Mamu enters the house alongside Patrelekha’s parents who are shocked to see me here.“Sai tum theek ho? Teri saas ne bulaya mujhe yahan(Are you alright, Sai? Your mother-in-law called me to come here).”“Ji Mamu main theek hoon(Yes, I’m fine uncle).”“Thank you Samrat,” Aakash Mamu says, “for everything.”I am about to answer him when Vic says, “don’t take all the credit brother Samirat.”“Sure Queen Vic.” I reply back with a smirk and she glares at me.“You know that I don’t like this nickname, Rat.”“Then don’t call me Samirat or Rat and I will stop too.”“I know you won’t stop as you love to tease me,” she smirks at me, “but cannot tease Sai!”“Oh really?” I raise my eyebrows at her and she nods while Sai smirks.“That’s because he loves me too much,” Sai says and winks at me and while our family members look shocked until she calls me brother, “but dada why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?”“Kyunki mujhe pata tha ki Mr Virat Chawan Gadchiroli mein ACP tha(Because I knew that Mr Virat Chawan was the ACP in Gadchiroli).” I didn’t care about hurting him when I said those words and even Sai looked stunned.“It’s all because of you Sai,” Pathrelekha starts accusing her, when Mohit tells her to stop.“Everything happened because of you, Virat dada and Kaku, so stop blaming others!” Mohit yells.Sai looks at her hands and remembers that I gave her an envelope. She walks towards Omi Mama and places it in his hand forcefully.“Here’s the rest of the money that you blackmailed from me,” Sai says with a smile, “as I know you did it for Mohit dada and Karishma’s future.”“Sai Bhabhi, when did you realise that Baba was blackmailing you?” MoRish ask while looking at Sai.“Since the time I got the message,” She truthfully answers back, “but I knew the reason why, so I gave him my earnings of what I have earned in four months.”“That’s when you took over the business,” I say while she nods.At that moment Aakash Mamu turns his phone on speaker and I can hear Nani shout, “Soldiers, do 100 push-ups now!”So Virat, Sai, Ninad Mama and I start doing push-ups.Sai finishes the hundred push-ups at first, she is breathless, which is not normal for her and even the way she is breathing.“Sai what’s wrong?” Vic asks her while Sai is panicking all of a sudden. And I know what it is.“She is having a panic attack as the events of today have been very triggering for her.“Sai baccha look at me,” I say.“I need Dada.” She cries and Victoria starts calling him.She puts her phone on speaker.“Is everything alright Vicku?”“No, Sai’s having a panic attack.”While Badi Mami says, “she must be acting like she is having one.”“How can you say that Badi Mami? I know her better than you all do because I have seen her best and worst days.” I yell at her while I try to control my tears.“Let me die, please?” Sai begs us all. Her broken self is coming out.“Tumme abhi teri Maa ke liye baadla lena hai(You still have to take the revenge for your mom).” Nanu says.She tries to say no so I say, “Do you remember when you had beaten Viraj up?” She nods.“For how long was he in the hospital?” Sanskar then asks.“For 4 days straight,” she answers back and has a calculative smirk on her lips.Phew she is back. My heart and mind say like it comes from the same mouth.“Welcome back,” Nani says, “but missy I’m pissed!”“Why?” Sai asks back to her usual self and is scared about something.“Because you let yourself get kidnapped by Jagtap on Samrat’s wedding day.” I glare at her and she rolls her eyes.“That was because Vitthal was going to come to Delhi.”“But that was dangerous, Sai,” Sanskar says and then asks, “what if anything would have happened to you?”“I would have managed anyhow.” She answers back.“You wouldn’t have,” I say, “thankfully Virat saved you from getting forcefully married to Jagtap.”“And what happened I still forcefully got married but to your brother.” Her eyes show rage.I sigh, “I know Sai, but what are you going to do?”“I’m going to live in the apartment on the top floor that’s been empty since years.”“Then I’m coming with you to…” I get interrupted by Pakhi.“To continue your affair with Sai.”And a thud sound is heard, when I turn around Sai has slapped her and shouts at her, “don’t you dare to insult a pure sibling relationship with your cheap and disgusting mentality.”A moment later a furious Sai questions her as well as slaps her for the second time and no one says anything as they are too shocked to react and Pathrelekha’s dad looks a bit happy, “And what affair are you talking about? The one you yourself want to have with MY HUSBAND?”Then Sai says, “I’m leaving this house, I’m sorry Aai and Baba but I cannot live another minute here without losing my mind.” She hugs Ashwini Mami who blesses her and even Ninad Mamu hugs her too.“You cannot leave this house,” Virat says calmly.“Leaving you is a choice, Mr Virat Chawan and I’ll send you the divorce papers soon.”“And the business deal with the Chawan’s is cancelled too,” Aakash Mamu says.“No, the deal is not cancelled because it’d be a loss for our business,” Sai says.“Wow,” Virat claps and says, “now you showed your cunning businesswoman side Sai, which I never expected to see.”“I don’t care what you think of me,” she says and then turns towards me, “you are staying here dada because I don’t want these people pointing a finger at my character who only wanted to return their happiness.”“I know,” I say and hug her before she leaves with Aakash Mamu.Sunny and Victoria are still here and are glaring at the rest.“What you all did was so wrong,” Sunny angrily says, “and you Virat, I never expected to see you stooping so low.”“There’s no point Sunny,” I say, “Save your energy! I only came back here because Sai asked me too and I’m ashamed of calling you all my family.” I say and leave from there to go to my room.
~End of his POV~~AN~
Sorry for separating SaiRat but it had to be done as distance makes the heart grow fonder.And there’s a new entry coming soon who can scare the hell out of Bhavani!Target: 60+ Votes as I’m disappointed seeing the votes going down.
~End of AN~Disclaimer: I hope you all liked the chapter!

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