Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Bela’s saree is saved from getting dirty by her Prabhu.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The episode starts with Prabhu moving behind his devotee Bela while Balbhadra, Devi Subhadra along with Mata Paravati in Kaali form & Devi Laxmi are watching what he is upto but Prabhu lifts Bela’s saree from getting dirty due to mud in land where she is plucking vegetables for Prabhu’s Bhog. All of them feel relaxed watching this.
Bela thinks of going quickly to temple while Balbhadra appreciates Prabhu Shri Krishna’s restless behaviour which was only for his devotee like Bela & making them wonder what terrible had happened & Prabhu smiles telling him to see ahead why so special is this devotee.
The Pujari of temple sees the dress being of Prabhu dirty hence thinks now Maharaj will punish him seeing this while Maharaj also arrive to pray Prabhu. Bela Also comes singing prayers of Prabhu in temple which is appreciated by everybody while other villagers also follow her towards temple due to her prayers.
Mata Paravati appreciates Bela’s voice so sweet singing prayers which is blessings of Devi Saraswati makes her feel.
Bela is expressing her excitement of new dress to her Prabhu & also shows what she has brought for her Prabhu keeping it in front of him. Pujari asks her to show what she is hiding in her basket & she shows her Mukut which she has prepared for her Prabhu but feels it might not fit Prabhu’s head but it fits & she wonders how could this got fit & Pujari tells her it might be Prabhu’s blessings for you which he has accepted it & she too feels it might be right.
Bela watches Prabhu’s costume being dirty hence she asks why it’s dirty while Maharaj also realizes watching it & is about to shout the Pujari who is scared.
Jaya aunty asks Ganeshji what kind of planning will be of Prabhu whose dress became dirty & his other devotee is about to get punished & he tells her that Prabhu’s planning can never be understood by anybody.
Madhav also asks Senapati that Prabhu’s devotee was about to get punished hence what kind of planning was Prabhu’s & Senapati too tells him the same thing that what Prabhu plans can’t be understood.
Bela tries to explain Maharaj that to not to worry as I’ll give my dress to cover Prabhu nicely while Maharaj stops to shout Pujari whom he feels not performing his duty properly.
The dress maker comes to Bela in temple telling her that due to his person’s mistake he couldn’t give her dress & he also got punished for his evil deed but she tells him that you had only sent my friend to give this saree which I am wearing it now while his person tells him that she is wearing the same saree & the dress maker is confused but Bela understands that it was due to her Prabhu’s blessings itself that she got this costume to wear on her birthday & Pujari also says that yes this is Prabhu’s miracle itself but Maharaj is cursing him within himself for hiding his mistake.
Balbhadra appreciates Shri Krishna expressing about his so great devotee who is deeply engrossed in his devotion doing everything for him.
Bela pleads Prabhu for not bringing flowers to offer but Maharaj tells her to give which he has brought & which are also favourite of Prabhu & Pujari also tells her Maharaj is right while Maharaj again is cursing him within himself. Bela offers the flowers & also prays for her father’s health recovery who has taken lot of pain for her costume & vegetables planting while her dress gets little dirty with the curd Prasad kept for his Bhog & she wonders saying that when I roamed in land there was so much mud hence it didn’t get dirty there & how come here it got immediately or was Prabhu behind her & Pujari says that it’s right that Prabhu is always behind his devotee & now Maharaj gets wild on him saying that to stop fooling such small girl for saving yourself from punishment instead you have not cared of Prabhu’s costume from getting dirty but Bela tells Maharaj noticing the same Paan on Prabhu’s Idol which had flown in land so atleast this can’t happen that the same Pann is seen here hence its sure that Prabhu was behind guarding me it seems due to which Prabhu’s costume must have become dirty for saving mine.Precap: Bela brings flowers in temple & asks her Prabhu that are these the flowers which you like hence if you like then please come to meet me while Prabhu is smiling & Balbhadra thinks will Prabhu meet her. Devi Laxmi also thinks what kind of confusion is Prabhu in for meeting his devotee?Update Credit to: Tanaya Keep following for telly updates…!!!

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