Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2

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Unexposed Part 2
After some hours….Purab got inside Alia’s room and held her hand.Alia:What is wrong with you Purab?Purab:I don’t want King jeeju to hear our conversation.That’s why I came here in his absence.
Alia:Why you don’t want King to hear it?Purab:Because I don’t want our conversation to affect your married life.Alia was stunned.Purab:Tanu’s CCTV camera was working.But I damaged it by bribing Inspector Shashank.Alia was shocked:What?You bribed the investigation officer?Purab:Yes.Alia:But why?Purab:Because in the CCTV video he saw a woman entering Tanu’s house.That was you Alia.Alia was shocked.Purab:Now tell me why you visited Tanu.Alia:Purab…I…Purab:Don’t lie that you had not gone to meet Tanu.You tell me the truth.Alia started sweating.Purab:Say Alia.Don’t hide anything from me.I am your brother.Alia:You are questioning me as if I am the killer.I did’nt kill Tanu.Why should I kill Tanu?Purab:Then why did you meet her?Alia:After a long time everything became fine between Abhi bhai and Pragya.But Tanu wanted to spoil it.I did’nt want her to spoil Abhi bhai’s life.That’s why I visited her to warn her to stay away from bhai and Pragya.Purab:Then what did she say?Alia:Tanu can never change.She was not willing to leave bhai and Pragya to live in peace.So I shouted at her and left the place.This is what happened.Nothing else Purab.Purab:Are you sure?Alia:Yes Purab.I am saying the truth.I am scared whether the cops will suspect me.Purab:Don’t worry about that.Inspector Shashank has promised me that he will not reveal the video to anyone.He is my school mate.Alia:But Purab…if CCTV was working,the real killer will also be there in the video.Right?Purab:No.I guess that time the CCTV was off.Only you were there in the video.That’s why I got worried and damaged the CCTV video.Alia:If the CCTV was off it is sure that the killer took precautions before killing Tanu.Purab:Yes.Right.Alia:I wonder who has enmity with Tanu to kill her like this.I thought that only Pragya is Tanu’s enemy.Purab:I also wonder who that person is.  After some time King returned home.King entered the room.King:Hi Alu…Alia:King…Purab came to know that I had gone to Tanu’s house.King was shocked:How?Alia:Through CCTV.The investigation officer Inspector Shashank is Purab’s friend.But luckily Purab made him destroy it.King:Good.Purab is a good brother.Alia:Right.He did not want you to know it.He was worried whether you will mistake me for Tanu’s killer and end our relationship.King:How stupid!Purab does’nt know that you went to meet Tanu with my knowledge.King and Alia smiled.  Abhi twirled Pragya around and got cozy with her.Pragya was lost in his touch.Abhi:We will plan for a honeymoon.Pragya was surprised:Honeymoon?Abhi:Yes.Pragya:Now?Abhi:Of course yes.It’s true that our honeymoon is happening one year after our wedding.But our real honeymoon starts now.Right?He pulled her closer.She became shy. Abhi and Pragya got ready for honeymoon.Shockingly Inspector Shashank and team reached there.Shashank noticed them with their luggage.Shashank:Are you all going for a long journey?Abhi:Only my wife and I .We are going for our honeymoon.Shashank:Your ex-girl friend got killed and you are desperate to go for honeymoon?Abhi got irritated.Abhi:She is my ex,not my present.I can’t be happy with my wife?Shashank:You can.But only after the investigation gets over you can leave the home town Abhishek Mehra.Abhi-Pragya were shocked and disappointed.
Abhi:But…Pragya:Abhi…he is right.Tanu is related to us.So we have to be here.Abhi:I curse the moment I became Tanu’s boyfriend.Because of that only we are facing restrictions now.But Inspector…she was just my past.Then why I am a part of this investigation?Shashank:Tanu had a fight with you during your wedding anniversary party.Right?Abhi:Ya..a kind of.She was hell bent to separate me from my wife.She wanted me to leave my wife and marry her.That’s it.After that I had no contact with her.Shashank:But after that incident she got killed.Abhi:So I became a suspect or what?Shashank:No.But we can’t ignore your fight with her.Abhi became dull.Shashank:You were close to Tanu.So do you know whether she had any enemy?Abhi:No.But she considered my wife Pragya as her worst enemy.Shashank stared at Pragya.Shashank:Is it true Mrs.Pragya Mehra?Pragya:Yes.She hated me ever since I married Abhi.Shashank:So she was obsessed with Abhishek Mehra?Pragya was silent.Dadi:Yes Inspector.Tanu was a mental case.She was too possessive about Abhi.She did’nt even like Abhi spending time with his family.That’s one reason why I objected his relationship with Tanu and got him married to a nice girl like Pragya.Alia:Dadi is right.Tanu was crazy.Purab:I also agree with Alia here.Shashank:So all are Tanu haters here.King:So are you suspecting all of us?Alia:But we have nothing to do with Tanu.King:Exactly.Why are you suspecting us?Shashank smirked:Let me see who to be suspected.Everyone became dull.Shashank:I am going now.Will meet you later.Shashank stepped out of the house.Purab followed him.Purab:Shashank…your behaviour shocked me.It’s like you are eyeing on my family.Shashank:It’s my duty Purab.Don’t forget that I am a police officer.I hid Alia’s video as I felt that she is innocent.Because according to the post mortem report Tanu died only after Alia left the house.But that does not stop me from further investigation.I doubt whether one of your family members is the killer.Purab was shocked.Shashank:I don’t know whether Alia switched off the CCTV camera and again entered the house to kill Tanu.Or someone else killed Tanu..I have to find out.Purab was shocked:Shashank!Shashank:Bye Purab.Shashank left. Purab rang up someone.“Shashank is not my friend anymore.He is suspecting all of us”.
The person on the call:Don’t worry.He can’t do anything. Another day Shashank took finger print of all the Mehras.But none had matched with Tanu’s.Purab smirked at Shashank:Now it’s proved that your doubt is wrong and we all are innocent.So better change your investigation route.Shashank became dull and walked out.
Purab smiled. After some days….Abhi’s company merged with another company for the new project.Abhi threw a party to celebrate it.Abhi:I welcome my business partner Mr.Aryan Sehgal.Aryan made an entry.Everyone clapped hands while Pragya was frozen seeing him.Aryan looked at Pragya and gave her a smirk.Abhi:Aryan…this is my wife…Aryan:Pragya!Abhi was surprised.Abhi:You know her name?Aryan:Of course yes.I know Pragya very well.Right Pragya?Pragya nodded slowly.Abhi:Pragya,you knew Aryan before?Pragya’s lips shivered:Yes.Abhi:How do you both know each other?Pragya was silent.She was nervous.Aryan:I will say how we know each other.Pragya was nervous.

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