Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2

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Unexposed Part 3
Abhi’s company merged with another company for the new project.Abhi threw a party to celebrate it.Abhi:I welcome my business partner Mr.Aryan Sehgal.Aryan made an entry.Everyone clapped hands while Pragya was frozen seeing him.Aryan looked at Pragya and gave her a smirk.Abhi:Aryan…this is my wife…Aryan:Pragya!Abhi was surprised.Abhi:You know her name?Aryan:Of course yes.I know Pragya very well.Right Pragya?Pragya nodded slowly.Abhi:Pragya,you knew Aryan before?Pragya’s lips shivered:Yes.Abhi:How do you both know each other?Pragya was silent.She was nervous.Aryan:I will say how we know each other.Pragya was nervous.Aryan:We were colleagues 4 years back.But Pragya resigned her job.Later I also left my job to join my family business.Abhi:Wow!That’s cool.But Pragya…why did you resign your job?Pragya became dull while Aryan smirked.Pragya:I was not comfortable doing that job.That’s why I decided to join NGO.Abhi:Good decision Pragya.Your NGO work makes me proud of you.Pragya smiled.Aryan faked a smile.Abhi went to attend other guests.Aryan went near Pragya.Pragya was shivering due to nervousness.Aryan:Meet me in private.Pragya stared at him.Aryan:I mean it.Pragya became upset.Aryan whispered to her where he wants to meet her.Pragya:I won’t come.Aryan:Then I will tell everything to Abhi.Pragya got scared.Pragya:I will come.Aryan smirked.Unknown to them somebody was observing Aryan and Pragya.  Aryan shot Abhi.Abhi fell down dead.Pragya sat near him and cried.Pragya:Abhi…please get up…Abhi…Suddenly Pragya woke up from her sleep.She saw Abhi sleeping next to her.She was relieved that it was only a nightmare.She thought:Aryan can’t be trusted.He will even try to murder Abhi.She was really restless and upset.  Pragya went to her house.Her mother Sarla was surprised to see him.She hugged Pragya happily.But Pragya burst into tears shocking Sarla.Sarla was worried whether Abhi has hurt Pragya.Sarla:What happened Pragya?Did Abhi..?Pragya:No Maa.Abhi loves me a lot.But…Sarla:But…?Pragya:Aryan is back.He is Abhi’s business partner now.I think purposefully he joined Abhi in business to get closer to me.Sarla was shocked:Aryan!But why is he back to you now?Pragya:He has called me to a place.I know that his intention is bad.Sarla:Don’t go there.Don’t meet him.Ignore him.Pragya:No Maa.I have to go.Otherwise he will reveal my past to Abhi.He blackmailed me Maa.He will hate me and desert me.I got Abhi’s love after a long wait.I don’t want to lose him.Sarla:But it’s not safe to go there Pragya.Pragya:No Maa.I have to go.I will be safe.You know that.Right?Sarla was scared.After some time Pragya left the house.Sarla rang up someone.Sarla:Aryan is troubling Pragya.Pragya is going to meet him and it makes me scared.You please follow Pragya when she goes to meet Aryan.That person:Sure.My eyes will be on Pragya.Sarla was relieved.   Pragya drove the car to the place where Aryan asked her to meet.Unknown to her someone was following her.He was the one Sarla entrusted to follow Pragya.Pragya reached the place.Aryan smiled seeing her.Aryan:I knew that you will come here.Pragya:Tell me why you called me here.Aryan:To start where things ended years back.Pragya got angry.Pragya:How dare you?Years back you wanted me to make you happy in your bedroom.I refused you that with a slap.But you blackmailed me that you will insult me in front of everyone and make me lose my job.But still I did not surrender to you.Without sacrificing my self dignity I left the job.Still shamelessly you are back to me?Aryan:Yes.Because you are the only woman who said ‘no’ to me.I can’t be peaceful until I get you.Pragya:You are so cheap.So is this why you befriended Abhi?Aryan:Of course yes.Destiny made me meet Abhishek Mehra and realized that you are his wife.So I decided to join hands with him.So that I can be near you whenever I want.Pragya:Chee…But your wish will never come true.Aryan:Then I will reveal your dark secret to Abhi.I will tell him that we were lovers.I will show our photographs to Abhi.He will hate you.He will throw you out of his life.Pragya got scared and upset.Pragya:No,you won’t do that Aryan.Aryan:I will do that if you don’t make me happy.Aryan walked closer to her with a dirty smile.Pragya was shocked.He embraced her from behind.Pragya got scared.
Suddenly a hooded person came there and hit his head hard with a stick.Aryan fell down.Pragya was shocked.She stared at the hooded person.She went near him and unveiled his face.She was shocked to see his face.Pragya:You?

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