Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense thriller) Part 1

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Unexposed Part 1I thank my dearest friend Sydell for this lovely banner.
Today is the first wedding anniversary of Abhi and Pragya.The whole house is decorated for the celebration.Everything is done by Dadi.But Pragya was not happy.Because she felt that there was no meaning in this wedding anniversary celebration as Abhi does not love her.She remembered her wedding night.Flash back…Pragya was very happy to wed Abhi as she always wished to marry Abhi secretly.Abhi was her best friend Purab’s brother.Pragya blushed when Abhi entered the room.Abhi:Pragya…Let me be frank.I married you only because Dadi forced me.I love Tanu.Pragya was shattered.Abhi:Dadi does not want a modern girl like Tanu as her daughter in law.So I had to break up with Tanu and marry you.But I can never love you Pragya.I am sorry.Abhi left the room.Pragya burst into tears.  Present….Pragya’s eyes became wet remembering her wedding night.Abhi was never harsh to her.He behaved like a nice friend to her.But as a husband she expected him to love her like any normal wife.But she did not get love from Abhi.Still she came to the hall for the wedding anniversary party for Dadi.She saw Tanu there and her heart got torn.Though abhi had broken up with Tanu,Tanu was always after Abhi and she knew that Abhi had feelings for Tanu in his mind.King asked Alia:Where is Abhi?Today is his wedding anniversary.But he is not seen.Alia:You know that bhai is not in love with Pragya.So he may not be bothered about this wedding anniversary celebration.King:But dadi made so many arrangements.Abhi has to come.Right?Suddenly the spotlight fell on Abhi.All were happy to see him.He went near Pragya and knelt down before her.Pragya was shocked.Abhi:Pragya,I was always a bad husband.I did not give you the happiness a wife deserves from her husband.I really feel ashamed of myself.Will you please forgive me?Pragya became upset.Pragya:Abhi..why are you apologizing to me?Please don’t do that.Even if you don’t love me,you considered me as a good friend.So I am not sad.Abhi:You are wrong.It’s not that I don’t love you.I was not in love with you when I married you.But slowly slowly without my own knowledge I fell in love with you Pragya.Pragya could not believe her ears.Dadi,Purab,Alia and King were surprised while Tanu was shocked.Abhi:I love you Pragya.Will you start a new life with me?Pragya held his hand giving him a nod.
All were happy.Abhi took a rose flower and gave it to Pragya.Abhi:I love you Pragya.She blushed:I love you too Abhi.They shared a romantic eye lock.Tanu could not tolerate it.Tanu:Stop it.Everyone looked at Tanu.Tanu:How can you love this behenji Abhi?You love me.Right?You suppressed your love for me for your Dadi.Abhi:Sorry Tanu.You are wrong.I thought that I loved you.But after falling in love with Pragya I realized that I love only Pragya and what I had for you was only an infatuation.Tanu was shattered.Tanu:You should love only me Abhi.Abhi:I had broken up with you before marrying Pragya.Now I am Pragya’s husband.I belong only to Pragya.Pragya became very happy.Tanu stared at Pragya.Tanu:Don’t think that you can live happily with Abhi.I will separate you from Abhi and Abhi will start loving me again.
Pragya became upset.Abhi:That will never happen Tanu.So don’t dream.The hurt Tanu left the hall.Somebody at the party fumed in anger.That person said in the mind:How dare you Tanu?I will not leave you.   Pragya was standing in her room with a sweet smile thinking of Abhi confessing his love before everyone at the party.Abhi came closer to her.She became shy.He caressed her face passionately.They closed the distance between them.Alia rang up someone and said:I have decided to kill her.King was shocked.Alia cut the call.King:Alia,how can you just kill her?Alia:Why can’t I kill her?King:Brutally murdering someone is not right.Alia:You are going to advise me?Oh please..don’t do that.You know that I don’t like to get advised by others.I know what I have to do.You don’t interfere.I hope you are not staying here as a ghar jamai to disturb me.
King smiled and said:No Alu darling.I am here with you as I love you.Your wish.I am not interfering in your work.Alia smiled:Good.  The next day….Pragya was cooking in the kitchen thinking of the previous romantic night she had with Abhi.Abhi came from behind and embraced her.She blushed.Pragya:Abhi,what is this?Abhi:I am romancing my wife.Pragya blushed.Pragya:I need to cook.Abhi:You cook.I will do romance.
They both smiled.Suddenly they heard Purab calling them:Abhi..Pragya…Abhi-Pragya went to the living room.Purab,Dadi,King and Alia were shocked seeing the TV news.Abhi-Pragya looked at the TV screen.“The famous model Tanu Sharma is found dead in her Villa”.Abhi-Pragya were shocked.Abhi:How did this happen?Who killed her?Purab:No idea.According to the news the CCTV was not working.So they don’t know who visited Tanu.Dadi:Tanu challenged that she will separate Abhi from Pragya.So God punished her.
Pragya:But still… who killed her?All were confused.

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