Unearth your love (Episode-40)-Ishq mein marjawan -2 #thriller #immj2

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Hello everyone!!How you guys are doing..I hope everyone is doing well..Sorry for the delay actually I was busy with my college stuff..so,that I was not able to upload new episode..I would like to thank @Amnna for informing me about Aishwarya’s comment about my New episode..Mennu!!this episode is specially for you.Episode-40The Episode starts in VR Mansion’s hall..where everyone is waiting for Riddhima and Vansh to come down..Daadi:Siya,Go and get bhabhi..Siya:Ok daad..Siya goes to bring Riddhima and Angre goes to bring Vansh..Riddhima and Vansh comes down..Vansh looks at Riddhima and gets stunned…Daadi does khala thika to Vansh and Riddhima..Adi: Riddhima!!My sister don’t you think to find a girl for your brother Adi..Riddhima looks at Sejal and callsRiddhima:Chachi!!Adi(murmurs in Riddhima’s ears):Ohhhh drama queen shut up pls..Ranveer:Today is Sangeeth right..?then why it is very silent here.. let’s party and have fun..Ranveer plays music and drags Riddhima and Vansh on to the stage for a dance performance..Khamoshiyan song plays RiAnsh dances on that song Vansh’s hand on Riddhima’s waist and they both shares an eyelock ..In between Kabir OFFs the song disturbs them..and he glares at Riddhima.. Riddhima looks on..2 hours backScene: Riddhima’s room..Where Riddhima is getting ready infront of a mirror..Kabir enters her room.. Riddhima doesn’t notices him..Kabir: Riddhima!!Riddhima turns back and looks at him..Riddhima(Angrily): Don’t you have sense..How dare you to enter my room without my permission..Kabir:I entered my Ex-girlfriend’s room..I have right too..Please come back to me,I really love you..he is a murderer of his past love…don’t marry that Spoilt brat..Riddhima gives a tight slap on Kabir’s cheek..Riddhima (Angrily):How dare you..shut up you spoilt brat..He didn’t kill anyone..get lost from here..Kabir Angrily goes out and closes her room door..Kabir(to himself):You should pay for this slap Riddhima..PresentDaadi:What happened?Why the music went OFF..Kabir:May be a technical issue Daadi..Daadi:By the way who are you..?Ranveer:Daadi he is my friend Kabir…Daadi:Acha ..okAfter a while everyone leaves from there to their respective rooms..While Riddhima is going to her room she gets hurt by broken glass pieces..Riddhima:Aah..Kabir looks on from a distance and smirks by remembering keeping there glass pieces..Riddhima’s legs are bleeding..Vansh sees that and..Vansh(Shouts): Riddhimaaaaaa…Vansh lifts her in his arms and takes her to her room..Vansh (Angrily): Can’t you see broken glass pieces there..and you’re romaing with bare foot..look how you got hurt..Riddhima:Vansh,I am absolutely fine..Vansh:Fine..?? Seriously?Look at your legs..Riddhima cares Vansh’s hair while he applies ointment on her legs..Riddhima:Look this is my cutuu baby Vanshu..(Shows him a old pic of him)..Vansh: Don’t you think Baby’s arrival will take time (tries to get closer to her)..Riddhima:Vansh!!I m not talking about that baby..I am talking about you…huh…you first go to your room..(Riddhima gets shy and pushes him)..Vansh leaves from there… Riddhima changes her dress and Struggles to sleep as her legs are paining..A person in black hoodie comes to her room and  tries to attack Riddhima with a Rod.. Riddhima sees Shadow and saves herself in Nick of time..The person tries to hit her..she hits the person with a vase but in vain..the person pushes her and escapes from there..Riddhima gets tensed..Riddhima:Who will be the person..?Why he is trying to attack me..?Next day Scene:VR Mansion’s balcony..Where Riddhima comes out and sees Adi sitting on his bike by holding a Rod in his hand..Riddhima:Bhai, you’re doing with this Rod..Adi(Angrily):Please.. don’t involve in my matter..(he leaves from there Angrily)Riddhima:Why he is behaving strange..?was he the person who tried to attack me..?Ranveer disturbs her thoughts..Ranveer:What happened..?What you’re thinking by standing here..?Riddhima:Why Adi bhai was holding rod in his hand..Ranveer:He is worrying for his friend..one of his friend was attacked by a goon..so,that he want to hit that goon with that Rod..Riddhima:okk!!Bhai …Ranveer leaves from there..Riddhima (inside):does Ranveer is lying me?Riddhima goes inside and sees Aryan heading to store room holding a Rod..Riddhima:Aaryan!!Aaryan:Bhabhi,tell me what happened..?Riddhima:Where you’re ​going with this Rod?Aaryan:Daadi asked me to keep rods,nails in the store room ..so,that no one could get hurt..like you got hurt  yesterday’s night(streches on like you got hurt)Aaryan leave from there..Riddhima:Is he the person..?Scene: PoolsideKabir decorating a Rod with plastic colour papers.. Riddhima sees him..Riddhima: What you’re doing with this Rod..?Kabir:I am doing decoration ok..?Kabir leaves from there..Riddhima (inside):Who will be the person..?Vansh comes there and hugs her from back..Vansh:Are you thinking about me..?Precap: Riddhima:Myni and TSA should apply mehndi first on my hands..Vansh:Who are they..?Riddhima:They are my friends..I invited them to our wedding..Question..Who will be the hoodie person..?a)Adib)Ranveerc)Aryand)Kabir.e)___________(fill the blank)

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