Udaariyaan 16th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh is in love with Jasmin

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Udaariyaan 16th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
The Episode starts with the introduction of Sandhu family. The boy asks Tejo to come fast, the bus is reaching. Tejo arranges her books. She talks to Viraj on call. She says bus won’t come for some time. He asks it means, puncture. The bus stops on the way. Viraj reads the form for Satti. Tejo begins her work. The form flies in the air. Satti asks someone to get it. Viraj goes to get it. He sees Tejo on the conference call. He goes with the form. Satti says once Tejo signs on the form, we will be going to Canada. Tejo is selected for the Ph.D course. She is given four options, USA, Canada, UK and Punjab. Biji also wishes to go to Canada.Satti says Tejo will take me to Canada. Tejo says Punjab. Viraj asks why not Canada. Tejo says my Punjab is the best. She says my dream got fulfilled today. Chachi says Tejo won’t agree to marry and settle in Canada, Viraj can fulfill our dream. Tejo comes home and sees them arguing. Satti says I m Tejo’s mum, I will decide her dreams and happiness also. Tejo goes to wake up her sister Jasmin. Jasmin gets blindfold. She runs upstairs. She sees the airplane, Canada’s flight and jumps happily. Tejo asks her to get ready. She asks how will you manage things alone in Canada. Jasmin says no, you will come alone. The people get ready to board the bus. Satti asks them to come fast, the bus has come. The people dance in front of the bus.Tejo and Jasmin dance. They board the bus. The family travels to Chandigarh’s international airport. Jasmin goes mad seeing the Canada flight. A guy from Pind is going to Canada for his job. The neighbors come there to drop him. The lady says my son will throw this rice and leaves, whoever gets this will get a ticket to Canada. Jasmin prays. Everyone stands ready to catch the rice and leaves. Jasmin doesn’t get any. A lady taunts Satti. She says I got two leaves, I will go there. Biji says I will be going Canada. Jasmin thinks I won’t lose. She takes the guy aside and gives Tejo and her pics. She says tell me if there is a nice guy for me. Tejo says I m fine in Punjab. Jasmin says happy journey.Fateh is seen having a boxing match. His friend watches the match. He talks to his girlfriend. She says I have a bet, ask Fateh to lose. He shows Jasmin’s pic and says she is my Bhabhi. Jasmin is on the way in the bus. Satti asks Biji to create a drama to make Tejo agree. Biji talks to a lady. Satti intentionally argues with the lady. Jasmin also gets involved in the argument. The lady insults them. Jasmin says I will get married and go to Canada. The lady asks her to see her face, she won’t even get a permission to fill the form. Fateh’s friend shows Jasmin’s pic to Fateh. Fateh smiles. He gets punched. He falls down and loses the match.He sees the pic and smiles. His friend says Canada is banned in our family, no one will go there. Tejo scolds the lady. She says its my challenge, you will attend the NRI wedding of Sandhu’s daughter. Fateh sees his friend and runs after him. His friend shows the pic and leaves on the bike. Fateh follows. Tejo argues with Fateh’s friend. The pics get exchanged. Fateh comes there. Fateh asks for Jasmin’s pic. His friend says my phone broke. Fateh asks him to say sorry. His friend says if you want to make her Bhabhi, then I m not your brother. Fateh tears Tejo’s pic and says no one can take Jasmin’s place in my life.Precap:
Fateh smiles seeing Jasmin. He goes to talk to her. He talks to Tejo.
Update Credit to: Amena

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