Udaariyaan 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo supports Fateh

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Udaariyaan 16th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
The Episode starts with Fateh introducing his dad to Harman. Harman praises Fateh. He asks Khushbeer to bless the children. Fateh says we will come. Khushbeer leaves. Fateh goes after him. Khushbeer says your mum thinks this happened by mistake, tell me, is this a mistake or you intentionally did this. Fateh says I had applied for job in Canada. Khushbeer says you lied to me till now. Tejo looks on. Khushbeer says playing national and winning gold medal for India was a lie, you said you will make me proud. Fateh says I didn’t lie to you, I will always respect my country. Khushbeer asks what’s this. Fateh says sometimes fate plays games with us, we never imagine that, my life also changed like that.Khushbeer says your life is making you helpless to leave us and go to Canada. Fateh says yes, I will go to Canada, its my decision, no one can change this. Tejo thinks he truly loves Jasmin. Khushbeer raises hand. Fateh stops him and hugs. He says MLA is around, I don’t want this to affect your elections. He greets the MLA. MLA asks Khushbeer not to go. Fateh says I will talk to you at home. Khushbeer leaves. Tejo thinks Fateh is leaving everything for Jasmin, I wish she understands his true love. Jasmin asks Preeto what happened to her. Preeto cries. Jas hides. Tejo comes and asks are you thinking about Neetu, don’t get sad. Preeto goes to see the groom. Jas and his mum hide. His mum says everyone will look for the groom. Tejo goes to Fateh. She says one who works hard will reach the destination.Fateh asks why are you so supportive today. He thinks what happened to her today. She says I used to think about you that…. She says handsome and decent guy. She says a casanova, I have seen that you truly love Jasmin, after seeing you talk to your dad, the guy who can leave family’s dreams for love, I can trust his love, your dad was too angry, what will you do now. Fateh says I will go home and think, I have to enjoy the sangeet with Jasmin. He lights a lamp. She cares for his hand. She lights the lamp. She says I also want the universe to unite you with your love. He asks really. She says yes. They smile. She says I know Jasmin well, she will change her decision. He says I just wish to get my love. She says I m with you now, all the best. He says Tejo agreed, now Jasmin will also agree. Jasmin eats panipuris. She says I will miss all this after going to Canada. Preeto says make me meet Jas. Jasmin says come, I will make you meet him. Neetu calls Preeto and says Kuldeep had called. Preeto goes and asks what did Kuldeep say. Jas hears her.Neetu says Kuldeep was saying sorry, he is in problem, he was asking for money, he isn’t a lie. Preeto says don’t believe that thief, don’t come in his words. Neetu says if we help him, then he will marry me. Preeto says I m coming home. Jasmin asks her to meet Jas. Preeto says some other day, Neetu had called, its a long story. She leaves. Jas calls Neetu. Neetu says I will arrange the money. He says thanks, I love you. She says I love you too. His mum gets happy. He says Neetu and Preeto love each other a lot. Jasmin comes and asks him to come for dance. She asks Jas’ mum is she fine. Jas’ mum says yes. Jas dances with everyone. Tejo sees Fateh looking at Jasmin. She asks him to dance with Jasmin. He signs no. She pushes him. Fateh’s family waits for him. He comes home and sees everyone upset.No PrecapUpdate Credit to: Amena

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