TV stars celebrate Social Distancing wali Holi

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Rubina Dialik aka Saumya from Shakti- Astitva ke Ehsaas Kiird says, “ Holi is all about positivity, colors and new hope. While the year gone by was extremely challenging for all but life is getting back to normal and it’s time to celebrate. Having said that we still need to be extremely careful about the situation and celebrate being safe. Me and my family will have a fun Holi party at home with family where we  will make some healthy snacks to maintain safety and take maximum precautions”Aura Bhatanagar as Bondita from Barrister Babu, “I celebrate holi with my family and friends. We make sure to only use organic colors for celebration and avoid using water. It is one of my favorite festivals and I will celebrate it with my family and co-actors on the set of Barrister Babu.”Kratika Sengar aka Sandhya Tomar of Choti Sarrdaarni said, “Every year we follow the traditional way of celebrating Holi at home by lighting the Holika a day before other rituals. The next day we celebrate with a family lunch as a custom. This year the fact that we cannot celebrate the festival outdoors I’ll be at home only and spend quality time with my family.”Avinesh Rekhi aka Sarabjit Gill of Choti Sarrdaarni said, “The celebration of Holi goes beyond just playing with colors, it’s about celebrating the fact that we are safe together with our family members. Due to pandemic, one must be even more careful and more responsible in terms of celebrating the festival. I’ll make sure that as a responsible citizen I will keep in mind the safety and precaution and celebrate the festival at home with my kids and wife.”Riya Sharma aka Mayura from Pinjara Khubsurti ka, “Holi is hands down one of the most fun festivals we celebrate in our country. It’s full of colour, music, dance, food, and joy. It signifies the triumph of the good over the evil and is celebrated with enthusiasm. This year, I want my viewers and fans to take special care and maintain distance from each other while playing Holi. I, too, will follow this when I play with my Pinjara family on set!”Saahil Uppal aka Omkar from Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, “Holi is a festival full of energy and love and laughter, and I love everything about Holi ever since I was a kid. With each phase of my life, the meaning of Holi has changed for me. Earlier it was just about masti, then it was all about partying, and today, I prefer to spend time with my family and have a relaxing celebration. It’s also a time for me to cheat on my diet because I am quite a foodie when it comes to Holi special dishes!Amar Upadhyay as Virender Pratap Singh from Molkki, “My Holi begins with Holika dahan, when we burn away our negativity for positivity to take over. I don’t play Holi with colors anymore, but as a youngster, I have played a lot of it. It used to be different than with all-natural colors as compared to the ones today which are filled with harmful chemicals. I pray and urge everyone to be responsible and play a safe and healthy holi, and especially with the pandemic don’t forget to practice social distancing. So, this year I will celebrate holi with my wife and daughter.”Ankit Gupta as Fateh from Udaariyaan, “I always celebrate Holi with my family and friends. We see the Holika dahan and celebrate the true spirit of the festival. During my childhood, my friends and I used to play with colors and water balloons, but now we’ve become more conscious of our environment and focus on playing a safe and dry Holi. Also, due to our busy shooting schedule, I will celebrate the festival on the sets of COLORS’ Udaariyaan with the crew and cast in Punjab only, but of course with complete precautions. All of you also, keep safe and wish all of you a very Happy Holi!”Isha Malviya as Jasmine from Udaariyaan, “I believe Holi is a special day and more than just a festival of colors and sweets. It is a day to enjoy with those who are close to our hearts. And this year I will miss celebrating Holi with my family and friends as I am busy shooting in Punjab, but we will catch up on a video call. This Holi, I’ll be spending time on the set of Udaariyaan with my new family and I am really looking forward to it!”Priyanka Choudhary as Tejo from Udaariyaan, “Holi brings back several beautiful memories. I and my friends always used to shop in advance for ‘pichkaris’ and colors. And in the excitement of Holi, getting up early and getting an oil champi from mom was a ritual. This year, I will celebrate holi on the set of Udaariyaan with the team, who are all equally excited about this festival. Also, this year, we have all made sure to observe social distancing while playing holi for the sake of the safety of everyone on set.”Aditya Ojha aka Yug from Namak Issk Ka says, “Holi for me means boundless fun with family and friends. In Bihar, unlike most of the places in India, our Holi begins at 7 in the morning and goes on till midnight! Morning means ‘Geeli Holi’ (with watercolors) and in the evening we play ‘ ‘Sukhi Holi’ (with dry colors). I am already missing it, knowing that I won’t be there on Holi, but I am equally excited to play the safe holi on the sets and then with my family here!”We wish everyone a safe and social distancing wali Holi.

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