Ture Love Never Diesies YRKKH Episode 6

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 Hello Friends I am sorry for late here is ture you love never dies YrkkhAfter the accident Karthik takes care of Naira like a child, he takes good care of Naira and the children, he does not go to the office, he does his office work at homeOne day in eveningKartik gives coffee to NairaKartik : Naira drink this coffeeNaira : No I don’t want drink coffee now I will drink later kartik I am sorryKartik confusedKartik : Naira what happened, why are you apologizing. Naira gets tears eyesKartik gets tensed to see Naira in tearsKartik wipes her tearsKartik : Naira what happened Why are you cryingNaira : I bother you so much I am sorryKartik : Naira When did you bother me, why are you talking like this, whyNaira : I have been bothering you so much since I lost my vision, you take care of our kids, you take care of me, office work I am sorryKartik gets tears in his eyesKartik : Have you finished talking, Now please listen carefully to what I have to say what are you saying how do you think I have a problem caring for you and our children? How do I think I have trouble caring for you and our children? Don’t talk like this anymore NairaKartik speaks in a high tone Tears fall from Naira’s eyes He wipes away the tears with guilt for scolding herKartik : Naira Please stop thinking about this I have no problem taking care of you and our children. My first priority is to take care of you I do not see it as my duty, I see it as my love, so please do not stress yourself out, do not think about anything, please do not worry your eyesight will come to you soon Please stop crying now and give me a smile. Naira, overwhelmed by Karthik’s words, She sheds happy tearsKartik : Naira why are you crying he wipes out her tears Naira hold his handNaira : It’s tears of joy patidev I’m so blessed to have a husband like you I love you KartikKartik : I love you Naira I am so blessed to have you in my life Naira I love you so muchHe kissed her forehead she smiles at kartikKairav came to kaira roomKairav : mummaNaira : KairavKairav : mumma papa I’m so happy Do you know what happened at school today?Kairav is disappointed and thinks that Naira did not notice what he was sayingKairav : mumma I have spoken to you but why you have been looking somewhereNaira gets sad and Kartik looks at Naira and tries to distract KairavKartik : Well Kairav look here what paper in hand it isKairav : Papa, today my school held a drawing competition and I attended the competition. I won the first prize in that competitionHe shows the prize and drawing to themKartik : Painting is wonderful Kairav I do not know if you can paint so beautifully it’s really superb he kissed him foreheadKairav : Thanks Papa Mumma you still haven’t told me how painting isNaira become sadEpisode freeze  

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