Tum Hi Aana – Chapter 12

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The clock showed the time 6:30. It was tough to figure if the sun outside was rising up or setting down!Sayi and Rishika were asleep in their room. Sayi’s phone rang, she took the call“Hello” she said half awake“You are still sleeping?” Came a male voice“Samrat bhaiya it’s just 6:30 am, who wakes up this early?”“Me! Now go and open the main door, there is a surprise for you”She obliges and gets drenched the moment she opens the door. Samrat, Rishika and Samaira were laughing outside “Bura na maano Holi Hai!”She runs inside“Did we offend her?” Rishika asked worriedJust as Rishika was about to go inside, Sayi threw a bucket full of water from the roof on the three of them and started to jump clapping and laughing.It was for the first time since their separation that she was seen laughing and enjoying!Sayi joined the rest in the garden area and the four of them kept running behind each other till each one of them were colored like a rainbow from the head to toe.Sayi and Samaira were invited to a hotel to celebrate the festival with the other doctors of the town, they invited Rishika and Samrat to accompany!Samrat took them in his car and the three ran inside without waiting for him who went to park his car.Sayi was with her colleagues, Samaira with hers, Rishika was joined by Samrat who were standing alone watching the other people dance, meet and play.Sayi and Samaira both had a drink in their hands, and were talking to their friends and colleagues.The waiter approached Rishika and Samrat with drinks.Rishika was about to take a glass “Don’t!” Samrat warned, the waiter went away.“Why didn’t you let me have that drink? Thandai is a must in holo”“I know, it is a must, but, they might surely have mixed bhaang in it, Sayi and Samaira….” He was interrupted by the screeching sound of the micHe found Sayi and Samaira on the stage wobbly, not being able to stand straight and were laughing every time they looked at the direction of the other.“…..I saw the glasses in their hands and knew it was coming” Samrat finished sighing.He climbed to the stage and came near Samaira. Samaira cupped (basically squeezed) his face “You are my Samrat!”“Yes! Now get down please” he said trying to pick her upShe jumped off his arms “No! I don’t want to go”“But Samaira….”She kept finger on his lips “Hushhhhh…you will wake up the monster”“Which monster?”“The one we tied under this stage” Sayi said pointing to the stageSamrat ran down the stage and found a waiter tied with ropes“Sir….Sir please save me, they thought I’m a monster and tied me here”“I’m sorry on their behalf” Samrat untied him and ran back upstairs.“MUSIC”Samaira screamed on the mic and in no time, Sayi and Samaira were seen dancing on a bollywood number, they were soon joined by other people. Samrat first picked up Sayi in his arms and with the help of Rishika he put her in his car. “Please take care that she doesn’t run away”“Peep..peep…peeep….vrooooom…vrooooom” Sayi was acting like holding a steering wheel. “why isn’t the car moving….vrooooooom….vrooom”Samrat then went back inside and started to look for Samaira, someone climbed on his back, he turned to see it was Samaira, he adjusted her and carried her in piggyback.Samaira threw her hands wide and started to move them like wings “Pancchi banoo, udti phirun…pancchi banoo udti phirun……”Samrat made her sit beside Sayi and both of them started to drive their imaginary car.Rishika sat in the front seat and Samrat began to drive“The car is moving” Sayi clapped in excitement “Zoooooooo….peeep…peeep”“Concentrate, else your car will crash into a tree.” Samaira said laughing, moving like a pendulum!“Yes boss!” Sayi saluted SamairaSamrat dropped Sayi to her room and ran to Samaira asking Rishika to take care of her.Sayi climbed up on the bed laughing “why is the bed shaking? Did an Earthquake come?”“Nothing came, you come down”“No I will not” Sayi sat down on the bed“I will get water for you”“No water…. I will call my KJ”“KJ?? Karan Johar?”Sayi picked up her phone and dialled a number which seemed to have been imprinted on her head“Diii…whom are you calling? Give me the phone!”“No! It’s ringing” Sayi said laughing!*****************************Virat was sitting in his room, wearing a white kurta and denim jeans. He didn’t have a single drop of color on him. He was about to get up, when he received a call from an unknown number.“Hello?”“Virat sir!” Sayi screamed in excitement, Rishika’s eyes widened in shock. She ran out of the room and called Samrat.“Samrat bhaiya”“What happened Rishika? Did something happen to Sayi? Samaira is already asleep, didn’t Sayi sleep yet?”“No! She didn’t sleep, but, instead, called her ex husband”“Did she call Virat?”“Yes!”“I’ll be there soon, handle her till then!”**************************************“Sayi??” Virat asked confused “Are you okay?”“No! I am not okay! The earth is shaking and I’m scared” Sayi said still wobbling“Sayi…Are you….drunk?”“No!” She said laughing “I can handle the drinks pretty well!”“Liar” Rishika mumbled from the door“Sayi! Where are you?”“Me?? I am at some place….” She looked around the room “…it is very beautiful, and you know? This place even has my pictures hung on the wall. I am at home….am I home??”“Sayi….”“No! You will not say anything… you just keep scolding me, I will not listen to you, you keep hurting me.”“I promise I will never scold you……”“I said quiet! I don’t believe you…you break your promises” She started to cry, then suddenly stood on the bed “Did I ever tell you that I love you?” Rishika ran to her and spread her arms to handle Sayi if she fell“Sayi you are not in your senses and is speaking gibberish”“I think it is the time to tell”“Tell what Sayi?”“I Love You!”“Sayi??” Only if she was there to see the smile on his face. He was worried about her, but, he felt light inside. He knew, he was still inside her heart and that was enough to keep him alive till he finds her! “Sayi please be safe”“Virat Chavan, you stole my heart and then….. then you broke it….you couldn’t take care of it…. why did you do this to me? I loved you, but you never had trust on me…. Why?? You never loved me, I know you love Pakhi didi, but I love…..” She threw her phone away and slept. Rishika quickly reached out for her phone, and disconnected the call.“I Love You Sayi!” Virat said looking at his phone. He was not drunk, but, was still smiling like an idiot.Ashwini came to his room and saw him smiling “Where did the sun rise from today? I rarely see you smiling these days”“Aayi, it’s nothing” Virat shiedAshwini touched his forehead to check if he was ill “First, you were smiling, and not you are even shying. What is the matter?”“Sayi called”“What?? Sayi? Sayi Joshi?”“Yes! Looks she was drunk and accidentally called, but I’m glad I was able to hear her voice today! Her voice still had the same sweetness, her words were still full of complaints and she still speaks whatever comes to her mind first WITHOUT filter!”“Then why didn’t you come to me? I would have talked to her.”“Because she was drunk and was speaking random things! I bet she is gonna regret when she turns sober!”He picks the color from her hand and smears on her face “Happy Holi aayi”Ashwini too applies tilak on him “Happy Holi guddu. I pray you celebrate the next holi with my daughter-in-law” He smiled****************************Samrat reached Sayi’s place. Rishika had put her to sleep. She gave him Sayi’s mobile and he immediately blocked Virat’s number and activated VPN “I have activated a VPN, he won’t be able to trace the number. Just tell Sayi to stay cautious from next time and not pick any unknown number and change her number if possible. Virat is a police officer, it won’t be tough for him to locate this number.”“I issued this number for her on my name, so I don’t think it would be much problem!”“We can’t neglect the possibilities! She chose this place because she didn’t want him to find her, so I would protect her till she herself decides to go to him and till then, I would do everything in my hand to keep him away from her! Also, don’t tell her about today’s incident, she won’t remember anything!”The next day,  as Samrat had predicted, Sayi didn’t remember anything that happened and Rishika didn’t even mention it, and lied that they danced inebriated when Sayi asked!Both followed their normal routine, except for the fact that Sayi had a terrible hangover and Rishika had to cook the hangover soup for her.***************************************After 1 week“Bhaiya I just reached home, let me open the door first”“Open fast!”Sayi opened the door and went inside“Did you find it?” Samrat askedSayi finds two boxes labelled Sayi and Rishika on the table“There are two boxes”“Yes! Pick them up and open”“What is inside it?”“Explosives!”“I know you wouldn’t even dream of that.” She opens her box and finds a dress. “A dress? What is the occasion?”“You will know when you come, get ready, I will come and pick you both in an hour”He disconnected the call“Hello…hello…Samrat bhaiya?”Rishika wore a pink lehenga set and was waiting for Sayi downstairs. Samrat came in at the exact time he told“You are really punctual, but, my sister isn’t I guess.”“It’s okay, let her take her time”“Sayi di, are you even planning to come down today? Even Samrat bhaiya has come!”“Just 2 minutes”And in exact 2 minutes, Sayi descended from the stairs, wearing a beautiful pastel yellow lehenga set, she had left her hair open with loose curls, a ruby stud and a simple diamond pendant complimented her look. Rishika’s mouth wide opened the moment she saw Sayi.“I owe it to your hair I guess” Rishika said playing with Sayi’s hair “You look gorgeous! This is literally the best you have ever looked”Samrat opened the car door for Sayi and Rishika like a gentleman“Will you now tell where are we going?” Sayi asked Samrat.“It is a surprise!”They soon reached the top of a mountain, Samrat helped them down, they saw Samaira sitting on a bench blindfolded, wearing a beautiful red saree.Samrat signed them to come. He took them to a place that looked like a wedding aisle?They helped him make a path of red roses from where she was sitting to the wedding dais which looked beautiful with red and white curtains, the weather was pleasant and neither too sunny nor too cloudy, it was just perfect! Samrat asked for Sayi’s help to check everything, she recalled her marriage with Virat seeing the nuptial chain and the vermilion, the priest came and re-checked everything!Sayi came from behind and ran away fast as she removed Samaira’s blindfold, who saw a board in front of her that read “Follow the path of the roses, you will reach the owner whose heart you stole!” she smiled and followed the path, on reaching the end, she saw Samrat, who was looking no less than a prince wearing a black tuxedo, perfectly gelled hair and polished black shoes! He came close to her, fell on his knees“You know, I’m a hopelessly unromantic person (just like the author 😉 ), yet you accepted every side of mine, be it good or bad, I can’t deliver those long dialogues like in those movies you watch, the time we spent together, made me realize that you are the one, I wish to dedicate my whole life to. Samaira, will you marry me?”Samaira had tears in her eyes, Sayi, Rishika and others started to shower petals on them“Yes or No?? Please tell a little fast, my legs are giving up”Samaira smiled and forwarder her hand nodding yes! He made her wear the ring and kissed her hand.“I thought you will take forever to propose” Samaira said still cryingHe took her to the dais and they fulfilled the rituals, promising to stay together for a lifetime!Sayi cried recalling her moments with Virat and their marriage! She recalled how he gave her the divorce paper and married Pakhi in front of her eyes. She smiled at Samrat when he looked back at her. The priest called her to tie the knot for the gathbandhan.The photographer called Sayi and Rishika for the family photo!“I forgot to do one thing” Rishika whined“What is it?” Samaira asked“I forgot to steal his shoes”“You were from my side or hers?”Samrat questioned raising a brow“You can’t torture my sister-in-law like this, of course, she is from my side! You have Sayi by your side, so there must be someone from my side as well! And you didn’t tell me you would marry today, I couldn’t even go to the salon to get my make up done” Samaira came to Rishika’s rescue and both teased Samrat showing their tongue“You need not steal my shoes, I had your gifts ready anyways, and what did you need to go to salon for? Both my sisters are wife are the most beautiful people on this planet”“Enough of buttering…where is my gift?” Rishika extended her hands!He gave both Sayi and Rishika a gift box.“And what about me?” Samaira asked extending her hand standing next to Sayi and Rishika.“I knew you three would team up against me, but I’m also always ready” he said giving another box to Samaira.The three of them sat to open their gifts, while Samrat walked away, standing at a distance from them. They opened the box and found it empty“Samrat/bhaiya” all three of them ran behind him and he kept running around teasing them!Sayi performed the rituals of their grih pravesh “Welcome to this dysfunctional Chavan familyMrs. Samaira Samrat Chavan!”Samaira smiled as she stepped in.Ishita Dutta as Samaira (I had a tough time selecting this one and am still skeptical)I would often imagine how Sayi and Samrat would have bonded, I feel if he was still in the show, he would have pampered Sayi like his little sister and would have supported her even if it meant going against Virat and family. Though Mohit is always by her side, he still falls weak against Bhavani and her puppets!I’m literally the worst when it comes to writing romance, please bear with me.The initial plot written for this chapter was the second half, but, I decided re-write the whole thing, as it had been sad since the start, hence, couldn’t post last night.I had no idea that this one would gain attention I’m just an amateur writer and this one is my second work! As a writer, I will try to improve myself as much as I can.I’m not able to reply to the comments due to studies, but I will reply to each one of them as soon as I can.I can’t thank you enough for the support and motivation you all give me.

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