Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupriya’s mental state shocks Kalyani

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Tujhse Hai Raabta 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
The Episode starts with Kalyani pushing the handcart to take injured Anupriya to the hospital. The cart steps on the footpath and Anupriya is about to fall, but Kalyani holds her. She asks Anupriya not to lose strength and says they will reach the hospital soon. She reaches the hospital and calls ward boy. She says nothing will happen to Aai. Malhar and Sarthak come there. Malhar says nothing will happen to Maayi. Sarthak calls Doctor as Kalyani faints. Asawari calls Moksh and Gungun to come and asks why are they upset, as she has failed their plan. She tells Gungun that she wanted to take her out of the house, but your Aai will go to crematorium ground now. Moksh and Gungun shout asking her to stop. Gungun pushes Asawari.Kalyani gains consciousness and asks Malhar about Anupriya. Malhar tells that Maayi’s operation is going on and asks her to rest, till he enquires. Kalyani gets a phone call from Moksh. Moksh asks Kalyani that Asawari Aaji is troubling them and asks her to save them. Kalyani gets shocked. Moksh and Gungun go to the room. Asawari says I will not leave you both. Moksh mixes something in the bucket and hangs the rope on the curtain pipe. Asawari comes there and the thing falls on her. She gets ready and is about to beat them with the stick. Kalyani comes there and asks why she wanted to beat the kids. Asawari tells that the kids troubled her. Moksh says you are untrustable. Kalyani asks them to say sorry to Asawari. They say sorry. Kalyani prays to God and asks Gungun and Moksh to pray for Anupriya. Kalyani, Gungun and Moksh pray for Anupriya. Asawari says happiness can’t come here as I will change into sorrows. She walks towards the diya and puts water on it, to set it off. She then says that inauspicious thing have happened? Kalyani worries. Malhar and Sarthak come home.Kalyani asks Malhar about Anupriya and asks her operation is successful. She asks did you see her? She goes to the hospital and asks about Anupriya. Doctor says operation was successful, but. Kalyani hears Anupriya telling a guy that she will not give her baby. The guy asks her to give the baby. Kalyani sees Anupriya walking towards the electric wires and stop her. She stops her. Anupriya calls Kalyani as Aai and says my Aai came now, complains to Kalyani about them. Kalyani sees toy in Anupriya’s hand and is shocked. Malhar says there is a toy in her hand. The guy says sorry and goes. Anupriya insists to go home. Kalyani says we will go home.Sarthak holds Gungun and Moksh’s hand and says your Aai can’t come here for now. Moksh says we can go and meet her. Sarthak says not now. Moksh and Gungun insists to meet her. Sarthak asks them to sit quietly. Asawari asks Sarthak not to shout at them and make them meet Anupriya. Sarthak says how, Anupriya’s mental condition is bad. He goes. Asawari says I really don’t care with whatever happened with your Aai, but I want you both to go. She gives them an idea. Sarthak sits in his car and crying. Moksh and Gungun are sitting in the car decky. Anupriya acts childish and tells that Aai will take us home. Malhar asks Kalyani to understand and tells that Maayi needs treatment and doctor. Kalyani says Aai needs me. Doctor says she needs to be treated here. Kalyani says I promise to take care of her very well at home. Sarthak says Anupriya will stay here in the house. Kalyani asks him to listen. Anupriya says I will go home. Moksh and Gungun come there. They call her Aai. Anupriya pushes Gungun and asks who is she? Kalyani comes there and the kids get afraid and hug her. Anupriya asks them to leave her Aai and cries. The ward boy and nurse holds her. Anupriya takes the knife and walks towards Gungun and Moksh, asking them to leave her Aai. Malhar snatches knife from her hand. Gungun and Moksh hide behind the chair. Sarthak says that’s why I asked you not to come here. Malhar says that’s why I said that she shall be treated here. Sarthak says she shall be treated in the hospital. Anupriya cries calling Kalyani. Kalyani cries.Precap: Anupriya goes missing from the hospital. Malhar is called to the hospital. Doctor asks Malhar to take Kalyani from there. Kalyani blames the doctor and Malhar’s gun and aims at them. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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