True Love Never Dies (YRKKH FF) Episode 4

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A Episode start with Everyone is saddened to learn that Naira has lost her eyesightIn the hospital Naira sleeping Karthik sat next to herKartik: You do not have to worry about anything Naira I will not let you fell sad he kiss her forehead. And then nurse came insideNurse : Sir please buy this injection from the pharmacyKartik nods in yes. nurse leaves from there. Kartik calls Naira but she didn’t wake up.Kartik: She slepping well I can’t disturb her. he leaves there to buy injection.After some time naira wakes up.Naira : Karthik she called him, but she got no answer. Karthik where are you, please tell me something. she is panicking.She get up from the bed, She stands on her feet, but she stumbles due to lack of strength in her legs. But then Karthik comes and grabs her.He put her to bed and askedKartik: Naira why you came down from the bed and what happens if you fall down. He He Scolded herNaira : Karthik I called your name but I did not get an answer from you, I am very scared of where you are, so I only got up from bed sorryHe wipes her tearsKartik : Sorry the mistake was only mine I went to buy the injection for you, I should have informed you, but you slept well, so I did not bother you Sorry.He kissed her on the forehead meScene freezeA week later Naira was discharged from the hospital and karitk brought her homeDadi makes Aarti and welcomes her home Kairav ​​sees Naira, he is happy, he runs to herKairav : Mumma where did you went I missed you so muchNaira : I missed you too kairavNaira is sad that she cannot see her son with her eyes tears are felling from her eyes.kartik Notice this.Kartik: Kairav Your mumma is tired, now she has to take rest, now you play with vansh GoKairav nods goes from thereKartik takes naira to the room he makes naira sit in the bedKartik : Naira you Take some restShe nods and they hear Akshu cryNaira : akshu. kartik where is sheKartik : Akshu cries constantly, we tried to calm her down, but she did not calm down, so I brought her here. She gives akshu to karitk. And Swarna leaves from thereKartik tries akshu to calming down but she didn’t stop the cryingNaira : Karitk please give akshu to meKartik carefully gives akshu to nairaAshku came to her mumma and she stopped crying and she smiles at NairaKarthik : This is unfair, how many times have I tried to calm her down but she did not stop crying but when she came to you she stopped crying Naira smiled Kartik also smiledEpisode freeze

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