Tore Apart (Kaira FF) – UNEXPECTED (EP 25)

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Hey Guys!! I am sorry for late… Thank You So Much for your support I am again very sorry for it… Let’s go with the episode..


Sunlight falls on two souls who were sleeping cuddling each other with a natural smile on their face for which they suffered for years.
Now , they are together and what is next needed? Nothing.

Just then Naira’s sleep broke and she waked up and found Kartik sleeping with a cute smile on his face. She kisses his both cheeks and goes to Freshen Up.

After coming back, She saw Kartik waking up.

Naira – Uth gaye Janaab.

Kartik – Haan. Kabka. Jab tumne mujhey kiss kiya.

She blushed.Kartik pulls her from waist towards himself. He was about to Kiss her just then…

Kairav – Mumma…

He came running inside the room. In a reflex , Naira pushes Kartik on bed.

Naira – Y.. Yess… Baby.

She said stammering.

Kairav – Why are you stammering?

Naira – Nothing Kairav. You tell Baby.

Just then Kairav notices Kartik and he started laughing. Kaira looked at him confused.

Naira – What happened Kairav?

Kairav – Mumma see everyone is awake but papa is still laying in bed. Lazy Papa.

He again started laughing and Naira smiled at him and Kartik looked at him with fake anger.

Kartik – Kairav! You are saying like this for your father.

Kairav hugs Kartik.

Kairav – Papa! I was just Kidding.

Naira smiles seeing the cute father – son bond.


Everyone was sitting and having their Breakfast but Naira was eating from her left hand because Kartik was again and again holding her right hand and he was about kiss her hand , just then

Kairav – Mumma why are you eating from your left hand?

And Naira pulls her right hand from Kartik and started eating from it.

Kartik – Kabab mein haddi.

He murmured.

Naira – I listened.

She said slightly hitting his arm.


Kaira Room,

Naira – Kartik.

Kartik – Yes?!

Naira – What is this yaar?

Kartik – What?

Naira – Har Jagah only Romance and Romance. Ye kya tha Breakfast table par.

Kartik – Naira, we met after five years and I was just spending time with my wife. What is wrong?

He said expressing his hurt.

She realises that unknowingly she hurt him and was feeling guilty.

She goes towards him and holds his hand.

Naira – I am sorry Kartik. I am very Stupid. I am so sorry.

She said teary eyed.

He hugged her tight.

Kartik – It’s ok I know you didn’t mean it.

She smiled.

(Guys this isn’t the fight I was talking in Precap)



Kartik was playing with Kairav when his phone rang.

Kartik – Hello.

Voice – Hello. Kartik Goenka?

Kartik – Ji Kahiye.

Voice – Almost 5- 6 Years back were you told that your daughter died in City Hospital?

Kartik got shocked.

Kartik – Ji Haan. Who are you?

Voice – I am sending you a letter.

Call disconnected.

Kartik – Hello… Hello.. Oh No!

Kartik – Who was the person and our daughter… How he know about her.

He was engrossed in his thinking that he didn’t noticed Naira coming.

Naira – Kartik!

She noticed him lost.

Naira – Kartik!

She shaked him and he came into his senses.

Naira – What happened Kartik?

Kartik – Nothing.

She found it weird but shrugged it off.

Naira – Acha ye lo.

She said handing him an envelope.

Kartik – What?

Naira – Courier aaya hai tumhara.

He remembers his phone conversation and opened it. He found a letter.


Kartik Sir and Naira Madam,

I am Nurse Leela. Hope you remember. I am really sorry for what I did. I know you must thought that for what I am saying sorry. Your daughter didn’t died. She was child trafficked. I needed money for my child’s operation. I shaked hands with a child trafficking group. May be your daughter is alive!!

I am sorry please if possible forgive me. Please I am really sorry. I am very very sorry for it. Please forgive me. I know you must be finding it weird and that too I am telling you after five years but I was unable to live with this guilt.

I know you must wanted to meet me so I have written address in it only. I know you will come for sure. I am very sorry again.

Nurse Leela


After reading it Kartik was hell shocked. Tears started falling from his eyes. His hands started trembling. Seeing him like this , Naira snatched the letter and started reading it. After reading , her state was also not less than Kartik’s. Her world crashed down. She  sat down on the floor with a Thud.

Tears were uncontrollably falling from her eyes. Suddenly , She stand up and cupped Kartik’s face.

Naira – Kartik! Ye nhi ho sakta. This isn’t possible. Nahi. Ye… Ye sach nhi hai.

She said again holding that letter.

Kartik – Naira yahi sach hai.

He shouted on her.

Naira – Nahi Kartik Nahi. We shouldn’t keep such hopes which can’t happen.

Kartik – Naira! Enough… This is the truth and you have to believe it.

He again shouted on her without thinking what will it affect on her.

Naira – Nahi. Mein nhi manati. Mein nhi manati.

Kartik – Naira! It will not change the truth. Our daughter is alive and you have to believe it or else… Pls leave from here. For Now , leave me alone and leave.

Without thinking a twice, she left the room and the house. Not because Kartik said but she wasn’t in the state of listening talking or understanding now. She was broken. He also didn’t understood what he has done because he was also broken and words were just making their way on their own.

Chukar gayi kaisi chuwaan
Barsa hai dil aur barse Nayan
Ruhee tabahai beghar hai mann 
Yeh ishq ka kaisa karm

Kaisa sulookh zindagi
tu kar rhi hai
Mujhey tu mujhse
paraya kar rhi hain

Jaise ki aakhri si
saans chal rhi hai
Yaadon ko teri lipat
ke fariyad itni karun

Yaha waha hai tu
Mujhme rawa hai tu

Meri ek khushi ka hai
Kahan Pe Aasman
Reh bar aab naa rahi
mera chhota karwan

Tanha ek tinka ghum
samandar hai yaha
Mere ye khuda yaa

naa khuda hai kahan
Pathar si pasha meri
kya hai yeh raza teri

Precap : Kaira goes to Leela’s house.
Naira gets into an accident

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