Tore Apart (Kaira FF) – CLUE (EP27)

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A car came towards Naira but she was still lost in her daughter’s thoughts. Just then Kartik came and sight shook him.

Kartik –  Nairaaaa…..

He  ran towards her and pull her towards him before the car could hit her and took her in a tight hug with tears in his eyes.

Kartik – Are you mad or what? Can’t you see the car coming towards you? Huh… Have you ever thought what will happen to me or kairav without you?

He again hugs her tight.

Just then, he realises that she is crying. He broke the hug and wipes her tears.

Kartik – No Naira! We have to be Strong for our daughter. Don’t lose hope. We will find her. She is right her battle now but I know she is your daughter and will win her battle.

Naira – How we will find her? Nurse Leela?

Kartik – After you left I asked her about whim did she sell our daughter but she said that she never met that person who was the main master mind. I will appoint a detective.

Naira – Yes! This will be good.

Kartik – But for now, let’s go home. Kairav will be waiting for us.

Naira – Ok.

Both left for house.

Days passed like a wave and now it has been a month Kaira has started finding their daughter but didn’t get any information.

Kartik (on phone) – Hello… What!… Ok.

The call disconnected.

Kartik’s POV
Abhishek (detective) got to know that our daughter is in orphanage. But why? Should I tell Naira about this? No… She will again get tensed. Already, she is very stressed from a month.
POV Ends.

Just then Naira came to Kartik.

Naira – Kartik, Can we go to Rhishikesh?

Kartik – Haa. Why not! But ekdum se kya hua?

Naira – Vo… I don’t know why but I want to go to Rhishikesh.

Kartik – Ok. We will go.

Naira Smiles.


The scene shifts to a girl with long hairs, cute smile on her face and fierce attitude on her face , almost six years old.

Girl – Neha… Come fast.
The girl shouted.
Neha – Shh… Krishna don’t shout. If anyone got to know that we are leaving the orphanage at this time we will get scolded.
The girl was none other than Krishna aka Kaira.
Krishna – We are orphans and no one cares for us. If we had parents…
She said wiping a lone tear escaped her eyes.
Neha – Krishna… No need to think about all of this. We don’t have parents and will never have. The children who are adopted from here also never live a happy life.
Krishna – Yes. Let’s go.
Next Day,
Kaira with Kairav reaches Rhishikesh.
Kairav – Mumma Papa why do we came here?
Kartik – Vaise hi Baby. Your holidays were going on so we thought to make you happy by coming with you here.
Kairav – Oh Wow! Thank You Papa.
Suddenly Naira hugs Kairav teary eyed.

Kartik understood her feelings as whenever she used to miss their daughter kaira , she hugged Kairav like this. He kept a hand on her shoulder and she turns back. He wipes her tears.
Kairav – Mumma Papa. What are we doing here? Let’s go in our  hotel. I am very tired.
Naira – Aww! My baby is tired. Let’s go.
They leave for their hotel. After reaching , the trio just layed on the bed and fell asleep.
Krishna And Neha were playing in there orphanage.
Krishna – Pakdo Mujhey Neha.
She said laughing as Neha was running behind her. Just to see , where she reached Krishna sees behind running and hit the table on her forehead.
Krishna – Ahh!
Neha – Krishna.
She ran towards Krishna.
Kaira was sleeping peacefully with Kairav. Just then Naira woke up with a jerk and shouted
Naira – Kaira!
Hearing her shout Kartik also wakes up.
Kartik – What happened Naira?
Naira – Kartik… I.. I.. feel that our daughter she.. she is near us only. Just we are not able to see her. She is near us.
Kartik – Naira cool down. She is not here. Cool down. We will find her. Very soon she will be with us. Then you will only running behind her and Kairav for making them drink milk and when they  will fight na I will support my daughter only. You can see whom you want to support. Ok?
Naira – Acha ji! If you will support your daughter na then I will also support my son.
Kartik smiles that at the end he is successful in distracting her.

Naira – Kartik! Jab humari beti aayegi tab kitni saari khushiyaan hogi ghar mein. Har taraf pink dresses, toys, accessories and what not!
Kartik – Haan. But raising both together will be like raising twins.
Naira – Yes. But we will all do it together.
Kartik – Haan.
Both smiled.
Naira – Acha ek baat btao agar humari beti kisi ko date karegi kya tumhe problem hogi. Mujhey to koi problem nhi hai.
Kartik – Hogi na. Mujhey to problem hogi. I won’t like ki koi aur special men ho meri daughter ki life mein other than me.
Naira – Ohho! Possessive Dad! Nice.
She said laughing on his Jealousy. He also smiles seeing her happy.

Scenes shifts to Neha and Krishna.
Neha – Krishna I hope it isn’t hurting na.
She said doing her first aid.
Krishna – No. I am fine.
Just then an old man comes.
Old Man – Neha and Krishna! You didn’t sleep yet. Go and sleep now.
Both girls run in their room getting scared.
In Their Room,
Neha – Uncle is too much. He scold us every time.

Krishna – But he is better than my Parents. Who never loved me. I hate them.
Neha – I know Krishna.
Krishna – Shh… No one knows other than you that I ran away from there. Else they will oust me from this orphanage.
Neha – yes!
Krishna – What if they will find me? They will again beat me, torture me and make me do there household chores. I never felt that they are my parents.
Neha – You don’t take tension. They will not find you. You are in Rhishikesh and they are in Udaipur.
Krishna – Yes!
Both hug each other.
Precap : Naira : Kartik… She… She is our Kaira… Yes.. our daughter.
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