The Twisted game of Destiny-Truth or Dare ep.11 IMMJ2 Fanfic

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Truth Or Dare. Heyy guys, thanks for all the support from the previous episode! I’m glad ya’ll are liking my FF. Please keep commenting and supporting in the comments section. Welcome to you all’s teacher’s episode!😂😂😜😜 The previous episode’s link What who???Riva: Your best friend; Krish.Rivan: Krish! When and how. Wait let me call him. (called him)(Guys Krish here is a new character, just a cameo for now but maybe l may include later, and Krish is Siddharth Nigam)KrishKrish: Rivan! What a surprise… (cut by Rivan)Rivan: Krish, how can you? Riva is like your sister too, how can you propose her! (Continuous talking)Krish: Rivan!! What are you saying man….. when did I propose Riva?Riva and Anisha laughed out: Ullu banaya, bara maza aaya!Rivan: It was a prank! (to Riva)Riva: Wow you finally got brains! Yes it was her idea (pointing at Anisha)Anisha: Sorry yea, I wanted to see your reaction.Krish: (on the phone call) Hello…. I’m alive! Rivan you call after such a long time, and you don’t bother saying hi or hello and you start lashing out at me! (scolding) And Riva what type of prank is this, you know he would have shot an arrow from the phone itself! I would have been dead.Rivan: (laughing) Sorry yaar, anyway we’ll catch up later. (hung up the call) Honestly you guys! (to the three)Shayne: (poor him 😂) What did I do? I’ve been silent all this time! (cute pout and the three laughed at his cuteness)Anisha: Let’s continue. Riva your turn.Riva: Okay Shayne so truth or dare?Shayne: Dare.Riva: (thinking) Go to Ishani Ma’am and irritate her. (giggling)Anisha: Yess! In fact am helping you, spoil mom’s beauty products, meaning make up!Shayne: You both want to kill me? Ishani masi would convert me into a human to a dead meat! Her make up I everything for her and you know it, didu. She’s your mum.Anisha: That’s why I suggested to play with her make-up easier work for you. (she giggled)Shayne: Come on, you all are bullying me, not fair! (whining)Rivan: What did I do? (innocently) You are the one who chose a dare, so bare.Shayne:  fine!  But you all have to come! (they nodded)Ishangre’s room The four went in to the room when she had gone to the washroom. Shayne took her eyeshadow added lots of powder in it, along with water. He mixed it and it became super thick and closed the pack. Next he took her lipstick and poured glue on it. He closed it tight and next it was the turn of her blush, he mixed the liquid eyeliner with the blush, but before he could do anything else Ishani was about to come. So they ran to their room waiting to see what would happen next. After a few minutes they heard a loud scream from that room. Shayne instantly got scared while the three laughed at his expression. They rushed to see, Ishani wearing the makeup. Her eyelids had thick lumps of eyeshadow, her lips had the lipstick but white in color because of the glue. After screaming she brought her lips together leading them to stick because of the glue. Her cheeks had patches of black due to the eyeliner.The four couldn’t stop themselves from laughing while Ishani irritatingly glared at them. She was annoyed and she started moving around like a child, stomping her foot. The scream had called Vansh and Angre to the room as well. As soon as Angre saw Ishani, he ran to her and tried to control her. He knew what happened to Ishani when someone tried to spoil her makeup, she would cry and throw tantrum like a baby, she would throw away everything she would hold first, anything; even a phone. Vansh saw her and started laughing out loud. She dangerously glared at him to stop but he couldn’t. He held his stomach in pain due to the sight in front of him.Vansh: Oh God!! (laughing) Witch!! A pure witch! (pointing)Ishani: Mmmmmm…. Mmmmg,mmmm. (she couldn’t speak)Vansh: Finally this radio stopped!! (laughing)Angre: Bhai (he giggled)Ishani: (saw that and stamped on his foot) Mmmm mmmm!Angre: Ouch!! Hitler! Who did this?Ishani: mmmm mmm.Vansh: mm mmmmm (mimicking) Oh come on Ishani (laughing) when you can speak properly we can talk then. Kiddos you go to your room. (they all left)Angre: (thinking) they left me with this Hitler, I don’t know what she would throw this time. Hope it’s not me!Rivan and Riva’s room Rivan: That was hilarious!! (laughing)Anisha: (laughing) Dad’s gone, Hitler will take charge today!! (they all laughed)Shayne: Rivan now it’s your turn. Dare or Truth?Rivan: Dare!Shayne: Okay, ummm so anyone who comes by this room, it could be a male or a female, you have to tell them I Love You with their name.Rivan: Ohh that’s super easy! (he went to the door and waited for a while)Shayne: Anyone there yet?Rivan: I can hear some footsteps. There someone’s coming. (he closed his eyes)Riva: He’s a fattu! He gets scared by anything (giggles)Rivan: (heard the steps nearing to him) I love you! (opened his eyes to see Vansh) Dad.Riva: (shocked, thinking) What did this guy blurt out?Vansh: What!Rivan: (realizing what he said) It was a dare! By him (pointing to Shayne)Vansh: (chuckled at his face) Why are you getting scared for that! Anyway go inside. (he went inside with them) I want to tell you two things. The first one, you guys were the one who did that with Ishani right?Shayne: I didn’t do anything! They did! (dropping the ticking bomb on the three, they looked in shock)Riva: Shayne!!Shayne: Didu (to Anisha) wasn’t it you guys who told me to do it as a dare!Vansh: Really! (shouting, serious tone) (pause) Good job!! (he whispered and smiled)Shayne: Yes mamu, I did it!! (proud and smiling)Vansh: The second announcement, Riva and Rivan, we will have our first interview session tmr! (he left)I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do. I tried my best to include your dares @AarushiSoni and @Jashanpreet Kaur and @Anu, I hope you like the way I brought it out in this episode. I tried my best to make it funny, and I hope I managed to do so.Question: How did you find the game episode and the fiasco created? Let me know in the comments section about this question.❤Parita❤

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