The twisted game of Destiny- An evening spent well ep 10. IMMJ2 Fanfic

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An evening spent well with mom and unknown cousins.Heyy guys, thanks for all the support from the previous episode! I’m glad ya’ll are liking my FF. Please keep commenting and supporting in the comments section. Thanks to all of you for all the comments, finally reached 100+ in the last update. @1234Aayu, @attractiveuser, @AarushiSoni and @Rukaiya you guys contributed a lot, thanks for making it reach 100! 😂😘 @Rukaiya asked for a double update so i’m here, I don’t know when this would be uploaded but this is the second one for today.  The previous episode’s link the roomRivan: Is she picking? (impatient)Riva: Hold on! She will soon. (waiting) there she did!! Mom!! Hi!Rivan: (happy) Hi Mom!The screen of their phone was aimed at a woman in bed. The woman was injected with some tubes on her hands, piercing her soft skin, passing fluids in her body. A few wires attached to her head, measuring the movements. She was still, with her eyes open. She couldn’t speak, but heard everything. She wanted to move, but she didn’t have the energy, or rather the encouragement. Her kids encouraged her everyday but was it enough? Was she longing for someone else to help her recover?Pls Ignore VanshShe always heard her children talking to her, she wanted to talk to them, see them growing. She missed a lot. She hadn’t seen them transforming from children to teenagers and now to adults. She was lying there for 9 years with little improvement in her condition. She was in a state of comatose. And she was none other than Riddhima!The phone’s direction was moved by the person holding it. She showed her face. She had a bubbly face, round and beautiful. Her eyes were ocean blue and eyeliner adorning her eyes. She wore long dangling earrings matching with her outfit. She had bright smile on her face.She was their second mother, Riddhima’s best friend; Sejal. She was there with her through thick and thin, all 18 years.Rivan: Hi masi! How are you?Sejal: I’m fine Riv and you both?Riva: We’re both good. How’s Mom’s treatment going?Sejal: (sad) as usual, not much improvement. She’s missing your talks, call often.Rivan: Masi we will whenever we get time. Now you’re talking too much! Go to Mom.Sejal: Mom’s boy! Here. (to Riddhima) your two darlings want to talk to you, they forgot their masi! (acting)Riva: Oh masi you and your drama! (laughing) you know we can never ever forget you! (to Riddhima) Mom come on, please wake up! We need to share a lot! You know who I met today? I met a wonderful family, who accepts us. The one thing we always wanted!Rivan: That’s right Mom. They are so kind, they give us all the love we missed. Seems like they are our family!  It’s as if the love we were craving for all these years had been all covered up today.Riva: There are two kids as well, Shayne and Anisha, they are very kind, we mingled along together very well. And guess what mom, Rivan got his favorite dessert, choconut cashew bar! He was eating it as if he had never seen one! (she hit him playfully)Rivan: Masi you see that right! You always support Riva, look now who’s hitting me. She started it first! Mom always supports me! (Sejal laughed)Riva: In your dreams! Mom and masi are always on my side, not yours! You know masi, this boy keeps on.. (cut by Sejal)Sejal: Okay baba! We know your normal routine, both complaining about each other and fighting. (joining her hands) Not today (they made a face) I hope you haven’t been fighting like this there?Riva/ Rivan: No/yes. (they looked each other and then to Sejal)Sejal: Yes or no! (sounding stricter)Rivan: Tiny meeny bit (cute face)Riva: What a face! (she shuddered)Rivan: As if your face is any better, it’s the same as mine! (chuckling) (They are identical twins) Riva: Uhh Mom!! Come on get up! You need to slap this child of yours!They shared everything with Riddhima and Sejal but there was one thing they never told them. It was about their mission to get their family and dad.Dadi passed the room and heard them talking to their mum, unknown to her it was Riddhima. She wasn’t able to see but she was happy the way they talked to her. She remembered the way Riddhima shared everything with her. Riddhima shared everything, when she was sad, when she was happy when she was stressed, when she was troubled. Their bond was more of a mother-daughter bond. She brushed off her thoughts about Riddhima and she left from there. After a while they hung up the call and descended for dinner. They again saw Vansh going to the secret room. That’s when Riva pulled Rivan to the kitchen to talk to him. She was the one who was watching Vansh from far before Rivan called him out in the afternoon. Riva told him all she saw.Riva: I was standing but I couldn’t see the password. All I saw is that we need to enter his fingerprints along with the password. And when he opened the door, it was all dark, no lights at all. I wonder what’s in the room. We need to go inside. I’m going to go and find out!Rivan: Calm down, let’s not do things in a haste! Let’s have sessions with him, we’ll get to know more. For now, we need to get out of here before someone starts to question us here! (they left to sleep)As they reached their room, they saw Anisha and Shayne waiting for them.Anisha: We’re sorry to enter your room without your permission but I thought we could spend time together! (excited) We’ve got some games to play right now!Shayne: Yea didu is right, we thought in the day time you may be busy with journalism so why not at night?Riva: Sounds great to me! I’m on it. You (to rivan)Rivan: Duh!! So what have you got to play?Anisha: I’ve got UNO, Phase 10, Scrabble.Shayne: We can also play Truth and dare, Never have I.Rivan: We can play Truth and Dare… what say? (they nodded) Then UNO.They settled themselves on the beds. They had gotten two individual beds, so the boys sat on Rivan’s bed while the girls on Riva’s bed. Anisha started.Anisha: We can go by this order; I can start, then Riva, Shayne then Rivan. So I’ll start. Riva truth or dare?Riva: I’ll take truth.Anisha: Okay (thinking) Has anyone had a crush on you and told you?Rivan: Oh I’ve handled all of them! There were 2 of them, that too younger, like 4 years younger. They came one day and tried proposing her butShayne: (cutting him) you never let them! (laughing) Let Riva speak, it’s her turn.Riva: Umm yea he’s saying the truth but there’s one more who did which he’s not aware about! (laughing)Rivan: What who???Riva: It was ……………Guys so this was a quick update. So please complete Riva’s sentence and also if you have any dares for these kids, write them down in the comments section.I hope you enjoyed reading this. The more the response the earlier I will post 😜 Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. Please keep supporting like you all always do.Question: Let me know the dares you would want these guys to have, I will choose a few of them. Also complete the sentence that Riva is about to say.  How did you like Riddhima’s official entry?Let me know in the comments section about this question.❤Parita❤@1234Aayu, this is what I had sketched. Some of it is cut because it was a bit bigger than the size that’s allowed. (the nose has a problem 😂)

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