The twisted fate (An rrahel fanfic) Chapter 1

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                    CHAPTER 01 : THE BROKEN HOPES……IT WAS AN PEACEFUL AFTERNOON RRAHEL WAS TALKING TO EACH OTHER IN THEIR ROOMS IN THE LUNCH BREAKHELLA: so rra tell me what’s your opinion about your future wife.                                                               hearing this rra gives her a weird look and laugh.  RRAHUL: you know what I have a lot of expectations for my future wife that I don’t get anyone like that in this birth 😁.HELLA: haha I know that still tell something NahRRAHUL: okay, so her intro should be always the best In my life, her hair floating up and down, oh god my imagination is going too far, at last, you will have to pay for this okay ( in a funny way ) then So she should always try to understand me, she should be someone I can trust for my whole life, etc…..Hella was thinking something in mindRRAHUL: like u believed it ?? 😂.  Look yaar I really don’t know how she should be but the moment I meet her will be the best moment in life. Just pray to God that she comes into my life soon 😅🙏 😂HELLA:  oh god If u r hearing this pls Don’t send anyone like that in between us 🤣 In her mind ok 😂 ( In this hella likes rra )RRAHUL: where did you go ?? What are u dreaming of??HELLA:  something that I want 😂.RRAHUL: hmm maybe a boyfriend 😆HELLY: ha how funny 😂 now come to the topic. I would love to go for a small mountain trip would u like to join ??RRAHUL: He was like sure I would love to ❤️HELLY:  ha great tomorrow morning 🙂and in mind, she was like I will propose u from that beautiful place 🤧But nothing was happening as they expected 😭.They were going through the mountains where they meet an accident 😭.and In an attempt to save Hella rra falls from there 🤧.okay, so this is just a small dose 🤣. The actual twists will be revealed soon on the plot. so hope u like it.  and this is just for fun don’t take it it’s really small bcs as of now I have a job to complete so will make sure it’s long next time.PRECAP : hella wakes up in the hospital thinking rra is no more, where rra wakes up in an entirely strange place and meets a new girl

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