The Story of Two Mafias-9-Reducing distances (1)

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4-5 days from enagement.. Vansh and Riddhima have got this duty forcefully to arrange the whole wedding function TOGETHER..and TOGETHER is the only problem..
RS Mansion :
Abhilasha : Go carefully!!
Riddhima : Yeah mom..
And she leaves in Vansh’s car.
Vansh’s car :
Vansh (in mind) : Gorgeous is the only word I can say for her this dress..
He is just staring at her.

Riddhima : Oh Mr. start driving the car..
Vansh nods and starts driving the car. He plays the song Zaalima and starts murmuring along “Zaalima..O Zaalima..” While she is busy adjusting her belt. Vansh looks at her.
Vansh : Lemme help youu..
He goes near her to help her. He is tying the belt while Riddhima is glaring at him.
Vansh : Don’t look like this..
Riddhima turns her gaze. He ties the seat belt and backs off.
Vansh (in his mind) : What does she thinks of herself?
Someone beats at the car’s glass. Riddhima lowers her glass a bit.
Person (P) ; Riddhima (R)
R : Yes?
P : We’re from News21..Can I know whom are you going with?
R : Why?
P : We’re from press and want to see that gentlemen’s face..
She closes the glass.
Vansh : Why are you scared to tell? Say, going with my jiju’s brother..
Riddhima : You just shut up..Okay?
Vansh : No, why? Why can’t you answer those reporters?
Riddhima : I’ve to go somewhere..Shall I come in just 5 mins?
Vansh nods. She gets out of the car wearing her brown overcoat and glasses. Vansh gets a call.
A godown :
Riddhima ties the reporter on the chair.
Reporter : Sorry mam..But what’s my fault?
Riddhima : How DARE you question me? Idiot!
She throws all the things around and then punches the reporter.
Reporter:  Sorry ma’am..Please forgive me..
Riddhima : On one cause..
Reporter: Yes?
Riddhima : You’ve to work for me..
Reporter : Ok ma’am..
Riddhima gives her a number and says,”Talk to him, and he’ll tell you your work..” She leaves.
Back to the car :
She comes and sits in the car. Blood is flowing from her hands as she threw the things.
Vansh : Blood? Again killed someone?
Riddhima : Her luck was good..I didn’t killed her..
Vansh smirks and says,”But appointed as your person”
Riddhima : Spy
She turns her face. He drives the car and they reach a big showroom in the mall. They are welcomed inside.
Worker : Myself Aarav…How may I help you?
Riddhima : We’re here to buy some clothes for wedding..
Aarav : Your wedding?
Riddhima : No..You dammit! It’s my sister’s wedding with his brother..
Aarav : Ohh..Welcome please..
They both enter inside.
Aarav : First, lemme show for you..
Riddhima nods. Aarav brings 10-15 lehengas of different colours.
Aarav : Purple for Mehndi, Yellow for Haldi, Green for Sangeet and Red for Wedding right?
Riddhima nods. Aarav shows her some of different colours. (will show in the ceremonies, don’t miss them, RiAnsh romance coming there!) Riddhima tries some over her dress to see will they suit, though she is a serious person but wants everything perfect. Vansh is standing adoring her. She is struck with a lehenga. Aarav goes to help her and holds her hand. She is trying to free it but he doesn’t leaves it. He is adjusting her lehenga.
Aarav : This looks good on you..
Vansh furies and goes, frees her hand and adjusts it by himself.
Vansh : I don’t think it’s a good one.. Riddhima, you can buy anything else..
Riddhima nods and selects other one. She is busy with her other clothes. Vansh with Aarav make an exit.
On a side :
Vansh : How DARE YOU hold her hand forcefully?
He punches him four-five times and is continuing when Riddhima screams.
That’s all for the part..I hope you liked it! I’ll upload one more part this week and then next Thursday or Friday..Do vote n comment..See y’ soon!
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