The Story of Two Mafias-7-The Roka!!?

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At night, everyone slept at their places. Next morning, Riddhima goes to her office in a hurry.
Manya : Shehnaaz, you too have to go to office, right?
Shehnaaz : No mom, actually..
Manya : What actually?
Shehnaaz (holding her breath) : I have taken leave because I want to marry..
Manya : Marry?
Shehnaaz nods.
Manya : With whom?
Shehnaaz : Will you lemme?
Manya : If your choice is good,right Dev?
Dev : Absoluelty, princess, say whom?
Shehnaaz : Siddharth..
Dev : Rai Singhania?
Shenaaz nods.
VR Mansion :-
Siddharth has told to Abhilasha and Sohail about Shehnaaz and his marriage, and to his surprise, they agreed to him.
Abhilasha : So, my child, I’m really happy that you found a daughter-in-law..but is she happy with the wedding?
Siddharth : Yes mom..
Sohail : So, without any delay, let’s do Roka ceremony..What say?
Siddharth : Yess dad, I’ll inform them once..
Sohail : Sure..I’ll call Vansh..
The Rai Singhania’s are ready. Vansh is informed and he furies with anger. But to respect his brother’s decision he decided to keep quiet.
RS Mansion :-
Riddhima : Whatt? Shehnaaz is marrying Siddharth? No-no, this can’t be happened…Never..
She spoke a little slowly.
Manya : What happened Riddhima?
Riddhima : Nothing mom (she fakes smiled)
Dev : Get ready Riddhima princess..
Riddhima : Yes daddy..
She goes. The Rai Singhania’s arrive. The Singhania mansion is decorated very beautifully. Riddhima welcomes them inside. Here’s our people..

Shehnaaz – Our soon to be bride

Siddharth – Our soon to be groom

Abhilasha – Our soon to be groom’s mom

Manya- Our soon to be bride’s mom

Sohail – Our soon to be groom’s daddy

Dev – Our soon to be bride’s daddy

Vansh – Our groom’s brother

Riddhima- Our bride’s sister
Abhilasha : Take Riddhima child, this thaal and apply tilak on Shehnaaz and Siddharth’s forheads.
Riddhima takes the thaal and apply the tilak. The bride and the groom take blessings of the elders and then, exchangement of gifts take place. Abhilasha adorns Shehnaaz by placing a red dupatta on her head and give her gifts and same takes places with Sid (Hey! Wait, dupatta wala not Same ☻)They all congratulate each other, there were two people unhappy with the marriage, our dearest Vansh and Riddhima. Vansh is drinking water, when it falls on his clothes.
Vansh : Dammit!!
Abhilasha : Don’t panic Vansh, clean it..
Manya : Riddhima, take him in your room and help him in cleaning..
They both went inside her room.
Vansh : I told you dammit to stop this wedding, then..
Riddhima : See, Mr. Vansh, for me my family and my sister’s happiness matters a lot, I know I’m a cold-hearted person but still can’t hurt my family..Get it you?
Vansh : For me too my bro’s happiness means a lot that’s why I’m saying STOP this wedding..I won’t be able to tolerate one more betrayal..
Riddhima : I assure you Shehnaaz will not betray Sid.
Vansh : And if she dares to do so, then..
Riddhima : Then, your gun and my head.
Vansh smirks.
Riddhima : And I know how to be obedient, Mr. Vansh..
Saying this, she cleans his coat.  While, Vansh looks on.
Vansh : Hope this time, I can trust you..
Riddhima : We won’t break your trust.
Vansh : Thank you
Riddhima : But what if Sid does something?
Vansh : Then, your gun and my head.
Riddhima smirks.
Vansh : Apart from our enmity, we should appericiate what is beautiful..
Riddhima : Means?
Vansh : You’re looking gorgeous..
Riddhima blushes and says,”Thanks..and you’re too looking good.”
Abhilasha : Vanshh..come, where are you?
They both go down. The Rai Singhania’s bid goodbye to the Singhania’s and left.
So, people as I told double update, I got a bit late as I forgot! Sorry!!!! Hope y’ liked it., and don’t forget to read the last update..Keep supporting and loving!! Let’s see what happens ahead..
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