The Story of Two Mafias-6-SidNaaz Plan

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Well, I thought it will be difficult to guess, but our reader from Tellyupdates @Priyanshi_13 managed to know and @Arushi too 50-50 and @Amena 25% I couldn’t update yesterday once more due to network issue, Will post 1 more today after 12.So, let’s begin :-Siddharth : Now, let’s start working on our plan..Shehnaaz nods.They both leave.In Vansh & Sid’s room :-Siddharth sat on the bed and looked at his phone with a smile, Vansh entered.Vansh : To whom are you looking in such an interesting way?Siddharth : Nothing bro..I’m coming..He left his phone open and left. (Hiding near the door)Vansh picked up and sawVansh : This is Riddhima’s sister, what is Sid doing with her photo..Does he..No..I can’t tolerate that someone trouble my bro..He left the phone took his car and went straightly outside Riddhima’s mansion. He messaged her to come out.Riddhima : Yess, what happened? Why you called me at this hour?Vansh : Do you know what..(he was loud)Riddhima : Shh..She sits in the car and makes him too..Riddhima : Now sayVansh : Your sister has trapped by bro in love!Riddhima : Whaatttt?Vansh : YessRiddhima : Stop kiddin yaar! IS this a TIME to joke?Vansh : I’m not joking, wait (narrates the incident)Riddhima : No dude, I don’t want my sister to go to your devil family (Well, Riddhu you’re also going there only, so take a chill-pill and get used to the Devils)Vansh : HOW DARE YOU SPEAK MY FAMILY DEVILS ?Riddhima : Devils, like this..She gets down.Riddhima : I’ll explain her, you GO!Vansh : Better or I have my own ways..Riddhima : Don’t threaten me or..Vansh : OR?Riddhima : Nothing..She goes inside.Vansh : I’m not gonna tolerate another BETRAYAL from these..He drives to his home.Riddhima enters Shehnaaz’s room.Shehnaaz : Didi, you here?Riddhima : Don’t ask me questions, just answer do you love Siddharth?Shehnaaz : Vo……Riddhima : Answer me dammit!Shehnaaz : Yess..Riddhima : You mean you want to go at their house as daughter-in-law?Shehnaaz nods. Riddhima bangs her hand on the table.Riddhima : Dammit!She leaves.Shehnaaz (on call) : Hello Sid, work is done..Siddharth : Now, we’ll inform our parents..Shehnaaz nods.That’s it for the part, will post 1 more today as an apology for sure..Keep supporting!!

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