The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 7

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The Next day :Rivan : yaar tanish did you execute the first step in our planTanish : of course you dont worryAt the other side at an exhibition in kashmirCounter man : look sir and madam we just have 3 tickets , so decide whom to goRiddima : give it to me as it will be enoughVansh : no give to me , it will be enough for meRiddima : excuse me , i came first here , so i will get those ticketsVansh : come on sweetheart , as you know if you get those also , you can’t go right , as vriddhi , tanish and the other will get itRiddima : who is that other ??Vansh : that person who is with vriddi and tanish as I doesn’t know his nameRiddima : oh he okCounter man : mam for whom I should give those tickets you both decideRiddima : ok I wantVansh : come on riddima as I wanna take anju and rishiRiddima : even I too wanna take tanish , vriddhi and ………. Ok fine you take the ticketsVansh : but why , till now you fought with me and now you gave upRiddima : bcoz I will take them to the park , it’s ok , you take rishi and anjuSaying so she leavesVansh : ajeeb si ladki (strange girl )At that time :Rivan : ok guys now , we executed the step 1 now step 2Vriddhi : so I will bring principal sir byeTanish : byeRivan : and come fastLater ,Rivan to trisha in a spooky voice : trisha aaa……Trisha(scaring) : w……. h……….. a……….tRivan : just say the truth to principal sirTrisha : no way why should I say that , I only falsely accused you , I have hatred towards you , I am cruel , I am taking my revenge , why should I say these all and stop scaring meFrom back a person : no need to say anything , you said everything right awayTrisha turns back to see principal sir with vriddhi and then tanish comesTanish : yeah , our plan succeededRivan : yesPrincipal : sorry rivan , I accused you , I am sorry and she will get the punishmentThe Next day :Students , teachers and their all are present theirPrincipal : now you will get the punishmentTrisha : no sir it was all wrongTanish : yaar , you will not change or whatVriddhi : when there are chances to change , she could change at first onlyAfter giving punishment rivan comes to trisha and says when everyone are presentRivan(smirking and smiling ) : hmm abi toh tune samajhli hai na ki jab rivan ki saath mess up karta hai tab uski consequences kya hogi , i hope tune samajhli
Game over
Have a good day
Take care
Good byeAnd then he leaves from therePrecap : no way I can’t

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