The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 6

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When they reach the trip place they are very excitedRivan: mumma let’s goRiddima : you leave I will take the luggage and will comeRivan : as your wishAnd then vansh again collided with riddimaRiddima : you once again , just leave my life and go away from me pleaseVansh : come on riddima , I am coming intentionally , I am just unknowingly collided with you , and ya I will leaveRiddima and vansh left from there and gone to their roomsIn vansh ‘ s room
Vansh : so here you go the bedroom of oursRishi : it is looking really nice mamuIn riddima’s roomRiddima : so did you liked the roomRivan : yeah ! , And ya I loved the balcony as it is giving fresh airRiddima : I will leave now , byeRiddima and vansh came out of their respective roomsRiddima : vansh did you marry anyoneVansh : yeahRiddima : whoVansh : youRiddima : anyone after meVansh : no oneRiddima (murmurs) : thank GodVansh : what ???Riddima : nothingVansh : I have listened what you saidRiddima : then keep quietVansh : with whom you cameAt that moment rivan called riddimaRivan : hey darlingRiddima : hey handsome , do you want anything ??Vansh is completely irritated and was feeling jealous so muchRivan : nothing just come fastAnd then he came from back of riddimaRivan : hey sweetheart (in the same tone as vansh )Vansh is totally shocked how he said that wordRiddima : oh come on why do you called me now if you came here directlyRivan : sorry and ya come fast as I wanna see the beautiful view of kashmirRiddima : we can go but till then just observe the balcony sideRivan : ok byeHe left and even vansh is relieved that it was he who called her and his jealousy gone away from himRiddima : bye Mr VR see you soon (smiling)Vansh : bye mrs VRRiddima : smartVansh : I am alwaysThe both left to their rooms and then they got ready and gone out of their rooms and they gone to a famous garden in kashmir
And then all are enjoying the view at the same time anju and rishi got scared when they saw a scorpion and then rivan came to them and made them go away and then he made the scorpion go awayRiddima : you are so brave rivanVansh : yes you are soo braveRivan : yaar pl stop praising it was person’s responsibility to save a person when they are in need and want our helpThen they went to few more places and enjoyed And it was midnight riansh , anju , rishi and rivan arranged the camp fire and then tanish and vriddhi also joined themRivan : so guys ready to execute the planRiddima : I think the plan is about trisha am I right or am I not right ??Rivan : yesRishi & anju : who is this trishaTanish : (he explains the whole situation)Rivan : now we could execute the first step in our planVriddhi : but if we lost the plan thenRiddima : good question , and the answer for this is that he will always be ready with Plan B like meRivan : yeah so guys execute 1st step and come fastRiddima : so could you say what is your plan to usRivan : yes I willFB showsRivan : guys I have a plan so 1st step is that we should scare that trisha step 2 is to make her reveal everything herself step 3 is to be sure that when she is confessing principal sir should be present , doneTanish and Vriddhi : yes
*FB ends *Rivan : so that is what the plan isPrecap : Rivan : we have succeeded in our frist step now , it is the time for the second step

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