The Story After A Leap IMMJ2 (FF) Episode – 4

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And then one day ,
At playground :
Rivan : you know what tanish actually , I have known a baba named Ishmart Baba will give us the answers about any questions even what is our personality too you know
On the same time , Vansh came to heartbeat hospital for his friend who got into an accident and he visiter his , when he has unknowjngly gone to riddima’s cabin not knowing she is the owner , at the same time she was checking some files and they hitted each other , and vansh holded when she is about to fall and he saw her

Riansh : youuuuuu !!!!!!!?????????
Riddima : leave me
Vansh : no i will not as you will fall
Riddima : I am saying that leave my life and wont come again
Vansh : do you think I will leave you
Riddima : first you left right now what happened suddenly
Vansh : I am leaving now but will comeback
Riddima : try your best but you can’t
Now , anju is listening to rivan’s words and decided to meet the ishmart baba
She came to him on the next day with her family members and seeing her abhi & riddima who are present in that place laughed , anju ‘ s family refused to come but she requested them
Anjali : baba

Ishmart baba : not baba , ishmart baba
Anjali : sorry ishmart baba
Baba : say me what is your problem
Anjali : I want to know about myself
Baba : then go to that tree and it will answer you
Anjali : how ?? It will talk
Baba : no it will say yes or no by throwing leafs if your statement is yes then nothing falls but no , leafs fall
Anjali : but this is like pawankalyan’s movie
Baba : you wanna do , you do or else leave
(Saying so he left from there )
Anjali : no no I will , sooo tree
Rivan : not tree

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Anju : you
Rivan : yeah ! It’s me
Anju : just leave
Rivan: but say the correct name , you should call it with respect and it’s name is javaab ka antariksh ka vriksh (the universe of answers tree)
Anju : thank u and javaab ka antariksh ka vriksh ji so anwer is I am smart ??
Leafs fall signing no
Rivan : are yaar you are brainless so how could you be smart
Anju : shut up
Rivan : I will ask , so is she beautiful
Leafs doesn’t fall

And he asks some more questions later , when he asks for himself he takes a remote from his pocket and makes leafs fall causing to abhi & riddima laugh
Rivan : so I wanna say is , it’s a prank happy April fools day and I am that ishmart baba
Later anju runs behind him later they fight
The next day ,
Principal calls rivan ,
Principal : rivan a girl complained on you
Rivan : who is it sir
He sees the girl and gets shocked
Precap : girl : sir he should get punishment
Guys today’s questions

  1. Who could the girl be
  2. Is she anju
  3. Or any new character
  4. Why girl complained on him
    5 . Is there any mistake dine by rivan
    Write your views in comment section
    Hope you guys liked it
    Loads of love
    Take care

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