The reason of my ecstasy – Every end is a new beginning Chapter – 47

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Chapter : 47…” Old Enmity “…The episode starts with a boy entering the meeting room. He opened the door to saw two boys in their mid-twenties was sitting with his boss for the meeting. He was shocked at first to saw them, his eyes pop out, but he try to compose himself so that his Boss don’t gets to know about it.Same happens for Vansh and Angre, they were also shocked to see him. Both Vansh and Angre saw each other. Vansh’s blood starts to boil in anger. He was trying his best to calm himself.Abhirup:Meet my right hand,Kabir Kapoor. A very loyal and dedicated person. He will tell more about the project.Kabir:Good morning Mr. Raisinghania. ( trying to act normal).Vansh:Very good morning Mr. Kapoor. (giving an sarcastic smile).Kabir:So let me continue with the meeting.He asked someone to start the projector and starts to explain more about the project. The meeting goes on smoothly.Abhirup:So the deal is final!!Vansh and Abhirup shakes hand and then leaves.Vansh comes to his cabin.Vansh:So Kabir is his right hand now.Angre:Yes.Vansh:I want more information about him in 24 hours. How he got this job, where he lives, where is his family. Every single detail.Angre:Ok boss.Angre leaves from there.Vansh walks to the window and saw the busy road of Mumbai from the window. Then he saw the clear sky.Vansh:I totally forgot about my past. I again started my new life but see again you all came back. Now I will not leave you getting my revenge back. Not every time I will get this golden opportunity.The scene shifts to another place where we saw a girl was standing beside the window and seeing the clear sky. She was humming a song. Then she starts to sing very slowly so that no one can hear her leaving her.She has a very sweet voice. Nothing less than a cuckoo. It can melt anyone’s heart very easily. A tear drops from her eyes while singing. She heard someone’s foot steps so she wipes her tears and also stop singing.A man in his sixties opens the door and enters. He was having food in his hand. There was a smile in his face.Man:Good morning my princess.The girl turns towards him.Girl:Good morning dad.Dad:See I have brought your breakfast. Eat it.Girl:So may I know that Mr. Ajay Kapoor had his breakfast before bringing for me?//Father of Riddhima and Kabir. He is a very popular singer. He is avery obedient son. Lost his wife Namrata Kapoor in an accident. //Ajay:Miss. Riddhima Kapoor, I have thought to have our breakfast together if you don’t mind anything.Both of them chuckles.// Riddhima is a very sweet and gorgeous gir. She is a gynaecologist. She is a very loyal and obedient daughter. Younger sister of Kabir Kapoor. She knows modelling also and sings very well. //They sat in the bed and Ajay took the bread and makes her eat it. Riddhima also takes the same bread and makes him eat. After they had their breakfast they were having some daughters and father time.Riddhima:Dad you were saying about new program right?Ajay:Yes, they are hosting a new competition. And they want me to be judge over there and..Riddhima:And what?Ajay:And they want you to sing over their as a special guest.Riddhima was taken aback with this proposal.Riddhima:Never, Dad you very well know I had stopped singing. Even we had call a press conference and informed them also then what happened now? Don’t they know about it? Tell them I can’t sing. It’s impossible for me.Ajay:Not impossible princess. If you want to sing then you can.Riddhima:No Dad!! I left singing 6 years ago. Music is not a cup of tea and you know that very well. It needs practices. I can’t sing like before without practices. Even I forgot how I used to sing then how? Sorry dad but I can’t.She stands up and goes near the window. She folds her hands tries to hide her face from his dad so that he can’t she her crying.But then she felt some water on her head and someone is chanting “Om shanti, Om shanti”. She very well know who can do this. She turns to her.Riddhima : Dadi please. Not again. ( calm but angry).Dadi:My guruji told me if my grand daughter is angry then I should sprinkle this holy water on her. See you anger vanishes.// Gayatri Kapoor is an orthodox woman. She is always indulge in doing poojas. She always follow her guruji’s teaching. //
Riddhima walks to her dad and hugs him.Riddhima:Dad see Dadi again started. I don’t want to sing dad.Ajay:Ok no need. I will tell them.Dadi:See my guruji’s holy water worked. Let me go and call him.She goes and Riddhima and Ajay laughs seeing her antics.Vansh came back home with Angre. Vansh brought flowers and chocolate for Siya as he shout on her. And he loves her sister a lot, he can’t see tears in their eyes.He walks to Siya’s room. He saw that Siya was careessing his picture. He feels guilty for shouting on her.Vansh:Siya..Siya wiped her tears and turn to him.Siya:Bhai..Vansh:I am sorry, i shouldn’t had scold on you like that. You know how much I hate songs.Siya:It is fine bhai. I can understand your problem also. Now forgot all those. ( smiling).Vansh:See what I have brought for my princess.Siya:Wow!! Flowers and chocolate. Let me post a pic in Instagram with those flowers and I will ate that chocolate with Ishani di.She tooks it from his hand and runs.Vansh chuckles seeing her childish nature. Then he was about to turn but felt a soft hand around his chest.Precap:I don’t know what I will write in next chapter so no precap😂😂🤣. Some of you were saying you have confusion so please say it so that I can clear it and if the confusion is regarding the sneak peak then you have to wait😉😉. I am very happy because all love the new concept. Keep supporting me like this. Love you all ❤❤😘😘. 

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