The reason of my ecstasy – Every end is a new beginning Chapter 46

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Hello everyone!! I am back again. 😂😂😂After seeing all of yours comment I was laughing like maniac😂😂😂. You all are so confused and tum log ko cunfused dekh k mujhe hasi arahi hai🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. But agr me nhi bolughi to maar khaunghi. So the first question was -Riansh alive or dead.? The answer is yes they are dead🙄🤣. So now the question is what will be the story upon. The answer- well it will be on riansh only. Many of you may find it illogical. Actually we say na in stories that ” ye rishta saat janmo ka hai “. So i want to show here about their next life also. Mtlb first life me maar gye aab next life ka story start hoga. I know it is illogical and funny also but want to tried something new🤪😅. The story will be interesting, so you can trust on me🙄🙄😅😅. And don’t worry i will not kill them here also happy ending karunghi but badh me abhi to new story start horaha hai. Now all of yours doubt is clear or still there🤧🤧. Agar ho to comment me bolna zarur. So let me start now. And don’t send chappal for this type of story🥺🥺🥺. And yes the story name will be – The reason of my ecstasy – Every end is a new beginning. Chapter : 46…” A New Start “…” Love is a very weird thing. When you loves someone then he don’t love you but when he loves you, you don’t love him anymore. ”It was a cloudy night, wind was blowing very strong. After a lightning it starts to rain heavily. No one was there in the road. It was deserted. Two person was standing beneath a tree facing towards each other. They were fully drenched with water due to rain but they were looking into each others eyes continuously. In those eyes they have hate, anger, and frustration for each other.Boy:I never imagined you can stoop so low. How can you betray your love?Girl:I never betrayed you nor I will. Have you ever tried to listen my side’s story? Do you know the whole truth also?Boy:I know you will again cook up a new story, you will give a lame excuse.Girl:This is your problem. You never listened to the whole story and starts to judge. ( annoyed).Boy:I don’t want to change also. I am fine in what I am!! ( gritting his teeth).The girl gives a sarcastic smile. Both of them turns together to leave from there. Both heads in opposite direction showing their back to each other.After going for few distance the boys turns to see if the girl is also staring him or not. But he was disappointed. Actually the girl was walking straight. The boy again turns and walks away. While the girl also stops to see the boy but saw that he was walking straight. She turned with hatred and both of them leaves with a misunderstanding.After 6 years:It was shown that a boy was taking bath in the washroom. After his bath he comes out wearing the towel around his waist. He tooks out a tuxedo suit and wears it. He comes in front of the mirror to comb his hair. In the mirror we saw that it is Vansh Raisinghania.//Vansh Raisinghania is a very hot and handsome boy. He is the owner of VR Industries. He lost his parents in tenderage which makes him an emotionless and heartless person. He is a very workholic person and for him love means betray, pain and sorrow for his bitter past.//He was combing his hair when he heard a song in his house. Suddenly his blood starts to boil. He was very angry. His eyes turns red due to so much of anger. He stroms into the room from where the sound is coming. He opens the door and barges in with full force.Van:Siya!!Yes Siya was singing. But due to Vansh’s sudden shout she got scared like hell. She was literally shivering in scare. She was looking into his brother’s eyes which is full of anger now.Van:How many times I have said you? Huh? Answer it!! ( on top of his voice).Siya:Bhaaaiii..I..was..juu..stt. (stammering)Van:I have said you thousand times do not sing!! I hate songs!! My ears aches hearing any song. If you don’t stop then one day I will break your guitar. I hope you will never want that.Saying this he leaves from the room.Siya starts to cry. It was common for her though. Whenever she sings, her brother always do the same thing.//Siya is a very sweet girl. She has a very sweet voice and has a passion to become a singer. But he scares her brother a lot. So she sings in his absence //A girl cames their running hearing all the chaos. She knew very well what happened.Siya:Ishani di!!While saying this she hugs her immediately. Ishani wipes her tears while hugging her.Ish:Sshh!! Don’t cry. You know him na, he is like this only. Don’t worry we will practices once he goes for his office.// Ishani is very supportive girl but sometimes she gets angry in small reasons. She recently came back from Europe completing her business studies. She works with her brother in VR Industries. //Ish:First stop crying. Drink some water. Let me check bhai has gone or not then you will start agai ok.Siya nodded.Van:When we have our meeting with Abhirup Industries?Ang:At sharp 11am.Van:Ok, then let’s go.//Angre is Vansh’s best friend and right hand. The most loyal person!! He knows about Vansh’s past very well. His hometown is in Noida. //Vansh and Angre leaves. Seeing this Ishani ask Siya to start practicing again.Vansh and Angre heads to their meeting room. It has an oval shaped glass table. It has 15 chairs with it. The room was painted with light blue and cream colour. At the corner there was a flower vase. Vansh loves flower a lot, especially white flowers. So it is kept over there. Everyday it contains different types of white colour flowers. Today it has white lilies.The meeting teams came and takes their sit. Vansh also sats. Angre was sitting beside him. Vansh checks his watch.Van:We should start now. Good morning.Abhirup:Good morning Mr. Raisinghania.Van:We have 5 years of partnership and we have a very good relation also, so we would like to give the new project to your company only.Abhi:It will very lucky for us then. We all like to work with you.They had their meeting for sometimes. They talk about their new project and all.Abhi:So it is final.Van:Congratulations.Abhi:It’s because of you only. So let me introduce with my new assistant. From now on he will took the responsibility. He is a very loyal and determined person.Van:It is really good.Abhi:Yes, now he will say you the next parts of our project.It was shown that a boy was coming in black tuxedo suit. He was in the corridor with a file in his hand.Boy:Where is the meeting room?Worker:Right turn from there.Boy:Thanks.He goes and got the room. He pushed the door to go inside and saw…Precap: Vansh gets shocked to see the new boy of Abhirup Industries. Riddhima’s introduction. I don’t know I have cleared your confusion or not. But do you like this episode or not? Do you want me to continue with it? Please comment🥺🥺🥺it is fine or not. 

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