The key to the chamber of love (Ep 8) Mrs.Vansh rai Singhania

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Hey guys i am back with ep 8 and yh. Ik everyone is mad at me like why i didn’t update for so long and kept u waiting. I received many people  messages saying when i will update as i said i had sooooooo muchhhhh hwwww to doo and i had test the whole week. So finally i have got 2 weeks Easter holiday yayay so now i can update. Moreover many requested me to write  in Wattpad so i started writing s2 of KTCOL (key to the chamber of love) pretty much just the promo and cast is completed well i am not ganna start with the chapters yet cauz i  gotta finish s1. In my POV  i think writing in Wattpad is way better as u can save your work to draft edit it ect.ect also it takes less than 2 minutes to be uploaded hehe okieee….lets not talk more and start with the ep! Have fun reading :)ty!Ep starts…Ridhimah’s POV:-Finally me and Kabir escaped from the beast’s cage. I am free now at last but i don’t know why i feel like something bad is going to occur tonight i just can’t figure it out. After all me and Kabir made a plan the same day he proposed me !FB starts…Me and kabir were in the Cafe..yes it was our 1st date i was so excited and happy till i realised someone was keeping their eyes on us . Without hesitation ,i turned to see who it was only to find out Vansh glaring at us with a evil smirk i saw his reflection on the mirror glass which bought me spine chilling shivers all across my body i was frozen to my mouth was shut.. just then kabir asked me where was i lost. I  wasn’t able  to  point at vansh as he was looking  instead whispered into kabir’s ears explaining   what had happened earlier that day and now him following us. That was when we made a plan..a plan which will help us in the future and i am glad that it worked.Fb ends….Suddenly i started coughing continuously !k- R..r u ok ….ridhu…wait i will get water for u…u stay here don’t go anywhereR-o…..okkkkI sat down on the bench only to feel a warm and rough hand touching my bare skin before i could do anything i felt a needle going inside my left shoulder…i started to feel dizzy…everything around me went blank.Kabir’s POV:-I bought water from the nearest super market. As soon as i arrived i saw Ridhimah fainted someone was carrying her on its arm. I shouted Ridhimah’s name and started running but to my surprise i was too late…too late to save Ridhu. Just then i felt someone punching me i tuned around to see it was Vansh he was beating me up so badly but i was too weak to fight him back.V- How dare dare u kabir take my Ridhimah away i won’t spare you!Kabir’s POV:-I took out the spray from my right pocket and sprayed it across his face and started running ..i knew it would be useful one day. I will get you back Ridhu i promise you i will!V- Kabirrrrrrrr!!Vansh POV:-I held him by his collar tight then i noticed him taking out a small bottle and spraying it on my face. I couldn’t see anything and started shouting  but it was no use he ran away. How stupid. He i so scared and weak how will he take  Ridhimah away from me. Ridhimah is only mine if she isn’t mine she won’t be anyone’s!Angre- Bosss….are you ok!V- Yess Angre …get me the water bottle from the car!A- Yes ..Boss..I washed my face and felt relief that i got my Ridhu…i will make her mine…mine forever…i headed to the car and and started driving..A-Boss where are we going that’s not the path to Vr manison.(he asked curiously)V- Angre be patient.. (i replied him with a smirk)A-yess boss..sorry boss.Several minutes later we reached the Mandir. I picked Ridhimah up in a bridal style ..her face was pale with dried tears. I splashed water on her and waited till she gained conscious. After 5 minutes she opened her eyes ..she glared at me in horror and started to speak.R- tum….what am i doing here….where is(before she could say anything i applied the vermillion and the nuptial chain)She fainted again in my arms. Her milky face was mesmerising my eyes weren’t going of her just then Angre called making me back to reality. I took her to the car and carried her in my arms telling Angre to drive instead. Angre did so and headed back to Vr Mansion.V- Ridhimah my Ridhimah ur just mines and remain mines ooppps i ment MRs.VRs(he smriked)Precap:- Kabir comes back to Vr mansion and tries to claim Ridhimah back where as Ridhimah refuses to recognise him and says Vansh is her husband.Questions of the day:).Why did Ridhimah say that Kabir doesn’t notice him?.What will happened next?Bye guys its it for today stay safe love u alll 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘Adios amigos!         

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