The key to the chamber of love (Ep 6) Tum sirf meri ho!

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Hi guysss omggg tysm for you comments and i am sorry as i replied to some of you guys late as i have not been on telly updates since a week because of school. I have made a routine that i would post every sat and sun guys so sorry its because of school and assignment hope you all understand and enjoy do comment and tell me if you have any suggestion and also do give feedback.Ep starts….Its morning ate VR mansion….Vansh woke up and came downstairs as he was looking for Dadi. His anger and jealousy was still growing inside him making him more impatient to talk to Dadi about something very important…yes its about his marriage with Ridhimah.V=vanshD=DadiV- Dadiii i need to talk to you about something…D-Ha beta bol …kya baath hain sab khuch teek hain nah meh dek rahi hu aj kal tu bohoth gussesh meh rehtah hain…kya parishani hain beta? Dadi asked in a worried voice.(yes son say what happened now a days i am seeing you are very angry is there anything that is troubling you you can speak to me)V- “Dadiii wohhh”…before vansh could finish Sia cut in between and said…S- Dadii…vansh bhaiii ko pyaar ho gaya hain aur woh Ridhimah i mean Ridhimah bhabih(she giggled) Se shadih karnah chahteh hain iselyeh apse subhah subhah yh puch neh ke liyeh dund rahi theh.Vansh looked ate Sia madly but happy that she made it easier to say instead of him (🤣😂)D- Vansh…Sia joh ke rahi hain wo such hain na (Vansh what sia is saying is true )V- Hmm…Dadi..and i want you to take this proposal  to Ridhima’s house and ask her hand  for the marriageD- Weseh Ridhimah is very smart, and kind girl i am sure she would keep you happy and love you as much as you do…V in his mind- Hmm… Dadi khash Ridhima ke phelah pyaar meh hoti aur us half bro ki dhukan Kabutar nah hota iskeh vajese meri mood kharab ho gayi…filhal …past is past…what will happen in the furure  Vr will plan (he smirked)D- Ok Vansh i will go with you in the evening…Vansh agreed and was excited to meet his sweetheart in the evening….he told Angre to buy gifts according to the list he showed him…Evening in R.s mansion…..Ridhimah came from college and doing her school assignment just when the door bell rang…Ridhimah’s POV:-I was doing my assignment just when i heard the door bell ring continuously so i came to check….only to find out it was…..yes it was Vansh…Vansh rai singhania with his Dadi. I welcomed dadi in ignoring Vansh…V- Hii Sweetheart…nice to see you again (he smirked nd winked at the same time)Ridhimah ignored him as she was mad…but to Vansh she looked cute when she was angry….Mr.Mrs.Sharma:- Hello vr and Dadi come in…sit down..we will get you something..D- Actually its ok we are here to let you know about … Vansh and Ridhima’s Marriage.Everyone except from Vansh nd Dadi where shocked espeacillay Ridhimah..R- Dadii yh app kya keh rahi hain…meri shadih….aur Vansh seh…Before anyone can say anything she ran crying to her room .Vansh was seeing the whole incident and smirked..Vansh in his mind:- Sweetheart yahi thumhari saza hain… ab thum bhuktogi …agar thum merei bhath sunlia hothih tho…meh itni jhaldih yh marriage kih baaath nahi kartha …well well…ab thum sirf meri gogi..sirf merii…meri nahi tho kisiki nahi… (he evilly smirked😈😎)Vansh tells MRndMrs Sharma…if he can talk to her they agreed…so Vansh went upstairs and knocked in Ridhima’s room but to his suprise the room door was open….he can hear someone crying it was..his sweetheart…V in his mind- As i heard her crying it felt like a volcano erupting the lava was continuously flowing down…it felt like someone stabbed my heart and crushed it too thousand pieces. I quickly hid my emotion and went near her…but she got even more mad and pushed me …but i manged to hold her hand and grabbed her by her waist…(immj2 title song plays)V obsessively said- Mera kareeb hone se tumhe kuch mehsoos nahi hota??Kyu thum us kabutar seh pyaar karthih ho?R confused thinking in her mind- Yh kabutar kon hain…khahi kabir kha baath kar raha hain Vansh….Ridhimah tried to move apart from his grip but wasn’t able tooo…R- leave me…i said leave mee…V- hmm..nahi chorunga kya karloge tum…Ridhimah was so mad that she slapped vansh really hard across his face making a tatoo(stain) of her 5 fingers..V angrilly – How dare you…. until this one dared to slap vrs… could you..for that kabir…R cried – Whatever…i only love kabir…and yes i will marry but with kabir not you…thum ek haiwan hoo..V- yes i am a devil and  a beast nd when a beast falls in love he can do anything..cross all his limit….and now ur mine…the things that are mine will remain mine..sweetheart….you did wrong by slapping me….you have to pay for this….Ridhimah finally got of his grip and was about to leave when…she heard someone’s voice…it sounded familiar…without thinking twice she looked back only to see kabir being beaten up very badly..R being worried- Kabirrrrr….wht have you done with him…plzzz leave him for god sake…V-This is nothing…the trailer just started…the movie is yet to come… you said i am a beast and a beast doesn’t pity…however he is my half bro..if u want ur opps…this kabutar/kabir safe then you have to marry me ….by tomorrow you would be from miss to MRS.Ridhimah Vansh rai singhania . If you try to tell anyone about this then mujseh burah koy nahi hoga…yaadh rakhna sweetheart…(he winked and left although he was shattered at the same time for blackmaling her)Ok guys ik its short but i have some problem with typing as my finger is swallon …and i cant move it ect..etct..etct…plzz guys exuse any gramatical error..ect..ect..What do you think will happen next?Would Ridhimah agree or not?I haven’t added precap lets keep it a suspense by guys take care… Adios Amigos🐣🤗 bye guys take care!

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