The handsome hunk: Our King Rrahul Sudhir aka Vansh Rai Singhania. #Rrarmy Part 4

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Hello guys. Here is a new part of the ff about our hero and handsome hunk Rrahul sir. I hope you could like it and please don’t forget your comments for him not for me.So let’s start. Our hero Rrahul has win hearts by his sense of humor and how he is so so natural and he doesn’t fake what he feels.He always do what is related to his nature and his own personality and he doesn’t care about anything and that’s what makes him very special to all his fans.We love him so much because he is so simple and natural and that what makes all his fans fall for him so madly for him.His sense of humor is the thing that makes everyone around him to engage so deeply with him.The way he always gives a spiritual and enjoyable flavor to any place makes all his co-actors love him and engage with him so much.That’s why he has a huge connection with his co-actors of immj2 cast.He is engaged with all his immj2 cast and they all enjoy while being with him and that what appears on how they all laugh so much when Rrahul sir is with them.Because of his lovely personality he got to have a place in all of his co-actors’ hearts.He was being very happy and enjoyed when he and his team have taken the award of the best show in 2020.The huge connection and bond that he has created with his co-actors was very noticeable to all of us.I got really happy to see him engaged that much with all of them.There is a very noticeable huge bond that Rrahul sir has created with two of his co-actors in immj2 team which is his bond with Helly Shah and his bond with Vishal Vashishtha.Actually, the 3 of them have created a very lovely bond and our hero was being attached to that gang so much.It was very noticeable on Rrahul’s face reaction that he is very natural and happy while being surrounded by them and that what shows how he has created that strong bond between them.He also has created a very strong and most talked bond with his co-actor Helly Shah.Their so much chemistry that was noticeable while they are portraying the roles of Vansh and Riddhima was doing the rounds and it was spread everywhere.They also have shared that chemistry that it isn’t just on screen, but also off screen.Rrahul sir was very enjoyable sharing that lovely connection between Helly ma’am.He was very much in his natural spirit while he was with his co-actor Helly Shah.Everytime he completes portraying his character Vansh Rai Singhania he got to share that bond with her so much and they got to be very close together.Due to the way Rrahul and Helly have shared a very lovely bond on screen and off screen all of the fans have given them a combination names to their real names and reel names.They have given #Rrahel for Rrahul and Helly’s names while they have given #Riansh for Vansh and Riddhima.Rrahul’s sense of humor makes Helly also gets all her masti when they both ought to be together.Rrahul sir is always able to make anyone laugh so much and be on his/her natural self.He is a very comfortable person who all his co-actors can’t feel on themselves of how they found themselves enjoying while sharing a bond with him.This so much masti and happiness what all the fans observe it when they look at their pictures.But this what all Rrahul’s fans see.He always makes us aren’t able to concentrate on anything when we could see his lovely expressions and his lovely smile.Rrahul sir has that special and cute expressions that makes all of us love him and got attached to him more and more.That lovely and cute expressions makes us know how much he owns that child spirit that makes him shine and bright.Regardless that he has that cute and amazing expressions, he still could be able to make a very dangerous expressions like what he performed it while portraying his amazing role which is Vansh Rai Singhania.That lovely dangerous expression is one of our favorite expressions of our handsome hunk.He and Helly has really rocked it by their bond and we will always love it and enjoy it so much.Here is the other bond that Rrahul sir has formed it which is the bond with Vishal sir.Rrahul’s bond with Vishal has also spread between the fans.Regardless that they are portraying the roles of two enemies, but still all of us have liked their bond and we have given them the combination name which is #KaVaThere is a very huge masti between them on the set that makes all of us laugh so much while seeing that.I really can’t stop laughing while seeing that picture!!It will always be one of my favorites because it is just appears how our hero is a very funny person who makes everyone around him gets their masti out.Rrahul sir has made a very strong bond between Vishal sir that we all have liked it so much.Also we can’t forget the bond that is between Rrahul sir and Zayn IbadKhan.Rrahul sir is a very lovely person who everyone will be enjoying while talking with him.Let’s talk about some of Rrahul’s favorites.He loves watching movies and enjoying his time. Actually, he is an introvert person who just will be satisfied being at his room enjoying his time by watching movies, reading books, or just playing guitar. He always loves his “me time”.He loves dogs more then cats and he loves mountains and enjoy new adventures.He is a foodie person who loves food so much and he is an non veg person.He enjoys food and loves mostly of the food.One of his favorite food is pizza.He loves cakes a lot.His favorite season is winter.He enjoys more the movies that it is at the theater.He loves the girl that has long hair and he loves fruits so much more than vegetables.He is thinking so much to gain so much money as he is dreaming to have his own car and his own house by his own money.He has so many dreams and I’m sure that by his amazing character and his hard work he will reach to all his dreams.He loves singing so much and of course that appears from how he has that lovely and warm singing voice.His a night boy more than a day boy.He enjoys night more.His a coffee lover.He loves web shows.He loves online shopping more than shopping in stores as he gets bored in the stores so online shopping is much easier to him.His favorite two applications who spent most of his time on them which is instagram and YouTube.He loves phone calls more than texts and that what he has said during one of the interviews as he has said “call me!😅”One of his favorite genres is comedy.Of course this is a very logical thing as he himself is a very funny person yaar.He loves voice notes as actually he has said also in one of his interviews that ” My voice is good so I will always love to send voice notes”To be honest he is absolutely right as his voice is so deep and warm and he of course must always send voice messages!Rrahul’s favorites are so unique and lovely like him.He always has that adorable and outstanding character that will always make all his fans love him so much with it.He will always be the reason of all of his fans’ smile.He will never fail in making us smile so much while seeing his lovely expressions and cute smiles.So let’s end this part on that point. Wait for more parts about our hero and there will be more stuff that will be stated about our handsome hunk Rrahul Sudhir. Please guys don’t forget your comments and feedback so I could be encouraged to update more parts about our hero. Please guys drop your comments for him not for me. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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