The handsome hunk: Our King Rrahul Sudhir aka Vansh Rai Singhania. #Rrarmy Part 2

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Hello guys. Here is the second part about our handsome hunk Rrahul Sudhir. I hope that you all like it and don’t forget your feedback on it not for me, but for our hero.Our hero Rrahul Sudhir is a person who is very dedicate to his work and he is a person who always try his best to improve his skills and amaze us with how is able to do a lot of stuff.Rrahul sir isn’t just an amazing actor as he is a multi tasked man who could do so many stuff and he could be brilliant in doing all those stuff together.He has that amazing actor skills who was very noticeable while portraying the iconic character Vansh Rai Singhania.His brilliant acting skills got to be noticed from the way he has formed that character and making us falling for Vansh Rai Singhania.The way he makes Vansh walk with it, stand with it, smile with it, and the way he look that dangerous and attractive look.That smile that made us fall for Vansh Rai Singhania so much.That dangerous and evil look that makes us be mad after looking at him being in that way. That look that makes our Vansh Rai Singhania a very unique and amazing character.He has that attitude that no one has it and no one will has it.He always makes us fall for him everyday we see a new stuff from him.That stuff will never happen if Rrahul sir wasn’t the person who has portrayed the character Vansh Rai Singhania.We have fallen for Vansh Rai Singhania because of the amazing acting skills that Rrahul sir has it.He is also having a very different and unique voice tone that makes us all aren’t able to stop listening to his voice.He has a very special voice tone and he has a very lovely talent in singing and that has appeared when he has sang the title song of immj when he was doing an interview with Chai with Ahmed.No one of us could forget how he had sang the sang with a very amazing way and of cause all of us has repeated that part over and over again.Just a second guys,Look about how he has that amazing and beautiful smile! I really can’t stop looking at that picture who he was laughing that much on it!!When I see him laughing in that way, I got to forget what I was going to see further! Okay let’s try to get back to the topic! As I will keep staring at that picture that he was smiling on it on Chai with Ahmed until I could finish that article! 😅😉He is not just only singing and having an amazing acting skills but he is also having a talent in playing the guitar.He is playing the guitar in a very amazing and special way.He always amaze us with the way he plays guitar with it and he makes us more impressed when he sings along with playing the guitar it seems like a lovely dream for his fans when that happens.His talents will not end on that as he is dancing very well and that has appeared in all the dance performances that he has done it on the series immj2 along with the amazing performance that he has done it with Helly Shah on the new year evening.This was the first dance that Rrahul sir has performed it with Helly on immj2.Here is another lovely performance that our handsome hunk has performed it and it was very amazing as usual. Here is one of my favorite dance performances that Rrahul sir has performed it. This flying dance was just an outstanding one.And of course we will not forget that special New Year dance performance that Rrahul sir has rocked it while he was doing his performance.We can’t forget his amazing and unique performance that he has done it when immj2 has taken the award of the best show in 2020 at 14th February. He has done a very lovely performance that made all of us appreciate him more for doing that performance to appreciate and give the honor to all the doctors that have suffered so much since the pandemic got started. I will keep appreciating him so much for doing that as my respect to him got increased more and more after that performance.I wish that he could know how much he is a very amazing dancer and he is a very amazing person as a whole.Of course we will not forget his sense of humor that makes all his fans love him more and more with it.With his innocent way and lovely sense of humor makes him the dream man for many girls.Rrahul sir will always be the source of happiness and fun in immj2 set.He will always gives a very special flavor to the set.He is the source of fun and positivity to everyone around him.No one can’t sit with him without laughing very much.He is a very positive and cheerful man as he is an inspirational person to all his fans.Because Rrahul sir got succeeded very much in portraying the character Vansh Rai Singhania we got be confused as we aren’t knowing which one we really love him the most!Does we love Vansh Rai Singhania the fictional character or we love Rrahul sir as an actor and a person.I think that there are a lot of fans who are in that confusion, but I have reached to a solution for that.I got to reach that Rrahul sir is from the tiny actors who we got to be very attached and attracted to his own character after we got in love with the character that he has portrayed it.He is one of those few actors who we didn’t just loved the character that he has performed it, but we have also loved his personal and real character.We have gotten to know so much stuff about the real Rrahul Sudhir that has made him a very iconic person to us.Rrahul Sudhir is like a mystery to all of his fans that we all enjoy it so much.He always make all of us happy when we got to know any new stuff about him.I could never forget that different socks that he wears it and that makes all of us know how much he owns that lovely child soul inside him.His socks will always be a mystery to all of us! 😅❤Everything on him is just perfect.He has all the qualifications that could make him the perfect dream boy to each and every girl.So let’s end the second part on that point after we have known about the many talents that our hero has it and how he has rocked it with his beloved character Vansh Rai Singhania. Wait for more parts about him with new stuff and information about our handsome hunk Rrahul. I hope that you all have liked it and enjoyed this part. I hope that you all could drop your feedback on it so I could be encouraged to complete updating with more parts. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing and this time the support is also related to our here so please support me very much. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. 

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