Teri Laadli Mein 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratap Shows His Evil Side

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Teri Laadli Mein 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comPratap slaps employee and says he is lying. Vaishali asks why did he slap him. Akshat asks employee to go and asks if he hit employee for telling truth. Pratap agrees that wrongly alleged Surendra to take revenge from him. Vaishali says Surendra mechanic is a nice man and he works for them. Akshat says Pratap wrongly alleged him and sent him to jail to satisfy his ego. Pratap warns Akshat not to interfere in his issues as this is also his company. Akshat walks away. Pratap apologizes Vaishali for misbehaving wit Akshat. Vishali says Akshat is not wrong today as punishing an innocent is a big crime. Akshat calls his lawyer. Urmila at home calls Yash worried for Surendra. Akshat voice messages Bitti that he bailed out Surendra and he will be reaching home in sometime. Urmila thanks Bitti for her help and says let us go to police station and bring Surendra home. She gets him out of police station and thanks lawyer for his help. She then tells Surendra that they should return home as ammaji/Daadi is waiting for him. Surendra says he will finish punish Pratap for his crime and leaves. Bitti rushes behind him. Surendra reaches Pratap’s office. Pratap seeing him calls security guards. Guard hold Surendra. Surendra yells that he will punish him for his crime. Pratap says he doesn’t have such a status to fight against him. Surendra challenges that he will make him rub his nose on his feet. Their tussle starts. Akshat noticing that stops Pratap. Bitti rushes to stop Surendra, but he pusher and everyone away and leaves warning Pratap to teach him a lesson. Pratap asks Akshat if he saw how mannerless and arrogant Surendra is. Akshat anyone who is wrongly alleged would react in same way. Pratap asks why he has so much sympathy for that family. Akshat says he is just supporting truth and walks away.Daadi yells at Urmila for not bringing Surendra home even after knowing his anger issue. Urmila says she tried to stop him, but he didn’t. Yash thinks good he was not at home, else Daadi would have troubled him a lot. Surendra returns and asks who bailed him. Daadi lies that Yash did via his friend’s help. Yash also lies that he took his friend’s lawyer father’s help. Surendra praises and pampers Yash and yells at Urmila that her daughter had sent him to jail as soon as she was born. Daadi warns Urmila not to tell Surendra that Bitti bailed him out as he will not change his perception towards her even then.After sometime, Akshat calls Bitti and asks how is she. She shakes her bangles signaling she is fine. He says he was worried for her and says let us meet tomorrow in office. She shakes bangles again. He says he understands her code language, 2 times tik tik means yes and 3 means no. He imagines Bitti in front of him and feels shy.Sakshi fumes in front of Pratap that Akshat is going overboard in lieu of showing sympathy to Bitti, she doesn’t think she will marry Akshat with Bitti’s presence. Pratap assures her that he will tackle the problem as she needs Akshat and he needs Vishali’s wealth. Next morning, Akshat takes Richa out and says he has a sweet feeling for someone like in films. She says she is sure he is not talking about Sakshi. He says its tiffin girl Bitti, she is so humble and doesn’t have a bit of ego, she helps others going out of the way and hopes even Sakshi becoems like her. Richa feels dizzy and collapses. He rushes her to doctor. Doctor does her checkup. Akshat asks if Richa is fine. Doctor asks if she is 19 years old and if she married. Akshat says no. Doctor asks if she has a boyfriend. Akshat asks why is she asking this. Doctor says his sister is pregnant. Akshat is shocked to hear that.Precap: Akshat meets Yash and asks if he loves Richa. He says yes. Akshat slaps him and says loving is not wrong, but what he did is a sin; Richa is pregnant and he needs to marry her. Bitti hearing their conversation confronts Yash, but as usual he yells at her. She slaps him.Update Credit to: MA

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