Teri Laadli Mein 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Bitti Performs Yash And Richa’s Gatbandhan Ritual

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Teri Laadli Mein 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
Pratap feeling humiliated tries to wash Surendra’s black smeared feet. Surendra smirks and enjoys humiliating Pratap. Vaishali tells Akshat that until Surendra’s feet are not clean, this ritual won’t be complete. Bitti gives plant leaves to Akshat and signals him to give it to Pratap. Pratap cleans Surendra’s feet with leaves and fumes seeing his hands smeared black. Surendra laughs. Akshat says now ritual is complete, so they should go in. Pratap touches glass window with his black hand and thinks today Surendra smeared his hands black and snatched his dignity, he will snatch Surendra’s life. Bitti noticing dirty on glass cleans it. Pratap shouts at servants to wash his hand. Bitti offers him water bowl. Pratap washes his hands and leaves. Vaishali noticing that praises Bitti and asks her to serve rasgullas to all guests. Bitti agrees and picks rasgulla tray. Sakshi clashes with her purposefully and spoiling her dress walks away taunting her. Akshat notices that and thanks god for spoiling Bitti’s dress and thinks Bitti has to wear his gifted dress today and make today’s special day more special. He offers her dress and says she doesn’t have any other option. She says she will go home and change. He says there is no time for that and she cannot miss wedding, hands over the dress to her and walks away. She signals him to stop but then smiles looking at dress.During varmala ritual, Surendra asks Yash not to bed or else he may have to bend whole life. Pratap says one has to bend in relationships. Bitti walks down wearing Akshat’s gifted dress. Sakshi gets jealous seeing Bitti. Daadi walks to Bitti and yells why did she steal a dress in bhai’s sasural. Akshat says he gave this dress to Bitti as sugar syrup fell on her dress. Richa says she asked bhai to give her dress to Bitti. Daadi yells Bitti is roaming like a queen in bhai’s sasural. Pandit asks to exchange garlands now. Akshat removes tag from Bitti’s dress and says she is looking very beautiful. Akshat tries to lift Richa during varmala. She stops him worried for her pregnancy and exchanges garland with Yash.
Sakshi picks dress tag and reading address thinks Bitti stays near that address and Akshat lied.Urmila emotionally pampers Bitti seeing her in new dress. Vaishali hearing her asks if Bitti is her daughter, why didn’t she inform her before, she wouldn’t have asked her to work like a maid then; she asks Bitti why she also didn’t inform her. Urmila nervously says she… Daadi walks in saying Bitti is their daughter, pampers Bitti, and says she is not real daughter though and is adopted instead; Surendra loves Bitti like Gauri and never reveals his greatness. Vaishali apologizes Bitti and says if she had known about it before, she wouldn’t have asked her to work. Daadi says its okay and asks not to inform about it to anyone. Vaishali asks to rejoin for remaining rituals. Daadi sends her in and scolds Urmila for revealing truth and warns if Surendra finds it out, he will not spare her. Gauri gets a call from her in-laws and stands shocked.Pandit asks to call groom’s sister for gatbandhan ritual. Surendra asks Urmila to call Gauri. Urmila informs that Gauri got her in-laws call citing some problem and she left. Pratap taunts what will Surendra do now. Vaishali says if Gauri is not there, Bitti can perform it. Surendra stands shocked. Vaishali says she found out that Bitti is his adopted daughter, they consider relationships of heart more than blood relationship, so Bitti should perform gatbandhan ritual. Daadi says Bitti is not real sister. Panditji says sister is a sister and it doesn’t matter. Surendra agrees. Urmila asks Bitti to perform ritual. Bitti performs ritual while Surendra and Daadi fume. Vaishali says its abshagun to get gatbandhan done without any gift. Surendra angrily offers kumkum and flower thali to Bitti. Bitti emotionally looks at him.Precap: Akshat proposes Bitti and asks if she will marry him.Update Credit to: MA

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