Story After 6 Years #RIANSH #IMMJ2 – Episode 21

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Thank you everyone for your comments. I know I have taken very long to update. I was sick and then busy with work. I hope you guys will understand.Also @Pranjal, I don’t usually call people out, but I guess you don’t notice that I do read the comments I don’t just blindly thank everyone. As for your comment none of the ff writers get paid here so I don’t think anyone is obliged to update every single day.I had told everyone before that I try to update whenever I can, and I am very grateful for all the love and support I get. So, please stop reading if you can’t be considerate enough to understand that all the writers have lives outside of TellyUpdates.Sorry if I offend anyone but it’s unfair to bash writers who try to entertain everyone voluntarily. If you guys don’t like this story, I am happy to stop this story I can finish in the next few episodes.The episode starts with…VR mansion inside Vansh’s room Vansh goes to his room and reminisces all his moments with Riddhima from six years back. The accusations and hatred he harboured for his lady love.Vansh (thinks): She was always right. I am the one at fault she tried to tell me her truth but me being an idiot never bothered to listen to her. I missed on so many crucial moments, and the most important the birth of my children. She had to go through the pregnancy and delivery all alone while I was busy living in my ego and arrogance that I never tried to comprehend the situation.He screams at the top his lungs in anguish to steam off his frustration and guilt. Everyone in the house heard him but none dared to react as they all knew he is hurt, and a hurt VR is inconsolable.At night at Riddhima’s house: Riddhima is in her kids’ room putting them to bed when she hears the doorbell ring. She goes to answer the door. Upon opening she is taken back to see Vansh at this hour. He looked bad. His eyes red and puffy from crying, his hair messy and his shirt not tucked in. But he didn’t care how he looked at least now was not the time.Vansh (in a low voice): Can I come in?Riddhima (confused): Yes. (she moves aside for him to enter and follows after him).Riddhima: So, tell me why are you here?Vansh: I am here because…She could tell he was looking for words but wasn’t able to say anything. This was the first time she found him at a loss of words because for the duration of their marriage he always had a comeback.Riddhima: Please Vansh say something. Or leave I have to wake up early, the kids need to go school and I have important meetings at the hospital tomorrow.Vansh: I am trying Riddhima. But I don’t know where to begin with. I know I have hurt you, been a complete jerk to you. I kicked you out of my life when you were pregnant with our kids. I know I wasn’t there with you when you needed me the most, and I can’t trash myself enough for that.Riddhima (cutting him mid-way): Vansh what is the point of saying all this now. Also, you don’t look too good I think you should go home and rest.Vansh: Riddhima please let me finish. I know I have hurt you, all the hatred and accusations you had to face because of me from my family I am aware of it. I know apart from Dadi and Siya no one genuinely loved and respected you. I am sorry for that. It was my duty to build the trust in our relationship that you could come talk to me about your concerns but I was so busy with finding my mother’s murderer that you had to face all the attacks alone from Kabir and the my rest of my family.Riddhima: Vansh I don’t think now is the time as I said I have to sleep please go.Vansh: Let me finish Riddhima, I know you don’t want to listen to me, and I agree you don’t have to. After all the pain I have put you through I don’t have the right to ask you to forgive me. (He kneels down in front of her holding her hands, he looks up to face her). I know you have forgiven Aryan and Chachi because I know you were all working together in bringing out the truth. That was big on your part. I know I don’t have any right but please Riddhima give me another chance I am really sorry. I promise to spend the rest of my life making up to you. Please Riddhima! I want to be with you and our kids.Riddhima: Done! Or is there more drama that needs to be staged. Vansh I spent the last six years running around all day trying to fulfil both our roles because you were busy hating me. How many times have I tried to open about my past did you bother to listen? No, every time you silenced me and then blame me for the same. Really! Vansh you think you can come back and just say few emotional lines and you can come back just like that. There is a lot that is changed in me in these six years.Vansh (crying): I know I can’t change the past.Riddhima: Vansh please now you let me finish. Do you know when you have to raise two kids alone you don’t have time to think about the past or become weak. The emotional and vulnerable Riddhima died the day she left VR mansion six years back. So, don’t expect me to forgive you so easily. Now please leave.Vansh (begging her): Riddhima please give me one chance.Riddhima not paying any heed to his constant begging she drags him out of the house and shuts the door on his face.Same night at VR mansion: Vansh after coming back from Riddhima’s house goes to Dadi’s room.Dadi: Vansh what are you doing at this time in my room. Is everything okay?Vansh (bursts out crying): Dadi I tried to speak with Riddhima just now, but she refused to forgive me. I don’t know what to do. She is adamant about letting me back in her life.Dadi: Vansh first you stop crying (wipes his tears). I know what all has happened is unfortunate. We are all guilty for Riddima’s state. We all need to make an effort to bring her back.Vansh (now calm): But how Dadi?Dadi: We can all go talk to her tomorrow.Vansh: It’s of no use, she doesn’t want to talk to anyone.Dadi: Then we will have to pacify her. I have an idea, how about we all go live with her. And if she refuses which I know she will. Then we can use the kids and our lawyer to compel her. We can say that the kids are yours and if she refuses to live in VR mansion then as their father you will live with them at her house. And being their biological father, she can’t refuse that.Vansh: That’s a good plan but I feel bad forcing her like this.Dadi: I feel bad too but if you want to win her back you have to do this there is no other way.Next morning at Riddhima’s house: Riddhima was running around the house trying to finish her chores before she goes to the hospital. When she hears her doorbell ring. Upon opening she finds the entire Raisinghania family there with their bags.Riddhima (not knowing how to react): You all here? That too with your bags? What is happening I do not understand.Dadi: Riddhima beta we are here to stay with you. Vansh told us that you refused to forgive him and come back to VR mansion, so we are here to stay with our grandkids.Riddhima: Dadi I respect you, but I disagree to this arrangement. I don’t want you guys to stay here.Lawyer (who was standing behind was ushered forward to speak with Riddhima): Madam, Mr Vansh is the biological father of your kids, you can’t deny his rights legally. Even the court will acknowledge this fact and will compel you let Mr Vansh be with his kids. So, I suggest you agree outside of court and let them stay here.Riddhima (thinks for a while as to what to do): Fine! I’ll let you guys stay here but only for Shovan and Shaina. I am not you daughter-in-law nor am I Vansh’s wife so please don’t expect anything from me.Dadi: Okay we agree. We just want to be with our children that’s all.They all go inside and try to find a place for themselves.Riddhima: I have two rooms available Pragati can move into my room but not everyone can stay here I don’t enough rooms.Dadi: It’s okay beta. Ishani, Angre, Janvi, Aryan, Rudra and Chanchal can go back. Me Vansh and Siya will stay here.Precap: The kids and Pragati create chaos in the house. Vansh, Dadi and Siya get a sneak peek into Riddhima’s life. Vansh gets jealous of Vishal and Riddhima’s bond. Vansh follows Riddhima around in the hospital trying to pacify her. Janvi amused to see Vansh’s Romeo avatar. This is it for today guys! Hope you like it. I will try to update the next one sometime this week. Please bear with me.

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